Kristin Jonakin

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Tennessee Blogger Sassy Southern Mama ✌🏻 3 boys 👶🏻🧒🏼👦🏼 Surviving on cold coffee & chaos Featured in @yahoofinance 💌

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It’s time to #deckthepaws y’all! Grizzly is loving his @DreamBoneChews 💚❤️ These holiday treats are made with real chicken and vegetables. Plus, they are 100% rawhide-free. Don’t forget your fur friends this Christmas! They are the perfect stocking stuffers for your pups.

Y’all! Telestrations was so much fun my kids were asking to play it again. @TheOPGames has such creative and entertaining games. This is one you need to pick up. It would be a perfect Christmas present to have on hand too! Y’all can check out my link in bio 💗 #theopgames #bringthefun #telestrations #tabletopgames #amazonfinds #amazongiftlist #christmasgiftideas #familygifts #christmasgiftlist #christmasplanning #christmashack #boardgamenight #boardgame #familytime #gametime #gamenight #familynight #familygamenight #fungames

Move over Turkey! It’s time to add Pork to the Thanksgiving mix. I have partnered with the National Pork Board to share some fantastic recipes with yall. These Pork Meatballs in a Mushroom Cream are easy to make and delicious. They can serve as an appetizer or even the main dish. If you swipe over you can also check out my deliciously rich and creamy Macaroni and Cheese with diced ham. Elevate this Thanksgiving with the versatility and tastiness of Pork. Check out my blog for both recipes! Happy Thanksgiving Yall!!

🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the year y’all!🎶 And the best time for amazing fashion! I am loving these holiday looks from @rotita_official ❤️💚 These outfits are affordable and extremely comfortable! As a mama I want to feel confident and beautiful, but also need that stretch and good coverage. I haven’t felt this confident in a long time! Y’all need to head to Rotita to get some fabulous and fun outfits! Rotita’s Crazy Black Friday Sale: 30%-70% OFF Get an additional 10% off with my code: kristin10 #Rotita #RotitaHaul #ShopYourCloset #RotitaVibe

Check out these fabulous looks from @rotita_official y’all. These outfits are extremely comfortable and fit like a dream. Now’s the time to add those holidays staples to your wardrobe. You can shop for every occasion, from a cute casual coffee look to a beautiful holiday ensemble. I promise you will love what you get. I was able to create some great looks for an extremely affordable price. Which one was your favorite look? Rotita’s Crazy Black Friday Sale: 30%-70% OFF Get an additional 10% off with my code: kristin10 #Rotita #RotitaHaul #ShopYourCloset #RotitaVibe

If y’all are looking for an affordable and easy way to remove unwanted hair from your body then y’all have got to check out ! I have currently been using it to get rid of this stache of mine 😉 It is so easy to use AND you can do it from home! How awesome is that?! is having a flash sale (50% off) Use my code KJ20 for an additional 20% off! Link in my bio #laserhairremoval #snowyskinIPL #hairremoval #hairremovallaser #hairremovalfromhome #tennessee #tennesseelife #memphistn #selfcare #selfcareday #momhack #beautyhack

Here’s your reminder that Christmas isn’t about fancy things, holiday decorations and expensive gifts. It is a time to make memories, enjoy the holidays together, and to not take anything too seriously. #beautyindarkness #tennessee #memphis #memphisblogger #spirituality #spiritualawakenin #christmasvibes #holidaytips #christmastips #christmastime #holidayseason #familytime #momentsinmotherhood #momentslikethese #momentsthatmatter #beauty #southerners #journeytoself #selfcare #healingjourney

Can y’all believe the New Year is less than 2 months away!? I seriously cannot. I know we are getting into the swing of the holidays, but I’m already thinking about my goals and intentions. My @silkandsonder helps with that 💗 . I have completely lost my spark and direction when it comes to being organized. I felt like I could never find a planner that fits my needs. One that tracks habits, goals, finances, but also allows for daily planning and to-do lists. I FINALLY found that in the @silkandsonder monthly planner. . It’s structured perfectly for someone that wants to journal and plan. I want to be more intentional and productive. This planner helps me achieve that! . Why not start planning my 2023 now? Have y’all thought about yours? #silkandsonder #selfcareXsonder #planner #plannercommunity #journaling #intentionalliving #motivation #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #livingintentionally #habittracker #momlife #tennessee #memphisblogger #memphismom #tiptoncountytn #selflovejourney #selfcare #selfcaretips #selfcarejourney #selfcareroutine

Bonfires in fall are the absolute best! We had a little family time today roasting marshmallows and chillin’ around the fire. And our @DearFoams fireside slippers kept us all warm and cozy. Use code FRIENDS to save 20% off site wide when you order yours (available until 12/31/2022) &utm_campaign=Friendsgiving #SlippersOnTheGo #fireside #dearfoams #comfywithdearfoams #cozyfalloutfits #cozyslippers #fallstyle #bonfire #cozyvibes #tennesseelife #tnlife #memphistn #nashvilletn #FiresideSlippers #ComfyTogether #ComfyWithDearfoams #MyDearfoams

Happy Monday y’all! Comin in hot with a little daily affirmation 🤪😁 #affirmations #dailyaffirmations #affirmationoftheday #spiritualgrowth #healingjourney #funnyquotes #morningvlog #millenialmom #mentalhealthjourney #sarcasticmom #copingthroughhumor #momhack #tennessee #tennesseelife #memphistn #positivequotes #growthmindset

Family game night is one of our favorites! And we have elevated the fun with Telestrations from @TheOPGames. |ad| It’s like a game of telephone meets a drawing guessing game. Some of the results are absolute hilarious. And I will tell y’all I am definitely not an artist, my kids have way better skills🤣 Y’all have to pick this up! It’s perfect for family game night, a fun night in and so much more. We have played it several times and I can’t wait to play more! #theopgames #bringthefun #telestrations #tabletopgames #amazonfinds #amazongiftlist #christmasgiftideas #familygifts #christmasgiftlist #christmasplanning #christmashack #boardgamenight #boardgame #familytime #gametime #gamenight #familynight #familygamenight #fungames

Honestly, I would rather gauge my own eyes out lol. You don’t have to like me, hell you can even hate me, but it takes a sorry low life human to risk getting children taken away from a safe and loving home. When I tell y’all that the report to CPS was long…. Lawd these two women had to sit and make notes/bounce ideas off of eachother and find ways to turn normal things that happen to kids into some bullshit. Medical and educational neglect were two big accusations from them 🙄 I can tell y’all that the pain from this situation hasn’t gone away. I still seethe with anger. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that to someone, let alone a parent and grandparent (yes two) to their own child and grandchildren. Trying to heal from this as a family unit has been very hard. #narcissisticabuse #narcissistvictims #protectyourpeace #mamabear #villainera #ariesawakening #spiritualawakening #divineenergy #innerchildhealing #memphistn #tennessee #journeytoself #healingjourney #boundariesarehealthy #healthyboundaries

Confessions of a Country Mama

When you shop at Target from August 2nd through August 8th you can get a $15 Target Gift Card with the purchase of 50 dollars worth of fabric care. So, all you have to do is purchase 50 dollars worth of these items and you’ll get a free 15 dollar gift card. Plus, the oxi-boost lifts all of the yucky dirt and sweat from my boys clothes, and leaves them smelling fresh and super clean. They help fight wrinkles, make fabrics softer, decrease static cling, and help repel lint and hair – all on top of an outdoor fresh scent.

Confessions of a Country Mama

Let’s have some real talk for a little bit y’all, that time of the month can be so annoying and inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable (like my day at the park). The top layer has super absorbent holes, and the second layer stores it away from your body, leaving you feeling fresh and dry all day. * Up to 10 hours of leak free protection with Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads Regular Absorbency! Bonus, there is also a limited time offer for $4.00 off/2 when you purchase with a manufacturer’s coupon.

Swimsuits: The Momkini Edition

I thought it was pretty funny, and needed the comic relief after seeing my fat ass self in a swimsuit. I am in this weird place where I have the confidence of an unstoppable goddess, but other days I feel like I’m looking at a lumpy ass potato in the mirror. Like first of all, I always look like I am dying no matter how my hair and makeup look, and second I feel like someone is going to bust in on my big ass at any moment. , “I’m going to be stuck in this room forever, ain’t no way in hell

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