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I'm Rissa and I work hard at bridging the gap to people, places, products and ideas that will make life a little bit more convenient while bringing more awareness to smaller brands and platforms.

Location Highland, CA Inland Empire
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 11, 2020
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Don't forget how many opportunities genuine conversation can get you. ✨✨✨🦋 #culturefuzz #rissasofar #bloggeritalia #networking101 #bridgingthegap

The Incredibly Non-Sleazy Marketing Consultant: Empath's Powerful Guide to Selling «

A marketing consultant’s scope of work, in general, is to assess current marketing trends while making suggestions for improvements, implement marketing campaigns, and propose new content methods or workflows to broaden a companies’ reach. Coming across The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy confirmed that we are definitely not alone and it’s 100% possible to make genuine connections with people without making them feel like you’re only in it for the profit. Annie’s approach towards being a marketing and branding consultant for your growing business is to eliminate the unnecessary pressures and expectations of selling while allowing your true and authentic self to take the driver seat. It’s stories like Annie’s that keep the team here at Culture Fuzz motivated to keep bridging the gap.

It goes without saying what 2020 has been like. One things for sure is we all became tested and got a chance to discover more truths about ourselves in one single year than the past few combined. Mindset, beliefs, philosophies... how have they served you through this undeniable time of transition? Is there room for change? Did you choose to be a victim or a solder? #mixedblogger #culturefuzz #rissasofar #wednesdaymood #wednesdaymorning #wednesdaymorningvibes #2020visions #motivation101 #motivationnation #wednesdayfeels #wednesdaywellness #clubhouse #blackpodcasts #blackpodcasters #blackpodcasts #blackpodcastnetwork #podcastersofig

Intersectionality a Revelation: The Positives, the Negatives and Everything In Between «

Intersectionality is a theory believed to have an intention of furthering the conversation about discrimination and oppression beyond the singular layers of race, sex, class, age etc. and combine all of these classifications to help bring about an entirely new perspective toward our own personal experiences as well as our others. Even though the Civil Rights Movement addressed the issues of discrimination towards black people, and the feminist movement addressed the injustices towards women, the additional blanket of merging all three injustices of being Black, women and lesbians created an entirely new layer of oppression designated to those identifying as all three. The importance of utilizing this framework can sometimes determine the difference between someone’s life, job or place in this world for the reason that common injustices, like race, gender and age, don’t necessarily take into account the multiple sub-layers of that same person’s overall identity which can pose a different set of challenges, view on life and how they interpret certain situations. It appears those who have had direct experience with discrimination and it’s accompanyig sub-layers in accordance to their identity, can attest to the relevancy of intersectionality and have a general understanding of it’s original meaning.

Currently reading 📚 "Ordinary Life" by @syk.theemermaid Sakile (suh-KEE-lay) Y. King is a Texas native with a weakness for french fries. Like a lot of us, Sakile was heavily effected by the current pandemic and finally getting to finish her novel gave her a release and escape that has resulted in a pretty damn good non-fiction story. This novel is about Love. Drugs. Lesbians. MURDER. Following the disappearance of Coca Rene McKinnley, six of her closest friends find themselves unwittingly ensnared in a series of disturbing homicides. While the pursuit of Coca's captor intensifies, this clique of college students and a trade school grad try hard to resist as their once ordinary lives spiral rashly out of control. #culturefuzz #rissasofar #blackbloggers #blackblogger #podcastsofinstagram #blackpodcasts #blackpodcasters #podcastjunkie #podcastlovers #blackauthors #blackauthorsmatter #mixedblogger

Electronic Media Kit «

My platforms work to bridge the gap to people, places, products and ideas meant to bring a quality difference to people’s lives. My audience is made up of people who love to learn about culture, finance, product reviews, beauty, personal health and wellness. My blog has an active readership and has experienced steady growth from the time I launched it three years ago. and I work to bridge the gap to people, places, products and philosophies I KNOW

You 👏🏽 gotta 👏🏽 do 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 work 👏🏽 Hunnty! On this bonus episode of the Culture Fuzz podcast @rissasofar talks about her recent “slump” and what she does to stay aligned and on track. It’s always easy on the days that are good but how does one stay disciplined on the harder days? The boring days? The super quiet dry ass days? Link to the full episode in the bio 🦋 #culturefuzz #bridgingthegap #podcastmovement #podcasthost #blackpodcasts #blackpodcasters #blackpodcast #rissasofar #feminineenergy #yin #thursdaymood #podcastcommunity #thursdayinspiration #womencontentwednesday

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Jazina's Online Bakery «

A wife to an amazing and supportive husband, mother to a beautiful little girl, a momtrepreneur and the founder of a growing bakery delivery company called Jazina’s Creations. Jazina’s Creations is an online bakery based out of Charlotte, NC specializing in cupcakes, cake pops, balloon garlands, cookies, dessert tables, custom cakes and desserts. ” Jazmine was in college when she first started Jazina’s Creations and like most new business owners she was hesitant. It’s stories like Jazmine’s that keep the team here at Culture Fuzz motivated to keep bridging the gap.

Not all hobbies need to become a hustle. We need something we suck at. @curtissking is an accomplished musician, artist, father, husband, author and motivational speaker who graciously sat down with @rissasofar to have a compelling Culture Fuzz conversation. Episode #14 is now streaming on wherever you listen to podcasts Link in bio 👩🏽‍💻 #podcastingwhileblack #podcastersofinstagram #culturefuzz #rissasofar #curtissking #curtisskingbeats #mondayquotes #podcasters #podcastshows #podcasterlife #mixedblogger #podcastlovers #podcastrecommendations #podcastinterview

Episode #10 is now live with special guest @tarynmitsunaga (@tkmits ) @rissasofar is joined by the talented and not-your-average event planner, Taryn Mitsunaga. Since Taryn founded her event planning business ‘Taryn + Co.’ 8 years ago, she’s mastered the art of not just throwing a party for her clients but curating an entire experience for them. From aerial dancers serving you champagne as they gracefully descend from the ceiling (I’m not even exaggerating) for an extravagant event, to bringing the essence of Disneyland to life for a little girl turning 3, Taryn fucking delivers. Kick your week off as Rissa and Taryn talk about her journey to becoming an event planner, obstacles she’s had to overcome, having to pivot during quarantine and what she’s learned about herself through all of it. ✨✨Link in Bio✨✨ #culturefuzz #rissasofar #tarynandco #podcasters #podcastshow #podcasthosts #podcastlovers #podcastrecommendations #podcastincolor #podcasterlife #podcastlove #podcastlovers #mondaymonday #bridgingthegap

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