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Hiking. Camping. Parenting.

A Canadian maman's tales of getting outdoors with a toddler and a dog. Featuring anecdotes, reviews, tips & tricks, and giveaways.

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Earth Day 2019: Better Green Than Perfect

• no longer use plastic wrap, have reduced our tinfoil use drastically, and use beeswax wrap (from BOHO&HOBO) as much as we can • use silicone baking mat instead of tinfoil • pack lunches and snacks in reusable containers and reusable snack bags (from Kids Konserve*, Litsie Creations, gogoBags & Omaïki*) • keep the freezer full to save energy • open the oven to heat the room after use (in the colder months) • avoid using the stove & oven in the summertime as much as we can • use the same water glass multiple times • fill the sink half-way one time and wash dishes from cleanest to dirtiest • try to avoid rinsing dishes after washing • use cloth paper towels (from Marley’s Monsters) almost exclusively • use an all-natural plant-based eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner to clean all kitchen surfaces (from Young Living*) • use the exact same cloth diapers with Scout as we did with Huckleberry • use reusable fleece liners in the diapers at home • use cloth wipes made from old shirts and pyjama pants (plus some from Marley’s Monsters) • make our own all-natural wipe solution (we’ve since updated this recipe to use all-natural plant-based eco-friendly products from Young Living*) • send flushable bio-liners to daycare (from Bummis* but Omaïki* makes some great ones too) • use Les produits de MaYa as an all-natural cleanser and moisturizer • fill the drawers with handmedowns and handmebacks • try to make informed and sustainable clothing purchases when we do need to buy some clothing for the boys • repurposed shower cards as decorations and now we repurpose artwork from daycare as decorations • use cloth make-up remover pads made from old t-shirts and pyjamas (plus a few from wash with locally-made all-natural soap (from Shiva’s Delight) or all-natural plant-based body wash (from Young Living*) • choose all-natural products from companies like Green Beaver* or Young Living • use our HydroBlu water filtration products to filter water from natural sources • bring snacks in reusable containers and reusable snack bags (from Kids Konserve*, Litsie Creations, gogoBags & Omaïki*) • carry out our trash in a reusable trash bag (just a small wet bag)

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