Courtney Wilson

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Hey there! My name is Courtney and I’m passionate about the outdoors. Being an influencer is my full-time gig as well as my new Etsy knitting business, Wildson Mountain Goods!

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Having way too much fun at @sugarbush_vt after that HUGE storm this weekend 🤪

Say hello to my new rig! 🤍 This has been my dream off-road vehicle for so many years that this moment is literally unreal. I never thought I would be able to buy his car and especially not at this age. Now I’m so excited to explore new terrain that I could never before! There were so many trails I wanted to go on in the past that were too much for my previous suv. I’m heading out tomorrow morning for a fun ski trip this week and will be putting these wheels to the test, woohooh 🤙🏽

Me watching the giant snowstorm move through the northeast right now 👀

I'm ready to spread some PEAS, love and good vibes this year! That's right, I said peas cause man these ranch chickpea chips by @hippeas_snacks are dang good. #ad I made some pretty lofty new year resolutions and some of them include making healthier changes in my diet. I'm pretty stoked, not going to lie, that I found these chips that have better ingredients and taste like a regular chip! HEALTH, JOY AND HAPPINESS IN 2020 :) You can find HIPPEAS at @Wholefoods @Target and @Amazon! #ImAHippea #hippeaspartner

This was the second mountain I ever hiked, like ever. Such a crazy experience to visit this summit again nearly 7 years later. I’m really glad to call this place my home. It’ll be so awesome to come back here years from now and remember all of the memories I’m creating in this moment. It’s always a special feeling when you remember to look back and see how far you’ve come 🤍

25 YEARS TODAY 🎂 ETSY RESTOCK ❅ On my birthday I always want to remind myself to stay creative, imaginative and never loose my sense of wonder 💕 I figured what better day to release a new wave of beanies than today to keep me in check with those goals! I’m wearing my new Nordic Beanie that I designed myself ☺️ Also modeling a pink Whirlstream Beanie and a Green Penny Toque so you guys can see what they look like on. As a little girl, it was always my dream to own my own business and I used to tell people that when I grew up I would. Warms my heart that I stuck to my dreams and made it happen. All of my merino wool beanies are made from ethically sourced 100% peruvian wool that’s hand-dyed by women. If you could share this post I would be incredibly grateful! My goal this year is to get as many cozy Wilson beanies on as many heads as possible. Think of it as a birthday wish from me. You can find the link to my Etsy shop - Wildson Mountain Goods, in my bio! 🦌

I’ve been spending a lot of days sipping coffee and gazing out the window, plotting my plans for 2021 🤍 Part of me just wants to have everything figured out and the other half just says start driving across the country. Anyone else feel this way? ❄️

This week is somewhat of a sit on the couch and knit until there’s no yarn left week 😅 Getting ready for this shop update on Sunday... and then next week I have some really exciting things going on. New wheels are headed this girl’s way and it’s about dang time 🙌🏽 Heading across the country is also on the horizon here and the craziest part is that I don’t know where we are headed yet lol the unplanned craziness is heading into 2021 and I’m hoping it stops this January 🤪

I didn’t grow up hiking mountains. ᨒ I actually didn’t hike my first peak until I had almost graduated high school. My true outdoor journey began not so long ago. ᨒ Up until then, I went camping with my family a few times a year and developed most of my survival and wilderness knowledge there. I was on team sports in school and I was by no means an endurance athlete. ᨒ Transition from short sprints and jumps in college to endurance Spartan training was a huge change for me. I struggled a lot in the beginning and was slow af lol ᨒ Being involved in competition is important to me and covid has really taken that away. Crossfit and Spartan races were some of my favorite things that I lost this past year. ᨒ So going into 2021, one of my big focuses is preparing myself for when those races are ready for me again 🤍 ps: THIS CRUNCHY FIRETOWER THO 😍

MY SKI JOURNEY ❄️ Even though I’ve been skiing 20 years now, it wasn’t until a few years ago I actually started to get better. ❅ I learned to ski at my local hill here at @skibeartown and was on the ski team for a few years where I learned my fundamentals. My little tot self won a few races around small resorts in the area and that was about it. ❅ Once I started team sports, heading to the lodge every weekend with friends basically stopped. I’d go once or twice a year with friends just to get out there, but I played so many sports and was involved in music so I never had the time. ❅ It wasn’t until 2018 when I really started to pursue skiing and develop my skills again. Yea sure I had the fundamentals, but something I always struggled with was being afraid of getting hurt. I didn’t trust myself or the mountain and I stayed at a low-intermediate level. ❅ But in 2018, I went from skiing once a year to skiing 52 days that season. I quit college track to basically be outside more and do some exploring. It honestly was the best decision I ever made and I really started to look at skiing as more of a sport. ❅ The next year I skied almost 100 days and so on. Back then I’d never skied a black diamond, and now I take on double blacks without peeing my pants 😅 and the only thing I’ve changed is my confidence and the amount of effort I intentionally put in. ❅ One of my goals this year is to be comfortable grabbing my skis in the air (getting there as you can ski hehe), but it’s things like this I want to keep advancing on. ❅ If you want to start skiing or improve your skill, you don’t need decades of time to do it. Everyone’s journey is different and if you ever feel self-conscious because you’re not an expert on gear or racing down blacks... just know that I also had no clue a just few years ago 💕

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