Kia Chambers

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On my blog, I post about Mini Schnauzers and dog information in general. If I experience something with my dog I post about it. I also do product reviews. I have also started blogging about my kids and my life as a mom/wife. I included my family when I became pregnant so I did pregnancy updates and I am now doing monthly baby updates as well as anything I experience with my baby and being a new mom.

I love to keep my audience informed about pets and life as a mom. If I experience something and I feel that it is helpful to my audience then I share it with them.

Location Burlington, North Carolina United States
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Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents with Art of Green

Your Pet Day is February 20th which means it’s the perfect time to think about the cleaning products we use around our pets. As pet parents, we are constantly cleaning up after our pet from muddy paws, to potty accidents, to dirty dog toys. No matter if you’re a new pet parent or an OG pet parent, pet messes are going to happen. To clean pet toys, spray with Art of Green (or just use an Art of Green cleaning wipe which is my fav)

Book Review: Homecoming Tales by Tama Fortner

15 Inspiring Stories from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a book filled with real-life stories who found forever homes through Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. Homecoming Tales is an amazing book filled with love for senior dogs. I love the fact that the book taught us about the struggles of senior dogs and all the work and love Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary put in to make sure they have a forever home. This is a good book for kids to learn about different dog breeds, how to care for older dogs, and how to make sure they continue to give their senior dog the love that he needs.

How to Drink More Water as a Busy Mom

If you’re struggling to drink as much water as you should, I have 4 simple ways to drink more water. The simplest thing you can do to drink more water is to start your day off by drinking water. Now don’t get me wrong, I drink other things from time to time, but nothing quenches my thirst quite like water does! Set a goal for yourself of how much water you’d like to drink a day.

Max & Bo: Two Dogs on the Go by LoLo Smith

Max & Bo: Two Dogs on the Go is about two fun-loving dogs who obviously love to be on the go and they absolutely love the holidays. Max & Bo Two Dogs on the Go by LoLo SmithThis video is sponsored by LoLo Smith. Throughout the book, Max & Bo celebrate a lot of holidays and the kids really liked that. Max & Bo: Two Dogs on the Go is such a fun holiday book for kids and we definitely think you should add it to your bookshelf!

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