Chloe Marchant

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Entertainment and travel website creating new adventures every step of the way. Based in Seattle, Washington. @creativelyclo

Location Seattle, Washington
Country United States
Member Since FEBRUARY 21, 2019
Social Audience 36K
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Glamping Hub Red Horse Inn: A Romantic Escape

Adjacent to the sitting room is a bird watching, dining area in an enclosed outdoor porch area that features large windows to soak in the views of the woodlands and catch the birds grabbing a snack in the many feeders. The River House is a full-service bed-and-breakfast and occupancy permitting, guests of the Red Horse Inn can enjoy the amenities which include a wonderful outdoor hot tub, fire pit, access to an even grander variety of board games, a wall-sized Scrabble board, and a snack room with drinks. In addition to the Red Horse Inn and the River House lodging options, the Morris Estate also is home to the Carriage House, which makes the perfect venue for weddings. With inventory perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, and near top solo travel destinations, Glamping Hub is the perfect spot to start when looking for a unique getaway.

It's About Time to Play Crash Bandicoot 4

This time, he’s hatched a scheme to travel through time and dimensions to defeat those pesky marsupials. It allows the player to slow down time for a few seconds so you can jump over blocks that, in real-time, only appear for a fraction of a second. Dr. Cortex has a ray gun allowing you to turn enemies into blocks to jump on, Dingodile has a vacuum gun that lets you hover over enemies or large platform gaps, and Tawna can jump off walls. Your rewards include dozens of alternate skins for Crash and Coco, additional unlockable levels, time trials, and even a special mirrored version of every level in the game.

Shoot, Spy, Sneak in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War'

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” by Activision is out now to usher in the new console generation! Black Ops 3,” but after “Black Ops.” America and its European allies agree to a secret deal: to position nuclear bombs ready to deploy in all major European cities. But “Black Ops Cold War” keeps the fun going with stages that mix things up. “Black Ops Cold War” caps off a tough year like 2020 very well indeed.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Sings with Joy

The World Tour Mode acts as the story campaign, as the three of you blaze through levels built around different songs before battling a boss. The levels put the three of you on a fixed track that resembles a music staff, and hitting the buttons in time with the music gets you to knock out the various enemies coming your way. Every so often a level will come along that is based on an identifiable Disney film with songs from it, and one of the characters from that movie will be playable. Grab a friend and play local co-op in the regular game, or dig into the versus mode where you compete against another player (online or local) in a race to beat the level first.

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