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Hiking. Camping. Parenting.

A Canadian maman's tales of getting outdoors with a toddler and a dog. Featuring anecdotes, reviews, tips & tricks, and giveaways.

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Dandelion Cookies: a Herb Fairies Recipe

If you’re good at sharing, you can forage them, though, and bake some delicious dandelion cookies. Each of the 13 Herb Fairies books* focusses on a different plant – how to identify it, where to find it, what you can use it for, how it heals, and so on. Gluten-free option: Substitute gluten-free flour & oats, use 2/3 cup of butter (instead of 1/2 cup), and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/8 teaspoon of xantham gum or guar gum. Remove all stems and bracts (green parts) from the dandelion flowers and set aside.

Fleece Maternity and Nursing Hoodie: Boob Design Ready Flex Review

I want maternity clothes that I can hike in, breastfeeding tops that fit my pregnant belly, nursing & maternity clothes that can be worn beyond those stages of my life. This line of maternity & nursing apparel is made to last, with discrete openings and adjustable widths so that you can wear them beyond your pregnancy and after your breastfeeding journey has come to an end. You can shop this Boob Design Ready Flex Fleece Maternity & Nursing Hoodie in Red (XS) or Black (L) at Figure 8 Moms on sale right now While this top is not widely available any longer, the Boob Design B. Warmer Organic Nursing Hoodie or Boob Design B. Warmer Organic Nursing Sweatshirt are both comparable – made for nursing & maternity, made with breathable fleece, great for on and off the trail, and they come in a variety of colours.

Earth Day Extravaganza (Post Roundup)

Looking for a ton of Earth Day content all on one place? See below for lists of ways to go green, product guides for every aspect of your green living plan, ideas for celebrating Earth Day, even the history of Earth Day! Be inspired, and go a little greener this Earth Day… All posts are categorized and listed newest to oldest (except for the last category…that’s order of sharing with me).

Earth Day 2019: Better Green Than Perfect

• no longer use plastic wrap, have reduced our tinfoil use drastically, and use beeswax wrap (from BOHO&HOBO) as much as we can • use silicone baking mat instead of tinfoil • pack lunches and snacks in reusable containers and reusable snack bags (from Kids Konserve*, Litsie Creations, gogoBags & Omaïki*) • keep the freezer full to save energy • open the oven to heat the room after use (in the colder months) • avoid using the stove & oven in the summertime as much as we can • use the same water glass multiple times • fill the sink half-way one time and wash dishes from cleanest to dirtiest • try to avoid rinsing dishes after washing • use cloth paper towels (from Marley’s Monsters) almost exclusively • use an all-natural plant-based eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner to clean all kitchen surfaces (from Young Living*) • use the exact same cloth diapers with Scout as we did with Huckleberry • use reusable fleece liners in the diapers at home • use cloth wipes made from old shirts and pyjama pants (plus some from Marley’s Monsters) • make our own all-natural wipe solution (we’ve since updated this recipe to use all-natural plant-based eco-friendly products from Young Living*) • send flushable bio-liners to daycare (from Bummis* but Omaïki* makes some great ones too) • use Les produits de MaYa as an all-natural cleanser and moisturizer • fill the drawers with handmedowns and handmebacks • try to make informed and sustainable clothing purchases when we do need to buy some clothing for the boys • repurposed shower cards as decorations and now we repurpose artwork from daycare as decorations • use cloth make-up remover pads made from old t-shirts and pyjamas (plus a few from wash with locally-made all-natural soap (from Shiva’s Delight) or all-natural plant-based body wash (from Young Living*) • choose all-natural products from companies like Green Beaver* or Young Living • use our HydroBlu water filtration products to filter water from natural sources • bring snacks in reusable containers and reusable snack bags (from Kids Konserve*, Litsie Creations, gogoBags & Omaïki*) • carry out our trash in a reusable trash bag (just a small wet bag)

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