Caitlin Houston

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Connecticut based life + style blog of a Yankee Mama with Southern Belle tendencies.

Location Wallingford, Connecticut
Member Since JANUARY 09, 2019
Social Audience 26K
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Baby-Proof Your Life + House Before You Bring Your Bundle Home: Part Two

Once you’ve got your finances and space for baby to sleep figured out, it’s time to baby-proof the rest of your home. Consider getting a play mat for your baby to play on, which can be easily wiped down and kept as a sanitary play area. Install play mats as they will help protect your baby if they fall. Install baby gates to create a safe play area, and also consider installing a specific top of stairs gate which is the safest to use in order to protect your baby from falling down stairs in the future.

Baby-Proof Your Life + House Before You Bring Your Bundle Home: Part One

However, is your home and life baby-proof and ready? Remember: If you don’t consider the financial implications of bringing a baby home, you’ll quickly be in dire financial straits! If buying a crib or bassinet isn't in your budget, or if you want to keep expenses down, a good alternative is to borrow one from family or friends. Next we're covering cleaning, how to secure everything, and getting the rest of your life in order as you wait for baby in Part Two of how to Baby-Proof Your Life and Home.

Tips to Make Getting Kids of Different Ages to Bed a Dream

Getting kids of different ages to bed on time takes creativity, but bedtime is a natural hard reset. Because I love to spend time with my kids at bedtime, the age gap poses a bit of an extra challenge. If you don’t have a second parent at home (or even if you do), we have often found a “family” bedtime worked the best at getting kids of different ages to bed! A discreet bed bumper or secure bed rail can not only be helpful for them but also helpful in giving you peace of mind that they will be safe even when you're not right there next to them during every second of bedtime.

5 Tips to Help Introduce a Dog to a Baby

* Allow your dog to get used to the sounds and smells of your new baby before introducing them up close. This convenient bassinet allows your dog to be close enough to smell your baby, but with an added barrier for baby’s safety. As sweet and gentle as your furry friend is, a new baby can be extremely stressful for a pet, and they may behave unpredictably. But with a little work, you can introduce a dog to a baby and maintain harmony in your home for everyone!

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