Courtney Kleefeld

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Hello! I'm the author of A Prayer Book for Writers. Currently, I am a fifth-year student at Oral Roberts University, working towards a bachelor’s degree in writing with a concentration in literature. I am working on several prayer books right now, and along with recording original music albums (harp, piano, flute, and potentially cello one day), I study fairy tales. My favorite book is Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Lucy curled up on the bed.

It’s Christmas Eve, and tonight we opened our gifts. These are all books on my to-read list, and I’m so excited to get to all of them and read them! I heard good things about Rook Di Goo and Fangirl, and Dust is a Peter Pan retelling published by Enclave, and Enclave publishes good books so I’m hyped. Rook Di Goo is a Cinderella retelling that takes place in outer space, and I know the author! I’m so excited to get to that one. The Story Peddler’s premise reminded me a little bit of Auralia’s Colors and of my own series, so I know I need to read it at some point. Snow White with the Red Hair is my favorite and most-rewatched anime—it’s one I can recommend to anyone who likes sweet romances—so I’m slowly getting into the manga. And lastly, the big book about Dostoyevsky’s works and life in context of his world and time period by Joseph Frank. This is an abridged version of his five volume series, and both of these things—the abridged book and the five volumes—won some pretty major awards. And I love Dostoyevsky so this is a must own for me. I wish you all a Merry Christmas ❤️ Take care of yourself and talk to your dear friends. They miss you. Have you read any of the books in this pile? What did you think of them?

I’m excited to be part of the #coverreveal today of the new book “Operation Grendel” by one of my writing mentors, Daniel Schwabauer! This is a stand-alone military science fiction novel that will release in March through Enclave publishing. Synopsis: It’s the war story he’s dreamed of. But the battle may cost him his mind. Military journalist Raymin Dahl thinks he’s finally getting the story of a lifetime. Secret peace talks on a remote tropical moon are about to surrender five colonized worlds—and six hundred million civilians—to a ruthless enemy. But when his commanding officer, Captain Ansell Sterling, is fatally wounded before the negotiations can begin, Dahl can no longer just report on the mission. He’s ordered to complete it. With help from the AI embedded in Sterling’s comms bracelet, Dahl must impersonate his commander—a Marine Corps hero and psychological operations expert. However, Sterling’s AI may be luring him to surrender more than he realizes. And the mission Corporal Dahl thinks he’s running isn't the only operation underway.

Reorganizing my big “display” bookshelf regularly is therapeutic. Before, I had a lot of children’s books on this shelf, but this time I felt like putting more books that have personal significance for me together again. It feels like a way of self-expression. Looking at these books every day gives me strength. The only visible book I haven’t read is Joan of Arc, but her life is important to me so it’s here as a reminder to be a bold leader.

Here’s another prayer from A Prayer Book for Writers, the Life section. Felt like sharing it today.

Scroll right for some wonder. I finished this book last night—I wasn’t even expecting to read it this year. But two days ago or so I discovered it in my box of avoided books under my bed and started reading from where my bookmark was placed. You see, I had started reading this book a year or more back and had quit reading at one point because it wasn’t engaging me. I’m glad I picked it up now. It reminds me of Kate DiCamillo’s writing a little bit, and now was the perfect time for me to get into it and enjoy it. I got pulled in this time. The concept is lovely—and cello. This story reminds me a bit of August Rush, Hugo, the Thief Lord, and Peter Pan. Have you ever tried reading a book, lost interest, and then picked it up years later and all of a sudden it pulled you in?

An excerpt from A Prayer Book for Writers. So many times, we grew up in a system that said we would only be accepted and loved if we performed well. That’s the world’s way. It’s not God’s way. He understands we’re not perfect. He doesn’t leave us there but shows us the way to healing and a transformation of the heart which leads to right living. We can try all we want to do everything right on the outside but our hearts are what need the transformation. It’s not hard for Jesus to love because He /is/ love. Ideally, our hearts should be so transformed by Jesus that love comes easily to us, that even when we come across people who believe differently or are mean to us, we feel love towards them because God made them and loves them. A Prayer Book for Writers is currently on sale for a few dollars less than usual for both ebook and paperback on Amazon. The sale ends tonight!

Excerpt from my Prayer Book for Writers. I really like this prayer because I feel like so often writers forget that what they are writing will change them, too, for better or for worse. Are they writing themselves into false beliefs or into the truth about themselves and the world? Stories are maps that express the writer’s version of reality, whether constructed consciously or unconsciously. The book is currently on sale for a few dollars less than usual on Amazon, both the ebook and paperback editions! Happy Christmas!

These are some older pictures from last fall semester I found on my phone. The sky was really pretty. “Don’t worry about tomorrow...”

My 2021 goals: -Stay alive -Graduate from college -Release another original book (at least one) -Release at least two well-formatted public domain books (more on that in another post) -Develop an official writing/book channel on YouTube -Read 40 books And I’m actually pretty excited about this year. Last year I based a lot of my potential happiness on things outside my control, and this brought a lot of disappointment and heartache. This year, my approach is to do what I can to make this year better for me. And part of that is choosing to trust God again instead of distrusting Him. Distrusting Him led to self-destructive tendencies for me this last year. Now I’m learning to tell myself that everything is going to be okay and that I will be able to handle life. Another thing I’m going to do this year is be more intentional about being grateful for what I do have. Not easy, but it will combat fear and depression, and I decided I do want to develop my own happiness by doing what is in my own power. What are some books on your to-read list this year?

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