Sid Burris

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I work for an online social media based business which is Monat, I as a few other women in the business own this business. Monat is an anti-aging vegan hair and skincare products, so it’s animal cruelty free!! I’ve been working in the business for four weeks and three days now, so still kinda brand new to the whole thing. My customer base isn’t there but I’m learning how to go about getting one!! But I’m doing this to educate people about self love and about what being natural truly is!!

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I also did my family’s hair as well, guys throwback all the way, my beautiful cousin, my older sister, and one of my little sister’s!! The last one is of my little sister(I was practicing how to do the feed in method!! Still don’t know how to do it but YouTube is still teaching me 🤓🤓) #throwback #familyphotography #myworld #naturalhair #natuaralbeauty #firsttimeforeverything #family #timeflies

Suffering with being bipolar and sometimes getting depressed is a real struggle; but then when I put on my wolf shirt that my little sister gave me to remember her by, then I’m better cause I’ll be the alpha to my business!! I’m laughing 😂 😂 right now just thinking about her telling me that she’d look way better in this exact shirt!! But that’s what I love ❤️ about my family/friends they always know how to cheer me up. Now it’s my other half’s turn🤣🤪 Yes we have our ups and downs; but when we master one another and this business, everyone that told us no or don’t waste your time with lots of negativity better watch out!! Cause the last picture is of an ALPHA QUEEN and her KING is going to always be by her side🔥🔥 P.S( I gotta take a picture of him in this shirt, so stay tuned😂😂) #confidence #alpha #depression #bipolar #queenandking #bossbabe #watchout #powercouple #wolf #memories #bold #naturalhair

Ya girl got herself a website now!! It’s official, one more step into making money moves with my business!!🤩🤩 Do guys click the link in my bio if you wanna check it out and if you find anything on there beneficial don’t hesitate to use it!! But my boyfriend made one with me as well🤪🤪🥰🥰 #buisnesswoman #website #finally #onemorestep #allmostthere

😂😂 this is by far one of the cutest things ever !!🥰🥰 I wish I could be up there with Cooper, but I know he had fun. It took awhile for me to take this picture; because I believe that the puppy baby is camera shy But with that being said, at least I have a really fun picture with two of my favorite guys together having fun😍🥰 #toocute #animals #dogdad #friendsforever #funtimes #myfavoriteguys #goodvibes #naturalhair

He’s the cutest thing in the world, he’s like a baby and brings joy to everyone around him!! I call him my Cooper puppy baby or just puppy baby🥰🥰 #animals #toocute #puppy #joy

I love it when we can do this for one another 🥰🥰 spending time with him, his family and my friends is so worth it when you’re able to work from home, and also get home early like around 2pm and sometimes 4pm!! I love every moment with him, even the bad😂😂 Yo no le pediría nada mejor, porque él me trajo a ti y eso es más que suficiente para mí. #workfromhome #couplegoals #cookingathome #momentslikethese #goodvibes #breakfast #funnymoments #caughtoffguard #miamor #blessed #thankful #togetherforever

Hung out with this lovely breathe of fresh air yesterday!!🥰🥰 Yes we hung out social distancing way, but we still had fun 🤩🤩 Can’t wait to hang out with her again #friendshipgoals #bffs #goodvibes #naturalhair #socialdistancing #hangout

When bae trusts you with scissors ✂️ to cut his hair🥰🥰 That’s right guys I cut his hair and he looks even more sexy and handsome 😍😍 #couplegoals #naturalhair #powercouple #trust #haircut #scissors #newlook #firsttimeforeverything

So this is what a true house night club looks like 😂😱 This is still on Halloween but this part was for the dad since his birthday 🎉 was on this day #nightclub #look #mindblown #halloween #birthday

Feliz Halloween mi fantasma y demonios, espero que todos hayan tenido unas buenas y seguras vacaciones. So I had to take some for the gram😂😂 But I’m going for a afro Latina deadish princess for this look, I’ll be posting the outfit a little later but this is my first time doing a skeleton look!! Let alone half face #happyhalloween #costume #afrolatina #firsttime #ghoul #naturalhair

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