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Looking for some ideas for Spring refreshing dishes? Look no further because this Goi Ga (or Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad) would be so satisfying for this warm weather. And if you're like me that can have soup anytime of the year, I recommend pairing it with the classic "Chao Ga" (or Vietnamese Chicken Porridge). This Vietnamese salad is a combination of refreshing cabbage, onions, hand-shredded free-range chicken, Vietnamese coriander, fried shallots, and all bonded by the delicious nuoc cham from @chamdippingsauce . You get the sweet, savory, tangy, and crunch all in one plate. Gotta say this dipping sauce from Cham has definitely made my Vietnamese cooking way more convenient and 100% delicious.

Delicious Cinnamon Butter Croissant French Toast

This easy and delicious Croissant French Toast will completely level up your breakfast game and you’ll never go back to the regular one. This time, after spotting the unique Croissant Toast from La Boulangerie, I decided to level up my breakfast game to impress ‘da Chubsman’. Another secret ingredient that makes this breakfast irresistible (per Chubsman) is the maple & cinnamon flavored butter I decided to throw it in at the last minute to replace the regular one. Adding flavored butter to cook the croissant french toast as well as topping them on the toasts is such a game-changer.

Kamikoto Knives are very versatile knives, strong enough to cut through meat and bone but gentle enough to cut through these juicy blood oranges. These knives make cooking preparation so much fun and easy. The 7-inch Santoku knife pierced the blood orange as if we were cutting through thin air, we watched in awe as the oranges slowly bled. We are so happy to have such a superior tool in our arsenal of kitchen tools. Check out @kamikoto to find your next favorite knife! . . . . . . #kamikoto #kamikotoknives #japanesesteel #knives #japanese #Honshusteel #handcrafted #santoku #kanpekiknifeset

Good Eats, Cold Beer, and Community: The Post, Downtown Los Altos

As a reward for our excercise session we decided to seek out a spot that was open with outdoor seating to grab some beers and appetizers. We were really impressed with their large outdoor seating area with plenty of space between each table and nice decor. This being one of our first outdoor experiences during the pandemic we kindly asked the waitress to be seated at the edge seating area. All the staff made a great effort to make us feel safe, the table and seats were santized before we were sat down and they kept as much distance as possible when taking our order.

One of the prettiest avocado toast we have ever had. And of course, it was made in-house at our favorite café @bluestonelane from Australia, located in downtown Los Altos. Everything in their menu is so beautifully presented and deliciously made. . For one of those weekend morning where we just want to wind down and chill, this has always been on go-to spot. Their outdoor patio is our favorite where it feels like you’re actually sitting in a garden and listening to the beautiful sounds of bird chirping. Check out this beautiful place and let us know your thoughts. I still vividly remember my first time there and I was in awe of literally everything.

Vanilla Strawberry Panna Cotta Tart

The perfect Panna Cotta Tart for your Valentine or any other special occasion Happy Valentines Day! We hope everyone had a beautiful and lovely Valentines Day. This year with covid still an active threat we decided to make a heart-shaped vanilla strawberry panna cotta tart at home. We hope you enjoy our recipe and continue to follow us for other great recipe ideas.

Take-out has been a new norm for eating out during this pandemic, and one of the struggles we have experienced is the food quality is nothing compared to freshly made dishes on the table ready to eat. Another hesitation we always consider is how food delivery service apps tend to charge a high percentage of restaurants' profits. Therefore, picking up food directly at the restaurant would be the ultimate way for us to support our local businesses. But really, no one can deny the convenience of delivery services. When we found out about @feastintogether, we were really impressed by their services as well as their mission statement of supporting local food makers. Feastin offers delivery service for meals and groceries from amazing restaurants and purveyors across the Bay Area. The amazing thing here is they charge 0% commission to restaurants. So literally it's the best of both worlds where you can get your meals delivered to your doorstep and at the same time truly support local restaurants during this tough time. For this delivery, we decided to go with @kagawaya.udon as we have been craving udon for a while. We are always hesitant to order noodle soup take-out as the noodles always stick together and it really impacts the overall quality. Therefore, I was super impressed with how noodles are carefully packed uncooked, with very detailed cooking instructions. The overall process of heating up and cooking the noodles only took us 15 minutes, with the results being fresh delicious udon. Everything tastes exactly how it used to be when I dined out here almost 2 years ago in the city. Thank you @feastintogether and @kagawaya.udon for this comforting and delicious meal. Highly recommend this service if you’re in the Bay Area.

Flavors of Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year), The Flavor of Home

On the first day of Tết, everyone in our family would come out in our new clothes, gather together to have the first meal of the year together, and start exchanging wishes to one another with the hope for a new year full of health, happiness, and prosperity. Tết is a time when all the family members near or far gathering together to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year with lots of good food, positivity, and for me, it really symbolizes the most beautiful love of all time, family. Vietnamese go all out for food during the Lunar New Year, the must-have items for our family would be Bánh Tét (Sticky Rice with Mung Bean and Pork Belly), Dưa Món (pickled radish), Thịt Kho (Braised Pork and Eggs with Coconut Water), Dưa Giá (Picked Bean Sprouts), Canh Khổ Qua Nhồi Thịt (Bitter Melon Soup). We spent the first day of the Lunar New Year face timing and exchanging New Year’s wish with my family in Vietnam, and I am just glad to see all of them staying healthy and safe during this tough time.

If you have followed us for a while, you know how obsessed we are over Thai Boat Noodles. In fact, we are still on the hunt for the best Guay Tiew Reua in the Bay Area. And so far, no place has beaten Zen Yai Thai for this legit bowl of pure satisfaction. Every sip of their thick and bold broth feels like you're actually dining in Thailand. The only place in the US that serves one of the best Boat Noodles that we had is Pure Thai Cookhouse in New York. So if you are located on the East Coast, definitely check out that place out and tell us what you think. And if you're in the Bay Area, check out Zen Yai Thai @zenyaithai in the Tenderloin neighborhood. Besides Thai Boat Noodle, they also offer the most delicious crab fried rice. Let's support our local businesses during this time. Let us know if you have tried this delicious Thai noodle soup before, and what is you go-to spot for this dish?

Out of all the yogurts that Ive tried, I have to say Vietnamese-style yogurt holds a special place in my heart. What makes this different from your regular yogurt is the addition of sweetened condensed milk, which compliments and balances well with the tangy flavor from its natural fermentation. Growing up my mom always forced me to have at least 1 - 2 jars of our homemade yogurt every week to help out my digestive system as well as prevent any pimples (well that's what she claimed). This time I tried making this Vietnamese yogurt in our Instant Pot and it turned out super easy. The yogurt has the perfect texture with sweet, creamy, and very smooth. Don't be intimidated by the idea of making yogurt at home and be on a look out for my recipe coming real soon in our blog. What is your favorite type of yogurt?

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