Christie Ferrari

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Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D. | Dr. C
Normalizing Daily Struggles: Fashion Psychology to Mental Health #DrCsDressForTheMoodYouWant & #DrCsTips

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SWIPE for BEFORE 👉🏻 Kitchen Transformation! Should I share more of our kitchen?

Our Balloon 🎈🌳 Tree is still up? Should we keep it or deflate it? Also here are 5 tips that helped me while planning Ollie’s 1-year-old party! 1- plan the party around nap time so baby isn’t cranky or sleepy! Ha I tried my best with this one but Oliver decided to shift his nap time to an hour later these days so well he fell asleep during his party lol. If you’re celebrating in the evening, keep babies routine the same just plan presents and dinner first followed by regular bedtime routine. Regarding presents- we are also opening one a day to make sure he’s fully engaged and can appreciate (as much as he can) the gift! 2- Try holding the birthday candle (or use a sparkler) as opposed to putting it on the smash cake (ours was from @ivettesnuttykitchen). I had mine on the cake and Oliver attempted to touch the flame. I swooped in before but he still got upset 😭 that I ruined that fun. Oh and switch the outfit for the smash cake to avoid a big mess. This is also another cute photo opportunity! We had a custom shirt from @sweetolivestreet 3- Remember who the party is for! I made sure to incorporate a crawl zone for the birthday boy and his teeny friends to make sure he had fun. Instead of renting one (quotes were insane, I decided to buy one myself - think cost per use). Can’t get a gym or ball pit? Try adding balls to an enclosed mat and gate. Linked his gym & ball pit in my bio. 4- To avoid big messes and a lot of clean up, we kept the food options simple, we had an amazing charcuterie board by @la_tabula - and a brick oven pizza food truck (but you can also try ordering 🍕 too) and kept drinks in cans (mini champagne cans with straws, beers, water, sodas - all that could be recycled too). 5- Party favors: tried being unique and ordered custom sunglasses 🕶 from @pearlgirl_accessories with each baby’s name. So think what is something that won’t break the bank but could make for a personalized little gift for the attendees? Linked all vendor info & everything we bought for his birthday on

It’s a perfect day for a 🦒🦓 Birthday Party!! 🥳 Celebrating Oliver’s 1st birthday. Crazy to think I have a 1-year-old son! Letters by @alphalitmiami & balloons 🎈 by @maggiecreativedesign | No Mosquitos either thanks to @mosquitoshield.southmiami

Excited for his first birthday party tomorrow 🎂 First up, 12-month-old check up! While we used to be off the charts in growth we are finally trending towards 10% now! Huge progress 🙌🏻 Linked my $34 set in stories & come help vote for which outfit I should wear tomorrow!

Unintentionally matching 🤭🦒 $30 Dress linked in stories along with a new TRY ON Haul! We had so much fun celebrating 🥳 Oliver’s birthday, now time to gear up for his first birthday party this weekend!!

Are you back to dressing up again or would you say your style has stayed relatively the same the last year? It’s been so much fun playing dress up this past week! I’ve spoken over the last few years that fashion is more than something “superficial” and can not only serve as an outlet to communicate (without having to talk) to others how we want to express ourselves but that it can also influence how we think and feel (research has been done on this, always happy to chat more on the topic). So since it’s Saturday, I wanted to use this post to be a reminder to not only dress for a special occasion but even if you’re staying in! Have fun dressing up - after all, dressing up is a really quick MOOD BOOST! Try it. P.S. that’s a wrap on NYFW content and back to regular programming. Today, Oliver has his first 2 birthday parties! Help us pick out what to wear on stories! Xo, Dr. C #DrCsDressForTheMoodYouWant

If Friday were a piece of clothing, it’d be this skirt! It just feels celebratory, playful, and put together. What would yours be? #DrCsDressForTheMoodYouWant Skirt: @zimmermann Top: @cinqasept from @shoplx Glasses: @lanvin from @marchoneyewear Bag: @gabrielahearst

Star sunglasses? ⭐️ Yay or nay? I say yay, they’re fun, relaxed, and whimsical. If you liked the ❤️ 🕶 trend then this one is for you! After all don’t we all deserve a star for making it through a weird year? Linked designer & a look for less pairs in stories! Dress: @cinqasept available at @studiolx @shoplx

Which #NYFW look is your favorite? 1-4? It’s that time of the year again! This year I’ll be attending digitally and it honestly still feels weird not to be back in my NYC apt but with the baby I’m still trying to be cautious. Super excited to share the looks I picked out along with some of my favorites from the shows over the next few days here & on stories, hope you like them! #nyfw2021

Letting my hair GROW OUT won! 💇🏼‍♀️Thanks for the hair advice. Was so close to chopping it back off for Fall! Hair by @aveda at @detlevsalon @hair_by_jamieb | Shampoo & Conditioner used: the Nutriplenish line #hairbyaveda #avedapartner

Last Sunday of Summer mood 🏄 New Try on Haul - some of the cutest Fall finds I’ve found yet & then off to get my nails done! What are you up to today?

Going live Tuesday & Wednesday on my Amazon Live Channel at 1pm EST! It’s a beauty haul & I have 25-30% off PROMO CODES for each item!! Plus I have a surprise for one lucky watcher! Will share a link in my bio before I go live. Xo

Not so sure if I’m ready for FALL yet! But my first Fall Haul is on stories, including this cute dress! Come join me!

SWIPE ▶️ FOR BEFORE of this space! Can’t wait to put a Christmas 🎄 in that nook. I’m calling it my Christmas tree window lol. Just not sure what to do with the space the other 11 months of the year. We also plan on adding on another piece to our couch sectional now that we have a bigger space. What else would you do here?

1 of these 4 reasons is why Tantrums or problematic behavior happen! #DrCsTips back to school 🏫 post, Keep reading.. Do you have a little one in school? It’s back to school here in Miami and while some might enjoy smooth sailing, others see certain behaviors pop up - whether that is immediately or in a few days. And of course these also likely happen at home too! Most behaviors have a purpose or a function as to why they happen. That means problematic behavior regardless of age happens because it allows your child to “get something.” In order to stop 🛑 that behavior we have to figure out what the purpose of that behavior is so we can then find an alternative or replacement so they can still meet their needs. Here are the 4 main functions of behavior: 1-Attention. It happens because they get attention & even negative attention (I.e., yelling) counts! 2-Escape. It happens because they get out of having to do something or even avoiding a person (I.e., misbehaves in class to avoid having to stay in class; doesn’t want to go to school so they can avoid a classmate). 3-Tangible object. It happens because it helps them get access to something they wanted (I.e., meltdown so they can get the candy they wanted so it stops). 4- Sensory. It happens because it feels good to the senses or to avoid a distressing sensation (I.e., covering ears for loud noises). Not sure what could be going on? Leave your example below ⬇️. Xo, Dr. C Links to our outfits in stories!

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