Kristin Jonakin

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Tennessee Blogger Sassy Southern Mama ✌🏻 3 boys 👶🏻🧒🏼👦🏼 Surviving on cold coffee & chaos Featured in @yahoofinance 💌

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Shaking things up from behind the bar to your home! 🍹 As a former bartender, I know a thing or two about great drinks, and Clever Mocktails are a game changer. Crafted with the finest botanicals - think herbs, spices, and zesty fruit peels - every sip is a burst of nature’s best flavors. 🌿🍊 They distill these treasures in a classic copper still, in small batches, ensuring each mocktail has the complexity and mouthfeel of its alcoholic counterparts. 🥃🌼 No alcohol, no compromise, just pure, refreshing enjoyment. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a cozy evening, these non-alcoholic delights are perfect for keeping spirits high and minds clear. Cheers to taste, cheers to health! 🌟#BotanicalBartender #MocktailMastery #SoberCelebration #tennesseeblogger #contentcreator #memphistn #nashvilletn #cocktailsandmocktails #mocktails #nonalcoholicdrink #mocktail

🍁 Fall for the flavors of @tazo Tea Concentrates – the ideal companion for crisp autumn days. 🍂 And if you’re a pumpkin spice enthusiast, they’ve got you covered with their delectable Pumpkin Spice Latte concentrate! 🎃🍂 With just a few simple steps, you can whip up a chai latte! Plus, there’s exciting news – @Krogerco is offering an unbeatable deal right now: $4.99 on TAZO® Concentrates in all their delicious varieties. Stock up on your chai essentials and savor the taste of fall at a price that can’t be beaten! Enjoy! ☕🍁🛍 #ChaiSeason #PumpkinSpiceEverything #KrogerDeals #TAZOAtKroger #TAZOLATTEMIXES #KrogerPartner #TAZOPartner #Kroger #PumpkinSpice

🎉 Just found the coolest holiday gift on Amazon – the @WaffleWow_ Building Bricks Waffle Maker! 🧇🚀 It’s not just a waffle maker, it’s a morning adventure. Creating edible building bricks for breakfast has never been more fun. Perfect for engaging little architects at the table. 🏗️🍴 Great for family bonding and starting the day with creativity and joy. 🌟 Grab yours on Amazon and make your breakfasts the most exciting part of your day! 🛒🎁 #playwithyourfood #revolutionizebreakfast #giftsforkids #kidsgifts #WaffleFun #AmazonFinds #FamilyBreakfastAdventure

It's holiday cocktail season, everyone! 🎄✨ One of my FAVORITE parts of this festive season is the rich flavors we get to play with! Since Spiced Pear is a taste that reminds me of holiday joy, I've put a twist on it with a Holiday Spiced Pear Martini. It's a seasonal delight that'll bring the holiday spirit right into your glass. 🎁 Holiday Spiced Pear Martini 🍐 🎅 Rim glass with ginger syrup then dip in cinnamon sugar mixture. 🎅 Add ice to shaker 🎅 1.5 oz Vodka 🎅 3 oz Pear Nectar 🎅 .5 oz Grand Marnier 🎅 A few shakes of clove, ground ginger, & cinnamon (add more for a festive kick) 🎅 .5 oz Ginger Syrup 🎅 Shake vigorously 🎅 Strain 🎅 Top with a splash of Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer 🎅 Garnish with a Cinnamon Stick & Star Anise Mix it in batches for your holiday gatherings and add the ginger ale when serving. What's your go-to holiday cocktail? Share and follow for more merry mixology and holiday-themed content! 🍹❄️ #HolidayCocktails #memphistn #holidaycontentcreator #contentcreator #tennesseeblogger

Turn your kitchen into a gourmet smokehouse with Cameron’s Stove Top Smoker! 🥩🍗 It’s incredibly easy to use and promises not to set off your smoke alarm - talk about convenient cooking! Perfect for the cook or foodie in your life, this smoker elevates every meal to a new level of deliciousness. 🌟 Don’t miss out on this amazing Amazon find, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Gift the joy of flavor this holiday season with Cameron’s Smoker - it’s just a click away on Amazon! 🎁🎄 #FlavorfulFestivities #AmazonMustHaves #CameronsKitchenMagic #HolidayGifting #StovetopSmoker #SmokedFood #CookingHack #BBQ #HolidayFood #Holiday #Entertaining #instafoodie #tennesseeblogger #contentcreator #memphistn #easydinner #giftideas #giftideasforher #giftideasforhim

Hey fellow busy bees 🐝✨! As a homeschooling mama juggling the holiday craze, I’ve found my secret weapon to stay fueled and fabulous: Clio Snacks Vanilla Greek Yogurt Bars! 🍫🍦 They’re the perfect combo of creamy Greek yogurt wrapped in a dreamy chocolatey coating - and guess what? They’re now in cute mini sizes! With only 140 calories, a whopping 9 grams of protein, and billions of probiotics, these bars are my go-to for a quick breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up, or even a decadent dessert. 🎉📚 Imagine biting into that luxurious chocolate to find a rich, cheesecake-like center. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds! 😍 Perfect for us health-conscious, on-the-go parents. So, who’s ready to give their snack game a major upgrade? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Find these little bundles of joy chillin’ in the refrigerated yogurt and bar aisle at your local grocery store. Trust me, your taste buds (and busy schedule) will thank you! 🛒🎉 #ClioYogurtBars #HealthyHolidays #MomLife #tennesseeblogger #contentcreator #healthysnacks #easysnacks #indulgenttreats #memphistn #wahm #healthyholidays #healthylifestyle #healthyfood

🌟🌄✈️ Y’all, the holiday season is upon us, and as a mama who’s all about creating memorable moments, I’ve found the perfect solution to a common dilemma. 🎁👦🧡 #ad We all want to gift our kids unforgettable experiences, but let’s be real – they’re all about the toys and the instant fun! @TNVacation has created the perfect solution for just that! 📖 The Tennessee Playcation Toy Catalog is here to save the day! 🗺️🎉 It’s like a holiday wish list straight from our kids’ dreams. They get to flip through the catalog, circle their top picks, and, hold onto your hats, you can pick out “mini block” toys of those Tennessee destinations! 🏞️🏰 That’s right, you can book a trip and have a related gift to wrap for the holidays, making this season truly magical. 🎅✨ 🤫 And here’s the best part for us parents – this catalog is packed with kid-friendly activities that might just grant us a few precious minutes of peace and quiet. 🤐🙌 So, don’t miss out on this unique holiday experience, y’all! Head over to the TN Playcation website and make this year’s gift unforgettable. Adventure awaits! 🌐🧳💫 #TNPlaycation #GiftOfAdventure #SouthernHolidayMagic #TNVacationPartner, #TNToyCatalog, #madeinTN

🌟✨ Just had the most enlightening me-time while glamping under the stars, getting lost in the pages of @Wonderbly’s new personalized astrology book! As an Aries, I’ve always been curious about what the stars have to say about my fiery spirit. 🐏🔥 This book is a celestial guide tailored just for me, based on my birth date. It’s like having a conversation with the ancient stargazers themselves, exploring the archetypes and traits of my sun sign. You can personalize it with y name, birth date, and some fun photos, making it a unique journey of self-care and self-discovery. The book is split into three intriguing chapters - ‘Your Sun Sign’, ‘Self-Care’, and ‘KnowYourself’, making it a perfect blend of wisdom and insight. It’s so stylish too, coming in four design styles: modern, classic, magical, and powerful – effortlessly elegant on any coffee table or bookshelf. Whether you’re a long-time astrology lover or just starting your journey, this book is perfect. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to understand themselves better and marvel at their place in the universe. 🌌 If you’re like me, wanting to explore more about yourself, or looking for a unique gift, head over to Wonderbly and grab your copy. It’s not just a book; it’s a journey to self-discovery and ancient wisdom. 📚💫 #WonderblyAstrology #StarGazing #AriesAdventures #PersonalizedMagic

#ad Meet your holiday sidekick: @BobEvansGrocery irresistible Mac and Cheese from @Walmart! Let me share a little secret – it’s a time-saving, taste-bud-pleasing gift from the culinary heavens. But don’t just take my word for it. Let me introduce you to our very own macaroni connoisseur: Joshua, our eldest son. He’s the ultimate food critic when it comes to mac and cheese, and guess what? He gives Bob Evans a perfect 10 out of 10! Ready to make your holiday feast legendary? Head to your local @Walmart and pick up Bob Evans Mac and Cheese – it’s a game-changer! Cheers to a Thanksgiving filled with flavor and fun! #BobEvansGrocery #ThanksgivingSides #WalmartFinds

✨ Unplugging for a glamping getaway, and I couldn’t leave home without my stash of @BequetConfection Caramels! 🏕️ These award-winning treasures have a special place in my heart, and they’ve won 12 national awards – including the SOFI™ GOLD Award. Hand-crafted in small batches, they’re pure caramel magic that brings a smile to my face. 🍬 With flavors like Classic, Celtic Sea Salt®, Chocolate, and Espresso, there’s a Bequet Caramel for every sweet craving. These little bites of happiness turned my camping experience into a cozy moment of self-care under the stars. ✨ Join me in indulging your taste buds with Bequet’s caramel goodness this holiday season. Sign up for the Béquet Confections email list to stay in the loop and savor some delicious offers and tasty news! 💌 And us my Kristin25OFF for 25% off! #BequetPartner #BequetCaramels #SweetEscape #GlampingGoodness #tennesseeblogger #memphistn #glampinglife #glamping #selfcare #motherhood #caramelcandy #instafoodie #holidaytreat

Confessions of a Country Mama

When you shop at Target from August 2nd through August 8th you can get a $15 Target Gift Card with the purchase of 50 dollars worth of fabric care. So, all you have to do is purchase 50 dollars worth of these items and you’ll get a free 15 dollar gift card. Plus, the oxi-boost lifts all of the yucky dirt and sweat from my boys clothes, and leaves them smelling fresh and super clean. They help fight wrinkles, make fabrics softer, decrease static cling, and help repel lint and hair – all on top of an outdoor fresh scent.

Confessions of a Country Mama

Let’s have some real talk for a little bit y’all, that time of the month can be so annoying and inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable (like my day at the park). The top layer has super absorbent holes, and the second layer stores it away from your body, leaving you feeling fresh and dry all day. * Up to 10 hours of leak free protection with Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads Regular Absorbency! Bonus, there is also a limited time offer for $4.00 off/2 when you purchase with a manufacturer’s coupon.

Swimsuits: The Momkini Edition

I thought it was pretty funny, and needed the comic relief after seeing my fat ass self in a swimsuit. I am in this weird place where I have the confidence of an unstoppable goddess, but other days I feel like I’m looking at a lumpy ass potato in the mirror. Like first of all, I always look like I am dying no matter how my hair and makeup look, and second I feel like someone is going to bust in on my big ass at any moment. , “I’m going to be stuck in this room forever, ain’t no way in hell

How to Survive Laundry with Gain with Essential Oils

I have found this in the new Gain with Essential Oils concentrated laundry detergent. Like essential oils, it is highly concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. Gain with Essential Oils’ liquid laundry detergent contains no dyes, phosphates, CFCs, or parabens. Construction work equals lots of sweat and stains, but Gain with Essential Oils gets rid of all of that grime.

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