Christie Ferrari

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Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D. | Dr. C
Normalizing Daily Struggles: Fashion Psychology to Mental Health #DrCsDressForTheMoodYouWant & #DrCsTips

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Anyone else have workout sets that used to fit us once upon a time but maybe no longer do? Or maybe pieces that we keep, not because we like them, but because one day “we may need them.” This is your friendly reminder to DONATE those pieces. Because when it comes to workout clothes, keeping and wearing pieces that don’t fit us or that we don’t like is actually NOT a form of motivation, as some might believe. On the contrary, wearing clothes that we don’t like or feel good in can trigger negative self-talk, anxiety, and stress that can, in turn, make us feel LESS MOTIVATED. The key is to keep clothes -workout or not - that fit us and we feel good in.That will give you the motivation you need! So let’s embrace our bodies because we aren’t supposed to fit into clothes, our clothes are supposed to fit us. Comment the word LINKS and I will dm you a link to this Amazon Workout Set. Xo, Dr. C

Be mine & @longchamp Galentine’s this year ❤️ Super excited that they sent me two matching purses, so we could twin together. One person will receive a new Longchamp Le Pliage Filet Mesh bag XS - multicolor canvas in black/golden #LePliageLurex To join in: 1- Like this post plus this week’s through next Tuesday. 2- Leave a comment with how you’d style it. 3- Tag a friend that may want it too! New tag is a new entry. 10 bonuses - share this post in your stories & tag me in it so I can see it! Will announce on this post on Feb 1st by noon! Xo, Christie

Beau wanted to say hi 👋 Linked these Amazon PJs and a new Valentines Day Haul on stories!

To more moments like these ❤️ @diamondnexus is having a Valentine’s sale up to 50% off through January 23rd and up to 40% off from the 23rd- February 13th and I have a 10% off code that can be stacked on top of the sale: VDAYCHRISTIE10 Wearing 3.72 Carat Round Cut Tennis Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold. Diamond simulants from #DiamondNexus cost up to 90% less than a comparable mined Diamond, are never mined, perform just like a flawless Diamond, and are guaranteed for life to never chip, crack, or discolor. #DiamondNexus #dnvdaygifts #diamondalternative

When was the last time you switched up your makeup look? READ ON for more psychology behind makeup… The New Year can bring a sense of renewal and can serve as a physical reminder to stop and evaluate ourselves: what do we want to improve or stop doing? While we can do this at any point of the year, the new year can act as a tangible reminder to actually go through with it. Wanting to rediscover or reinvent ourselves or find a new look is a popular new year's resolution and doing this via makeup is one way to work on this.   During my pregnancy, which is another time women may want to reinvent themeselves, I wanted to find products that were not only clean and safe to use but would help me achieve the no-makeup makeup look and during this search I found @iliabeauty. The brand is a clean one and uses a combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients to formulate their products. I loved the brand so much I gifted my favorites pieces at my baby shower.  I’m gifting away 4 goodie bags filled with my favorites from the brand, so just leave a comment below if you’d like one and then tag a friend who may want one too!  Xo,  Dr. C

At least one of us is working on our New Year’s resolution 😝. Here’s the secret to actually making a New Years resolution work out. Now whether we made one or not these #DrCsTips will help out with any goal now or in the future. The best goals tend to be SMART: S: it needs to be super specific. M: it needs to be measurable so we know we’ve actually met it! A: it needs to be attainable. It needs to be something realistically that we can achieve. If our goal is to learn to fly a plane in a month yet we’ve never flown we’re only setting ourself up for failure vs working on a goal that we’re already good at but want to get to that next level. R: it needs to be relevant to us. Make sure the goal isn’t for someone else. T: and it needs to be time specific. This way you know when you’ve met your goal! Xo, Dr. C

Mom uniform 😎 New Amazon Workout Haul on stories!

First family selfie 👩‍👦‍👦. Real talk tho: Life with 2 kids has been…READ ON! Here’s what’s helped us so far using my experience as a child psychologist to help us adjust in our newborn bubble! #DrCsTips A new baby is a big adjustment and when a second baby arrives there are even more demands placed on parents. Everything changes in a family dynamic. Routines change. And regressions are super common in toddlers. With that said, I think my answer will change depending on the time of day 🫠. I’m finding mornings to be calmer and evenings to be more chaotic. Things definitely take a lot longer like getting out the door for instance and tag-teaming with your partner isn’t as easy since there are 2 now. We are still working on our new routine and how to get breaks for some downtime. I will say asking for help and not making assumptions has been key in this. Speak up for yourself when you need a break - no one is a mind reader. Also, ask for outside help when you need it. Things are definitely getting easier as each week passes & I know they will continue to once Oliver starts preschool again next week! For Oliver, he’s been so gentle and sweet with the baby (he says hello & goodnight and will even give him a pacifier when he cries) but he ignores Beau most of the time lol. We have seen regressions with his sleep. He used to go to sleep so easily & now he stalls going to bed, likely because he wants alone time and he sees that Beau is still awake. I’ve since increased his bath and book time during his bedtime routine so we get more 1:1 quality time on top of the quality time we give him during the day but we make sure bedtime stays the same so we aren’t reinforcing the stalling. We also have Oliver help us during routines with Beau so he feels included. He’s been doing great and bedtime is getting much better! Adjustment can take a few months so remember to give yourself some Grace. Avoid stressing out (including about messes) because it’s counterproductive. Practice being flexible because things rarely go to plan. You just had a beautiful baby so enjoy this moment, because it goes so fast. Xo, Dr. C

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