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Girl Mama encouraging you to just do it through Coffee + Food + Video Keepin it real in stories. 📍PNW Recipes, links, and all things Mommin👇🏽

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#AD| I love being outdoors, and with summer here I am definitely looking forward to spending as much time outside with my littles! What I'm not looking forward to is allergies! Y'all know my allergies go crazy some days with itchy watery eyes, lots of sneezing, and often a runny nose. Super grateful for the relief BENADRYL® provides on those days when it's too much, like after this beautiful field of flowers that left me on the sneezing side for the day! I’m also so grateful Rite Aid has all the products we need to #BeRemarkablyYou this year. Head to your local @RiteAid or click the link in bio to pick up your box of BENADRYL®. And you can get $10 Bonus Cash right now when you spend $25 (excluding tax) on participating products! Use product only as directed. #BeRemarkablyYou #RiteAid #Benadryl

It’s officially S U M M E R! And where we are it’s gonna be almost 90 degrees!! We pretty much live in dresses, rompers, and one pieces because as few clothes as possible is the way to go lol. We have so many things planned this summer and I’m just looking forward to my birthday, creative photoshoots, water days, and continuing moving this body!! Hot Mom Summer, lesss goooo! What’s on your summer bucket list?

Will always be grateful for this wonderful man! This holiday always hits so hard without my dad, because not only was he my dad, but he was a dad to anyone who needed him to be! I will always miss cooking with him and making him breakfast, even as an adult I would go make him breakfast before he’d leave for work. Grateful for the Dad that Jd is and all that he does for us and our girls. I love doing life with him. Happy Father’s Day to the ones who are about to become Fathers, the ones who are new, old, to the ones we’ve lost, and to the ones who’ve stepped up to be a Father to those who didn’t have one. ♥️

✨It’s Friday-yay! ✨ Grateful for cousin time, even though this is a lot of kids for me and I’m sooo tired, I love having a full house! It reminds me so much of growing up with all my siblings. And it definitely gives me a taste of what more kids is like lol I’m finally ok with the idea of adding another little one, don’t worry though not for awhile longer lol! I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers!! Tell me how many siblings you have, if any!!

✨In 30 days I’ll be 30!! ✨ I decided to do a list of 30 realistic and attainable goals by my 30 birthday! Starting with buying some flowers just because!! These are small goals but they mean something to me, they range from self care, personal to fitness and business! Where my other cancers at?! ♋️

Monday is a mindset. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me and I was feeling mentally and physically drained, aside from this hike we did last week, I didn’t get in any workouts. But I want this journey to be as healthy as possible, I don’t want to obsess over numbers or feel like I didn’t do enough just because I didn’t move my body. Rest is equally as important as the grind, so make sure you do both! I could have used the case of the Monday’s and say eff it i’ll start again tomorrow, it’s Monday and I don’t want to, the same story I used to tell myself over and over again. But I got my mindset right, trusted myself and started again, right now. It’s okay to take breaks, just don’t give up, pick yourself back up and get back to it. 🏔Margaret’s Way Trail To Debbies View 📍Issaquah, WA 6.8 Miles Out & Back 1614 ft Elevation Gain Well marked trails, beautiful forest views

Made Pastel Tres Leches not once, but TWICE over the weekend!! I used @immaculatebites recipe and I whipped everything by hand just because. I tweaked it to cut down on the sugar but it was so yummy and such a great summer dessert! I’ll be adding both recipes to the blog this week so you can check them out! What’s your favorite summer dessert?

May your week be as carefree as my sweet girl in a field of flowers. Happy Monday. That is all.

Love is spelled T-I-M-E. We are so guilty of not spending enough time with each other. We always say oh there will be time for that, but really the time is now! We had a much needed date night yesterday, thank you to @melanicruuz @babygurl_671 and John for having a sleepover with the girls and letting us have time to ourselves! Best part of the day was definitely sleeping in lol. We got to get the apt in order, went for sushi, milk tea, and snapped a few photos at Point Defiance. We are the worst at making time for the two of us but it’s something we need to do. When was the last time you went on a date and what did you do?

This week we tried to incorporate baseball into our workout! Let’s just say there was a lot more running than I’m used to but looking forward to getting better at it! Finding a way to do cardio that’s fun has been a huge game changer, Jd is already planning our next family workout and I think the sports are definitely here to stay! 💪🏼 #familyworkouts

It’s a new month and just about a new season!! These feet have taken me on miles and miles in this journey and I’m still at the beginning. Just a friendly reminder to not compare yourself to someone else’s journey. Don’t compare your beginning to their middle or your middle to their end! “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life”. So make the decision to choose yourself and trust yourself. Here’s to new goals and crushing your current ones! Let me know some upcoming goals you’ve got or ones you’ve hit already!

Mount Storm King Olympic National Forest Elevation Gain: 2065 ft Highest Elevation Point: 2600 Ft 5.3 Miles Out & Back HARD Fun fact...I’m afraid of heights. So what am I doing up here! By far the HARDEST hike I’ve completed to date, I mean I was practically in tears on the way up, I’m tearing up just thinking about it. The mental and physical push to literally climb this mountain was intense. What kept me going were these affirmations, I AM POSSIBLE, I AM CAPABLE, I AM WORTH IT, I I AM STRONG. In stories last week I talked about how I haven’t seen a huge physical change the last few weeks but have had an incredible mental change. So after hiking straight up for 2 miles you get to the end of the maintained trail and for another half mile you climb up ropes to a scramble and there’s the peak. When I looked at the steep slope with ropes watching my friend climb I actually was looking forward to climbing it, when we reached the peak I was not afraid at all. I kept asking myself who am I and I realized this is Me! So here’s to breakthroughs, not limiting yourself and friends who believe in you. Tell me an affirmation that keeps you going!

Happy Saturday!! Blessing your feed with one of the photos I took today. As a photographer always behind the camera sometimes you gotta get in front of it! This was actually a nice change of pace as usually I have to rush photos with my girls and run after them but this time I got to set up my tripod and take my time! #liketkit #LTKcurves 📲You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the shopping app

Making lifestyle changes that will continue to positively impact our girls and ourselves to keep grinding! Jd has always been my biggest supporter and encourager and he’s been talking about getting back to the track (he used to run all the things in high school) I finally said hey let’s just go! I have NEVER been a runner, but I have a goal to run a mile, doesn’t matter the speed or the time I just want to be able to do it at this point. He definitely killed the mile and for sure struggled, I got in one lap and walked the rest with the girls in the wagon, but we did it!!! We got our butts outside and got to move our bodies together so that was the best and it was so fun!! Just a reminder that you make time for the things that matter and you can start where you are with what you have right now! Also choose something that you like to do! You don’t have to run to get in cardio; dance, roller skate or play a sport, get creative and get moving!! #moveyourbody #workoutmotivation #familyworkout #weightlossjourney #selflovejourney #postpartumbody #hotmomsummer #mombod #mombodytransformation #motivation #startnow #sayyestoyou

When they say it’s about the JOURNEY not the DESTINATION 👌🏼 Over the weekend we went on this beautiful hike that kicked my butt! It was pretty much steep and uphill the entire time with an elevation gain between 1800-2000 ft at the highest point so your girl was struggling. But if you look up Poo Poo Point you’ll see the most beautiful view and this is what we got, fog lol. The whole time going up I just remember thinking man I really need to pick up my pace, my glutes and legs are burning, I need to focus on my breathing, just one step at a time...just wanting to get to that view, when we made it we were like omg what gorgeous fog haha but after all that mental and physical pushing to get up there we found out we did it in an hour! One hour going 3.5 miles uphill, I think that’s our fastest time yet. And let me tell you I was so freaking proud of myself because I have come so far in this journey. So wherever you are in whatever journey you’re on, I’m rooting for you, you’ve come farther than you know, just keep going, one step at a time!! Tell me what you did over the weekend!

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