Chuck W.

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Hi there! My name is Chuck W. and I'm an Experimental Electronic musician hailing from NY.

Chuck is a lifelong musician who has fought and scraped his way upwards, slowly but surely, building a solid reputation and following by seeking to bring others up with him.

Regarded as "the helpful Musician," Chuck prides himself on the belief that artists have somewhat an obligation to help fellow artists.

This can be seen through his website, where artists of any medium are welcome to an interview anytime for free. He also displays this through his efforts to help others figure out how to market themselves in a shifting industry who may not have a top notch budget. He does not want his publically facing accounts muddied with news of the day, but if it's something his peers should be aware of you will find it posted on Chuck's accounts.

And, hey, this is possibly all done before you've even heard any of his music, which receives just as much care and attention to detail.

Location Amityville, Ny US NE
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 16, 2020
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Bye #Jamuary ☚ī¸

Thanks for watching 🙂 could have been better 🤷‍♂ī¸đŸ•ē

Several things occurring in this edition of #jamuary2023. There's a few layers of guitar, effected and unaffected, going into a #tcelectronic #ditto2x #looping #pedal. The pedal itself has 2 onboard effects of reverse and half time. When you play a little guitar with an #ebow, then loop it, it sounds real cool and #shoegaze. Supporting that main line we have the usual suspects: #makenoise #0coast and #0ctrl, #korg #sq1 sequencing the #korg #ms20. And probably other things.... Thanks for watching!

Thank you very much for watching. Crazy what one looper pedal can do.

Hello, friendly reminder that today is the release date for the new #songineverysixseries - it happens to be #VolumeXXII and is called Catching Patterns. Thanks so much in advance for checking it out, if you can. Your listens always mean the world to me. The link is in the bio! #ChuckW #NewSong #elektron #syntakt #logicprox #electronicmusic #indiemusic #indiedance #synthpunk #jamuary

#Jamuary #jamuary2023 thanks for watching!

#jamuary2023 is coming to an end quite hastily this go, eh? Well, remember this, you can shove synths into all your favorite months! #Arpril, #LFO-Ebruary, #moogmarch, and probably others! Actually about 8 to be precise. Thanks for watching!

#jamuary thank you for watching 🙌

Next Friday: Volume XXII of the Song In Every Six Series: Catching Patterns comes out! đŸ¤¯đŸ¤¤ Thanks in advance for any listens!

Holy shit, am I sick lol 😂 but #Jamuary doesn't care! Thanks for watching some #elektron #syntakt stuff I made in a complete fevered state 🙌🙌

Can't get enough of these light up led patch cords from @synthcablesupplyco ! They light up, BUT, are educational too?!! Damn Skippy! And Australian! 🤤 #cv #modularsynth #synthpatcher #jamuary

#Jamuary #syntakt

#Jamuary #jamuary2023 #daysomething #elektron #digitakt #syntakt #fender #fenderscheapestavailableguitar thanks for watching!

#Jamuary #jamuary2023 #day? Idk even know what today is or what to count this as but it's... Present. So thanks for watching! #elektron #syntakt #drool

#Jamuary #jamuary2023 #elektron #syntakt This thing is way cool. I just can't get it to record right in logic yet. Oh well! Thanks for watching!

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