Courtney Revolution

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Hi! I'm Courtney Revolution and I'm a pop culture commentator, entertianment/podcast host and lover of all things music1 I use my social media to motivate as well as uplift my audience — we have a great rapport. I love to showcase my creativity when working with brands in a way that is organic, and not stuffy or stiff - everything is fun, dynamic and EXCITING!

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I can literally SEE the finish line of this weird year we’ve been calling 2020 can’t you? - - - - - Everything comes to an end, and if you’ve only survived instead of thrived this odd dimension of a year, I salute you. Sometimes life isn’t about the completed checklists, and goals exceeded, it can be enough to simply open your eyes, breathe in air meant for you, and make the decision to continue your journey. 2020 has devastated us all in one way or another, but I think the positive out of it for most is it has taught us to appreciate what we already have in a year where a lot of us planned to sprint after what we wanted. Life sure has a way of switching things up on us huh? 🤔🔮

Life can be all fun and games, but remember to keep sex safe with @durex_usa at #Walmart! #ad #DurexatWalmart

What I think my game face looks like vs. what it actually is 🥴🤣 - - - - - Blessed to have and know all of you legends both in person and online. You all truly light up my world like nobody else (thanks 1D), and to know you all support me in various ways both online and off means the world to this goofy goober. Promise me you’ll stay tuned and whatever you do, eat the damn fries this weekend 😉🥚 #OmeletteDuFromage #smackcam

My favorite game for the past year in pictures has been ‘Am I smiling for real underneath this mask or sarcastically?’ - - - - - Also, swipe to hear my favorite quality about plants 🌱🤣

PLEASE tell me I wasn’t the only one that watched Maury on a good snow day ❄️😂 - - - - - Y’all know I love a good moment of nostalgia. I’m glad that growing up I have so many fond memories that I can clearly recall (as I am clearly excited to tell @alexschiffman) - like snow days and watching Maury find out who the father REALLY is. Hoping you have memories and fun times to look back on and the desire to create new memories when the time is right 🔮✨

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be cohosting the @RiskTheFilm Virtual Premiere with @keepitonthedelo on 3/20! Don’t miss it, there’ll be: ⭐️Live Screening ⭐️Live Actor Q&A Panel w/ @hey.scott & @Philaye ⭐️RAFFLES! It is going to be a legendary event, check out the link for tickets in my bio 💚

Valentine's Day is literally around the corner and if you're thinking of taking any rides, you're going to need a secret weapon before you have some fun! Strap in with Durex XXL condoms -- they're lubricated, they're extra long AND extra wide 😏 Trust me when I say: this fit is a game changer for well endowed men. The best part is Walmart has got you covered, both in store and online - just use the link to order! Love is in the air and THIS is the gift that keeps on giving. #DurexAtWalmart #Ad

Change is cool because I’m in control. Change is fun because for once I’m POSITIVE about what will happen next. Change is transformation - moving from one step to the next. Change COULD be scary, but change IS coming, this busy little 🐝 welcomes all of it 🧡 - - - - - Also shoutout to @iammaddisonhill for her merch! #GoBuySome🥂💚

When the threat of Monday is staring me in the face, I smile back - I’m not scared of a little goal-reaching ✨🌟 - - - - - Self love check! You know you’re funny, gorgeous, intelligent, and an overall lovely person right? Just a reminder that when you love yourself, you’re able to give and show that same love to others - no Cupid, arrows, or hearts necessary 💘

2020 was awful but I still found reasons to smile! Some of my favorite moments included interviewing some of my all time favorite people on tv, celebrating Nicki Minaj getting a #1, explaining the important facts about Harriet The Spy to Phylesha on our podcast @overheardpantry, drinking WAY too much champagne and writing a song that would randomly become the theme of my LIVE SHOW (which I also created this year), but most of all I’m glad I captured one of my FAVORITE feelings: the feeling of finding your best friends on a dance floor 💚 I’ve been a busy 🐝 in 2020, and I’m manifesting the sweetest 2021 for all of us. Happy NYE 🔮✨

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