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Just a New York girl showing style, places, and pop-culture!

Location New York
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 09, 2020
Social Audience 10K Last Month
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Last album recreation is Betty ❤️ How was your Thanksgiving yesterday? What’s your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving day? Personally I like sides the best so the mashed potatoes or stuffing is my favorite food on Thanksgiving?

The Folklore concert is officially out on @disneyplus! Have you watched it yet?! I have not so no spoilers if there any. I’m hoping to watch it this weekend. To celebrate, my next Folklore album I replicated was “hide & seek”. Cardigan is one of my favorite songs so I was excited to replicate this one.

“Please picture me, In the weeds, Before I learned civility” Since I heard Taylor Swift was having her Folklore concert film on Disney+, I decided to replicate some of her album covers 🖤 Do you have a favorite cover?! Swipe to see my inspiration & stay tuned this week for this mini series of 3 covers I decided to replicate!

What’s this? What’s this? @hottopic has begun their Black Friday sale & I’m so here for it! All tees (including this cute NBC tee) are only $12! Stock up while you can & let’s match 🖤 #htblackfriday #sponsoredbyHT

Hello Witchy Wednesday friends! Mentally I’ve still been in the Halloween spirit & I’m not over it yet. But the weather is getting chilly & reminding me the jolliest season is here. I think with this whole year, I’ve just been thrown off on time since I’m usually very into Christmas by now. So I figured let’s get one more spooky post in before I turn my account into a Christmas wonderland.

“What fantasy land do you wish you could visit?! We were only trying to drown her” Drowning or not, I would love to visit Mermaid Lagoon 🧜🏻‍♀️

Me, obsessed with Baby Yoda?! Never! 💚 Happy 1 year anniversary to Disney+. The first thing I watched on Disney+ was The Mandalorian & I literally screamed when they introduced The Child. What was the first thing you watched on Disney+?

Last of my dark Alice series! Have you read the Alice books by Lewis Carroll? There’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. Alice’s Adventures is one of my all time favorite books & I’ve read it countless times!

Welcome to Wonderland Look where you're at Maddest of hatters The Cheshire Cat 💗 Who’s your favorite character from Alice in Wonderland? Mine is a tie between the Mad Hatter (Tim Burton version) & the Cheshire Cat (animated version).

Move over Alice, there’s a new queen of Wonderland 💙 Decided to do a Tim Burton Dark Alice inspired look at @thefloralescape experience this weekend! Do you prefer the animated Alice in Wonderland or the live action Tim Burton version? . . Alice Shirt: @heruniverse Skirt: @targetstyle

Alright Instagram, we’ve had a very stressful 24 hours. I’m trying my best to hold faith that Biden will pull out the win. But I wanted to check in with everyone. How are you holding up? Personally, I barely slept last night and I’ve had anxiety all day long. I’m afraid for my rights & the rights of my friends & family. It’s okay to be scared, but I’m also hoping we can come out of this together & rebuild the America we can live peacefully together in & raise future generations for the better. I also will continue to let you know my beliefs because I think it’s important for you to know where I stand. And I’m here to say I stand with you & I stand for blue 💙

❗️Warning for language Today I voted. I voted because it’s my duty, my privilege. Women years ago marched to get me this right & I will make sure their voices are still heard today. But I also vote for other voices. I vote for basic human rights, I vote for a president that doesn’t promote hate, racism, homophobia, & sexism. I vote for love. I vote blue 💙 If you don’t know where polling place is or need help, I’d be glad to assist!

Double double toil & trouble! Happy Halloween Witches 🖤 How are you celebrating this spooky Saturday?!

The sash wringing... the trash thinging... mash flinging... the flash springing, bringing the the crash thinging the... The best Spongebob episode ever! Happy Hallows Eve! Do you have a favorite Spongebob episode or moment?

Are you ready to be strong? What’s something that makes you feel strong? Personally, I think my ability to reflect & improve is a strong trait of mine. It took years of therapy & working on myself but I’m now able to point out things to work on & actually do it. I’m proud of the strong woman I’ve become. This will be my last pic for the Buffy mini-series. But don’t worry! I have more already done for the future! I just want to break up the series. Also if there’s a fandom you want me to future, let me know!

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