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My name is Priya Lakshminarayan, I run a popular food blog in Orlando, US, Cookilicious. It is a vegetarian and vegan food blog. I enjoy creating recipes from scratch using fresh ingredients to make it wholesome and delicious.

Location Florida City, FL Florida
Country United States of America
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Instant Sweet Paneer Gujiya Shells

My instant version of this Indian dessert recipe is made with sweetened paneer, and puff pastry shells! If you can't find Puff Pastry Shells, use any other kind of puff pastry sheets to make this dessert. My instant version of this Indian dessert recipe is made with sweetened paneer, and puff pastry shells! If you can't find Puff Pastry Shells, use any other kind of puff pastry sheets.

Vegan Instant Pot Lemon Rice

This Instant Pot recipe of cilantro lemon rice is made with white rice, lemon juice, and spices. Using lemon juice to make this Indian lemon rice is a fabulous idea! While you can make this recipe of lemon rice on a stovetop or Instant Pot, I prefer to make it in the Instant Pot. The traditional South Indian recipe of lemon rice is made without onions or shallots.

Bengali Sweet Recipe

I prefer this Sandesh recipe because the traditional recipe is more tedious and time-consuming. If you don't want to use rose syrup but still want this beautiful color, you can add beetroot juice/powder or organic pink food color. Similarly, you can add cocoa powder/chocolate sauce to make Chocolate Sandesh or add Khus syrup to make Khus Sandesh! If you’ve tried this Rose Sandesh - Bengali Sweet Recipe or any other recipe on the blog please let me know how it went by commenting below, I love hearing from you!

Vegan Chilli Cheese Corn Toast

It's a delicious Indian-style cream cheese and corn sandwich recipe Throw in some greens like spinach, kale, fenugreek leaves to make this Indian corn recipe even more nourishing. In fact, you can also use sourdough bread or bagels to make this corn and cream cheese toast. Throw in some greens like spinach, kale, fenugreek leaves to make this Indian corn recipe even more nourishing.

Here is a snack that is good for you for many reasons! Chettinad flavored Corn Dhokla or Steamed Cakes can easily become your go-to evening snack when the hunger pangs attack the most! Its also a great after school snack.⁣ ✅It's steamed ⁣ ✅It's vegan⁣ ✅It's gluten free⁣ ✅It's healthy⁣ ✅It's instant⁣ ✅It's oil-free⁣ ✅It's delicious⁣ ⁣ No need to wonder how to make it. Click the link in the bio and get the recipe now!

I learnt this cooking tip from my MIL - to use carrots to make a gravy! I think its a great idea to use carrots this way because it not just lends a deep orange color to the dish but also gives the gravy a very different flavor that you will love. Here I have made Black Eyed Peas in Sweet & Sour Carrot Gravy or Lobia Ki Khatti Meethi Dal and trust me, it is yummm! Interestingly, I am cooking with black eyed peas again today but making something totally different. Recipe for that will be up soon, however, the recipe for this dish is on the blog. Is this a new idea for you or have you always been using carrots to make your gravy and I have got on to it late?

Tired of ordering a takeout every other day? Try this ultimate vegan Pumpkin & Pigeon Peas Curry tonite! It's a comforting & lip smacking meal that's easy to make as well! Enjoy it as a side with any flatbread or rice. Recipe just went live on the blog. Check it out. Link in bio.

Got a bag of Rice Krispie Cereal and don't know what to do with it? Head over to the link in bio and check out what I created using this bowl of rice krispies! Meanwhile, feel free to drop in your suggestions below on how else I could use them.

Some days ago, I had asked you to guess what the main ingredient in this dish is? While I got some pretty interesting answers, none of you could actually guess it right. Let me tell you now what this is. It is an Iranian Style Polenta Cake Stir Fry. My friend's husband had been to Dubai and he got me some Iranian spice mix. I was looking for an opportunity to try this spice mix ever since. This seemed like the right opportunity. Let me tell you, this quick, easy & delicious vegan Polenta stir-fry with Iranian spices is⁣ perfect for a better-than-takeout weeknight dinner! It's free of soy &⁣ gluten. Click the link in bio for the detailed recipe.

This is one dish I always make with the remains of Idli batter. Mini Masala Idli or Podi Idli or Tadka Idli is a favorite of not just me but everyone in general at home. It is also a popular recipe on the blog. Doesn't that say something? This Megan snack can be enjoyed as an evening snack or for breakfast. I have the detailed recipe on the blog. Check it out now. How many of you can finish off this bowl in one sitting? I know I can! 😋😉 #cookiliciousveg #mumbai_uncensored #mumbaikar #desikhana #official_photography_hub #india_undiscovered #desi_diaries #photographers_of_india #indianfoodstories #southindianfood #indiancuisine #tasteofindia #indianfood #desifood #colorfulfood #indiaclicks #southindiancuisine #mumbai_igers_gram #podiidli #masalaidli #tadkaidli #idlipodi #healthybreakfastrecipes #healthysnackrecipes #eatthisnotthat #hungryformore #itssogood #spicyandtasty #idlibatter #leftoversforbreakfast

Entering the weekend with a bang! Have you tried a cherry flavored ice tea? Its yum! I frequently make a batch and keep sipping on it though my day. It is super refreshing and soothing! BTW, I tried styling this shot the way Nisha @rainbowplantlife does! She is one of my favorite food photographers who inspires me everyday. How did I fare? Do you like this shot? Let me know in the comments below.

I could seriously spend the rest of my life alternating between noodles and pasta if I had my way! I love them that much! There is one more thing, I am a little weird when it comes to sharing my noodles! Here is a small anecdote that my friends have heard many times. It was my first day at my work place back in India,many years ago. During the evening tea time, me and my team went to the cafeteria to catch a break and eat some snacks. I got excited when I saw noodles on the menu and immediately ordered it for myself. Everyone else placed their orders and then we sat down to chat till our foods came. As luck would have it, my order was the first to come. I eagerly took the fork in my hand to dig in and that is when 7 other hands followed suit. Much to my terror, there were 7 more forks in my noodles and it being my first day, I couldn't say No! I did go home and sob a bit over this incident and eventually ended up letting my colleagues know about this quirk of mine. I have a hearty laugh today whenever I think of that day but the emotion is still the same. I don't like anyone digging into my bowl of noodles even today! That is probably why I relate to Joey when he know what!!!! Call me crazy?⁣ ⁣ Happy World Vegan day to all! Head over to my stories for some vegan inspiration.

Happy Halloween to all! For someone whose favorite genre of films besides romantic movies is horror, this is clearly my favorite day of the year! I thrive on Horror movies and can watch one even at night by myself in a dark room! Yes, I am one of those! You can guess how my @netflix playlist looks like by this. I love that all these channels add in new horror movies this time of the year for me to binge watch. I even cook sometimes watching a scary movie on the side. I make KR sit with me sometimes to watch even though he is petrified and is always under the blanket or hiding behind the cushion! Poor guy! I of course never have company to watch a newly released horror movie in the theater so I have to wait for it to come online. So yes, I am a big scary movie fan and can watch it in any language! While I didn't cook anything spooky today, wanted to keep your feed less scary and give you this soothing Spiced Pumpkin Latte instead! Made in @a2milkusa, this drink will keep you comforted through fall till the winters! Enjoy your day today and happy Trick-or-treating!⁣ ⁣ #halloweentreats #Halloween #VeganHalloween #spookyfoods #trickortreatyoself #halloweenparty #imsomartha #inmykitchen #ad #fallishere #cookiliciousveg #icedlattes #coffeedrink #pumpkinlatte #pumpkinlattes #pumpkinrecipes #falldrinks #warmandcozy #bootsandsweaters #lovemilkagain #iamwellandgood #gastropost #cookit #foodcouver #bareaders #realsimple #myopenkitchen #commontable #mindbodygram #cookiliciousveg

I love it when I discover hidden or long forgotten recipes and this is one such dish! It's called Kovalam Mutter and is a thick and creamy green peas gravy. Mutter means green peas and Kovalam is a beach town in Kerala. I came across this recipe at @tarladalal website and found it very intriguing. Since i love green peas, it was but natural that I give this dish a try and I am so glad I did! This coconut based vegan gravy is so delicious that I wish they served this at Indian restaurants. Not to forget that its a very easy recipe that you can quickly make on a weeknight! If you want to check out this recipe, click the link in the bio.

One of the things I enjoy is creating a new dish using leftover rice. There are so many possibilities that the list is endless. Mix whatever ingredients you have handy and viola,you have a new rice dish ready! So if you have some leftover rice from your Diwali party, try this easy and delicious Cilantro, Spinach & Lentil rice. Its so flavorful that you will keep coming back for seconds. Its also a great dish to serve as a side at your next house party! The recipe is now live on the blog. Link is in the bio.

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