Tayler Silfverduk

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Registered dietitian with a passion for helping people make their gluten-free lives better. I have a non-diet approach and I think it's important all people living gluten-free have a solid base of gluten-free alternatives they can enjoy.

Location Columbus, Ohio
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When I was first diagnosed with celiac I missed out on... 💒 Weddings 🍽 Dinner parties 🧑‍🍳 Celebrations at restaurants 🎂 Birthday parties 🌎 Trips around the world I missed out on these things for the first 5 years of my diagnosis because... No one taught me how to stay celiac-safe and I don’t wish that on anyone else... Which is why I created the Celiac Crash Course to teach you everything you need to know about how to stay celiac safe WITHOUT giving up your social life! 👉 Link is in the bio to learn more... (p.s. the cost of the course is going up after 10/8 so if you want long-term access at the current price, sign up before then!)

Facebook groups are helpful for gluten-free product recommendations, recipe sharing, restaurant recommendations, etc. And they can be a breeding ground for fear-mongering and misinformation... If you're feeling confused and scared of the world and you're ready for simple strategies and clear-cut info to ease your mind... ✨I'll teach you all of the basics of celiac safety so you can trust yourself to stay safe whether you're eating at home, in someone else's home, at a party, in a restaurant, or at an Airbnb...✨ ➕ PLUS I'll give you all of the best tips I've learned from living with celiac disease for over 10 years! 👉 Tap the link in my bio to enroll and get long-term access to the Celiac Crash Course for as long as I'm in business! 😱 P.s. The price of the course goes up in <2 weeks! So be sure to lock in your long-term access now before the cost goes up!

📣 Who's ready for some football? 🏈 But what if it's a spontaneous football party? Spontaneity can feel impossible to manage with celiac so here's my biggest tip: Have a general outline of what you'll do should a spur-of-the-moment party invite arrive... Having a rough plan for these kinds of events can reduce some of the emotional, mental, or social burdens of having to navigate celiac safety last minute. My spontaneous event plan? Call me the QUEEN 👸 of chips and salsa because that's what I'm bringing... And I'll usually just tell my host something like "I'm so excited to hang out, just a heads up that I'm bringing my own chips and salsa so that I have something safe to eat!" ✨ If you want more tips and tricks like this for enjoying social events... I have an ENTIRE module dedicated to social events in the Celiac Crash Course! ✨ We talk about safely attending holiday parties, potlucks, weddings, and more! 👉 The link is in the bio to learn more!

Yeah you could stay home and never get glutened… 💜 Or you could stay celiac-safe AND have a life… It doesn’t have to be one or the other! If you want help staying celiac-safe without sacrificing your social life… I’ll teach you the basics of celiac safety in my ✨ Celiac Crash Course✨ So that you can feel secure in your ability to avoid gluten and cross-contact whether you’re: 🌎 traveling the world 🍽 eating at a restaurant 🎤attending an event 🧑‍🍳 OR cooking a meal at home AND the price of the course is going up on 10/8/2022! So if you want long-term access to clear cut info and strategies that will simplify the rest of your celiac life… Get the course now before the price goes up! 👉 Link is in the bio to enroll! P.s. Long-term access means access to the course and course updates for as long as I’m in business (which is hopefully a SUPER long time!)

📢 You CAN’T kill gluten 📢 When living gluten-free, the only way to manage cross-contact is through prevention or removal. Again, you can’t kill gluten. 👉 For more help with dining out, tap the link in my bio!

Dear fellow celiac, you don't have to apologize for your gluten-free needs. 💜

Are gluten-friendly menus actually safe? I know it's a 🌶 spicy topic but here's the thing... Unless it's a dedicated gluten-free restaurant, what they call the menu literally doesn't matter because you're still going to have to ask questions and make requests... This means verifying your meal is gluten-free and ordering with the proper and specific cross-contact precautions you need. 😬 I know - SUPER uncomfy... I get it I get that it's scary to dine out and we all wish it was as simple as just ordering from a gluten-free menu. ✨ And while I can't make it that easy, I simplify the process into 4-simple steps so that you can feel secure and GREATLY reduce your chances of getting glutened in my Gluten-Free Dining Course.✨ So whether the restaurant has a gluten-free, gluten-friendly, or regular menu... you can stay calm and collected while ordering a safe gluten-free meal. Sound good to you? 👉 Tap the link in my bio to enroll in the Gluten-free Dining Course today!

Dining out with celiac disease can be overwhelming... So overwhelming that it can elicit a trauma response as your body's way of trying to protect you from all the stress. 🧐 So how can we overcome this? There are a few important factors to managing the trauma responses from dining out while gluten-free: 👉 First, allowing yourself to grieve (that last thing we need are unprocessed emotions adding to the overwhelm) 👉 Second, easing yourself into it. (Basically - don't jump off the deep ends an expect to know how to swim if you've never taken swimming lessons) Want help with learning how to stay as safe and as calm as possible when dining out? ✨ Learn my SIMPLE 4-step method I use and teach all of my clients to help them stay as safe as possible in restaurants ✨ Plus each step comes with a detailed guide to help you practice and EASE yourself into it so that you are as comfortable as possible every step of the way. 👉 The link is in my bio to learn more!

Dining out with celiac disease is hard and it's possible... Grieve the changes and new challenges but don't get stuck in the grief! ✨It is possible to dine out at restaurants and stay celiac-safe.✨ I remind you of this because you deserve to build beautiful memories at restaurants with friends and family too - even if that dining out looks different for you. Want help with dining out? In my Gluten-Free Dining Course I'll teach you the 4-step method I use that minimizes my stress and makes it so that I rarely get glutened! 👉 Tap the link in my bio to learn how to dine out safely too!

Have you fallen into a gluten-free snack rut? 🧐 Here are 3 fall-inspired wraps that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you full! 🍎 Apple Pie Wrap 🍫 S'mores Wrap 🎃 Pumpkin Pie Wrap The best part about these wraps? You can easily boost flavor and protein with them by using egglife sweet cinnamon egg white wraps! The sweet cinnamon egglife egg white wraps are perfect for adding a hint of sweetness (from monk fruit) for fall! If you've never heard of egglife, you've got to go try them ASAP! They're the perfect gluten-free wrap to make snacks and lunches with, because they don't tear easily AND they add protein to your meal to help boost fullness! ✨ Available nationally at Aldi, Sam's Club, and Target stores, you've got to go grab some egglife wraps today!✨ P.s. What's your FAVE fall-inspired wrap or snack combo? Let me know in the comments! #egglifegoodlife @egglifefoods and @therdlink

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