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A plus size blogger sharing experiences and life lessons on Weight Loss | Health | Beauty | Body Positivity | Plus Size Life. I'm looking to connect with others in the health and wellness field to share my talents and provide content for my readers.

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3 Broths for your bariatric liquid diet

During the liquid diet phase of the bariatric process, you’ll either be allowed full liquids (like milk, protein shakes, etc) or be requested to stick to clear liquids like broths and liquids that are essentially see through. I found that canned/packaged broths were very high sodium and since I have high blood pressure, I needed an inexpensive substitute that I could make in batches and enjoy without worrying about raising my blood pressure and creating more issues. but if you do not have a problem with your blood pressure – feel free to use a packaged broth and doctor it up with some extra flavor by following the recipes below. Each of the recipes include vegetables such as carrots, celery, onion, but you can also venture out and add in items like fennel, green onion, cilantro, and even raid your cabinets for different spices other than the ones listed.

Ketosis and Fat Loss

It seems counter-intuitive, yet, a high fat diet can stimulate your body into a state of ketosis – which is very effective at promoting fat loss and weight loss. In addition to fasting and exercise, ketosis can also be entered when you’re eating very few carbohydrates – less than 15% of your daily calories, as your body will source its fuel from the fat you intake rather than the restricted form of carbohydrates. Recent research has even shown that, along with the ability to promote fat loss and weight loss, a keto diet also decreases the level of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and blood glucose. healthy eating leads to a healthy lifestyle resulting in a healthy weight, greater vitality, and increased satisfaction in life.

Keto Breakfast: Avocado Cheddar Sandwich

For years we’ve been told that in order to live a healthy life we should eat a diet consisting of high carbohydrates, moderate protein, and low fat. In addition to high intakes of fat, the keto diet also requires that you remove much of the carbohydrates in your diet and replace them with lean protein sources. A low-carb, keto diet contains approximately 60% of calories from fat, 25% from protein, and 15% from carbohydrates (sometimes even lower). At this time your body can start to utilize stored fat as fuel, effectively burning calories and fat you may have had stored for years.

Setting Boundaries: The how and why.

People who don’t have boundaries don’t separate the needs of others from their own. We can say that people who don’t set boundaries are actually scared. Setting limitations gives you more time for yourself, and you search for your real emotions and feelings that you may not even know to exist. If you don’t know how to say ‘no’ to people, you give others the power to decide your happiness.

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