Christie Ferrari

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Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D. | Dr. C
Normalizing Daily Struggles: Fashion Psychology to Mental Health #DrCsDressForTheMoodYouWant & #DrCsTips

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What is your go to soothing strategy for your baby? #AventPartner Today, let’s chat fussy behavior & #drcstips to address them 👇🏻 While I initially may have purchased these @philipsavent soothie snuggles to complement Oliver’s animal themed nursery décor, they can be used multiple ways to help with fussy behavior! #MomsGetReal Here’s how: Tip 1: As distraction - babies have a super short attention span so distraction is amazing. The soothie snuggle can serve as a temporary distraction when babies get upset. The fact that there’s also an animal attached to the soothie can add another layer of distraction since you can play with it. Tip 2: They’re soothing- Babies find sucking to be very soothing. This picture was taken after his recent pediatricians visit and he always tends to get upset after vaccines - appropriately so. Tip 3: They can also be a lovey - the fact that the soothie is attached to an animal means it can also be a lovey - or something that can provide comfort to a baby. Oliver is so obsessed with his, I had to buy multiple! Xo, Dr. C

Get in we’re going Amazon PRIME DAY shopping on stories! Sharing my favorite deals over the next 48 hours on stories and going live at noon today and 9pm EST on my Amazon Live! I’ll be having a special Giveaway today and tomorrow too so come join me (link will be shared in bio) Xo

Before & How it’s going! 🏡 What do you think? We wanted to go for a white, pink, & green palette. I’m loving where we are at but I’m thinking a pretty awning over the upstairs window could look nice? Come help me pick one out on stories! We also just put more orchids on our trees (see last video). Plants: White Begonias, White Alocacias, and Pink Bougainvilleas, White Phalaenopsis orchids

Any ideas on what I should get Alex for his first Father’s Day? 👨🏻‍🍼 Alex & I will be sharing gift ideas on my Amazon Live (link in stories) tonight at 9pm EST!

I was featured in & interviewed by The Wall Street Journal 🤭 for #DrCsDressForTheMoodYouWant Pinch me! I spoke to the psychology of dressing up post lockdown. Swipe to check out the article. So are you team casual still or back to dressing up?

Our garden 🪴 is finally coming together! Try On Haul over on stories (along with a link to this @poupettestbarth dress) plus some of my favorite picnic 🧺 picks! Also safe to say Oliver is teething, couldn’t get a picture without his hand in his mouth lol

I never have enough time in the day to do all that I want! Who can relate? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Today’s #drcstips features one tip that has been so helpful for me & how my @philipsavent new hands free double electric breast pump has honestly helped me take back my day! Tip 1: write down a daily schedule & identify what is taking up the most time. Then once the most time-consuming tasks have been identified, see if any, can be cut down to be made more efficient. For me, I have always found pumping to be such a time waster since I couldn’t multitask until recently. Over the past few months I had trialed two different pumps before finding my new Philips Avent one. The prior two, I found either too difficult to figure out (one, I honestly felt like I was lucky if I got it to work right & it was a pricey one too) and the other was frankly so big that even though it was cordless, I simply couldn’t walk around freely and get anything done. But they say “third time’s the charm” right? Philips Avent recently introduced a hands-free double electric pump that has been amazing, here’s why: -It has a quiet motor so it is super discreet! -Comes with a rechargeable battery & lasts up to three sessions on a single charge. So if forgetting to charge after each use is an issue then that worry is gone! -It has 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels for a personalized experience. Oh & it’s hands-free (comes with a pumping belt, pouch, & travel bag) so we can simultaneously do the million other things we have to get done including but not limited: -doing the dishwasher -laundry -cleaning the floors -packing -putting on makeup -blow drying my hair -work emails The list goes on! Oh and this is what WFH really looks like with a baby! Who else is with me? Xo, Dr. C #MomsGetReal #AventPartner

Shorter or longer for summer? I’ve been trying to grow my hair out but I’m still torn... what do you think? Fresh color and cut at @aveda salon @detlevsalon by @hair_by_jamieb 💇🏼‍♀️ #avedapartner | As for shampoo & conditioner, I’ll be using Aveda’s Blonde Revival for post hair apt care (reawakens salon fresh blonde, restores smoothness, revives softness, & is 100% vegan).

Here’s 1 more reason to drink water... It can actually improve your mood 💧Even just the slightest dehydration can affect your ability to think clearly & your mood. Recently I’ve been hydrating with @drinkbodyarmor Sport Water because it has Alkaline pH 9+ and electrolytes. Available at @winndixie #MadeForMore

Swipe to see what Oliver was up to today for Memorial Day 🇺🇸 And special thank you to the brave men & women who have sacrificed their lives for this country we call home 🙏❤️.

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