Catherine Lenci

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I am self-employed… I love to shop,get freebies,samples.I am a youtube vlogger as well as a blogger…

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Happy Happy New Years everyone...hope your 2020 is amazing and everything you hope it to be... #jimmiejohnson #momscheckeredflagfoundation #48 #allyracing #hendrickmotorsports

Watching @edhenrytv @foxnews @foxnewssunday @foxnewsphotos @Foxsnews #foxnewschannel #edhenry #foxnewssunday

Today is a very busy day here but it’s a good kind of busy...but wanted to acknowledge this today because 3 years ago today I got the call that was the day that turned my life around and not for the good...I got the called that my mom was rushed to the hospital because she had 2 MASSIVE life threatening...debilitating strokes...I didn’t know the circumstances of how it happened until AFTER my mom passed away and this is the FIRST time talking about this...My mother’s home was raided by the New York Police Department at 6am and they were looking for someone who I shall leave nameless but I am sure you know mom was scared and frightened and didn’t know what to do...they wanted that person and arrested them on the spot (and was booked and charged and in prison until he was bailed out I think a few days later) when he was found in the home hiding and my mom pleaded with them not to do this but they did it anyway for reasons he deserved and don’t feel sorry for him on they took him and my mom started showing signs of distress while the NYPD officers were with her in her bedroom questioning her about things...and my mom refused to go to the hospital and called the neighbor to come over to try and calm her down and as everyone left the one police officer stayed with my mom over 2 hours for the neighbor to get up and dressed because he didn’t want to leave her alone...after the neighbor got there she was able to convince my mom something was wrong and she needed to go to the hospital by ambulance and got the results that confirmed she did have not one stroke but now you know the events that unfolded THAT day...I am sorry it took me this long to talk about it but it’s out and now everybody knows...this will obviously be a day I will never forget along with the day my mom passed away... #Jimmie Johnson #NASCAR #Ally #Hendrick Motorsports #UCP of Long Island #United Cerebral Palsy #momscheckeredflagfoundation

The MANY faces of @edhenrytv @foxnews filling in for @marthamaccallum

Are you stumped on a gift to get you or someone for a birthday,anniversary or Christmas which is quickly approaching why not go to: And use the code: CATHERINELENCI20 For my special 20% off brand ambassador code on ANYTHING on the website... Thank you❤️ #puravida #puravidabracelets @puravidabracelets

Thank you Ed Henry #edhenry #foxnews #foxnewschannel

In HONOR of my beautiful mom who I LOVE and MISS so’s World Stroke Day 2019....more than words can say!!!....I am blessed beyond words that I was your daughter for 49 years!! Mom’s Checkered Flag Foundation NASCAR Hendrick Motorsports Jimmie Johnson Ally United Cerebral Palsy UCP of Long Island #worldstrokeday2019 #mom #missyou #loveyou #needyou #wantyoubackinthislife #momfor49years

Thank you so much Bonnie from Bolderbon...totally LOVE!!! #planneraddict #planning #stickerbooks #stickers #plannercommunity

#jimmiejohnson #nascar #hendrickmotorsports #momscheckeredflagfoundation #ally #allyracing #daytonainternationalspeedway

72 years ago today a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed baby was born.Because she was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, she lost a lot of oxygen to her brain and she was given little to no chance that she was going live past 24 hours. My grandparents were soon given the devastating news that because she lost oxygen to her brain that she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, then they were told she wouldn’t live past 10 years old, wouldn’t go to school or get a high school diploma, live to see 21 years old, get married, or have a child (I was her miracle child), well guess what she defied every thing her doctors told her and my grandparents and did everything she was told she couldn’t do and more. The more she was told she couldn’t do something the more she pushed that she could. She would not take no for an answer. She walked,talked,went to @St. Thomas Aquinas in Brooklyn, New York, the same grammar school as me for 8 years. She went to Stella Maris High School in Rockaway,New York, the same high school as me for 4 years. (I even had some of her teachers that seemed strange at the time but today it feels like an honor). She even went to her high school prom in a beautiful blue dress. She worked for JCPenney while working in there she became pen pals with my dad who was in the Vietnam War at the time. The two of them dated until they got married on May 17, 1969 and she continued to work until I was born on April 6, 1970.She even out lived my dad by 14 years. As if you didn’t know who I am talking about it is my beautiful and loving mother, I miss celebrating the last 2 years to a day she greatly deserved. What people don’t know is she single handled took care of me growing up because my dad was working a lot,there were many days that I gave her a hard time about things and yes I was a brat for 47 years and counting...she had been my protector and best friend...she had given me the insight and ability to care for others who need help more than me...she loved me more than anyone one else has... #jimmiejohnson #ally #allyracing #hendrickmotorsports #ucp #unitedcerebralpalsy #nascar

Happy Happy Anniversary to my absolute favorite Youtube Family... Chris and Sarah Ingham...May your love grow more and more as each and every second,minute and hour of the day and to years and years to come... Much love always from Catherine Elizabeth on Youtube from New York💕 Hope you have something AMAZING and AWESOME planned!!!

WTG Charles...sorry the video is sideways... #jimmiejohnson #nascar #hendrickmotorsports #allyracing #ucp #ucpny #unitedcerebralpalsyofny #unitedcerebralpalsy

In honor of my mom Mom’s Checkered Flag Foundation 🏁🌟Mom’s Checkered Flag Foundation🌟🏁 #worldcpday #worldcerebralpalsyday #JimmieJohnson #nascar #hendrickmotorsports #allybankracing #48 Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Hendrick Motorsports World CP Day United Cerebral Palsy

Thank you Bonnie!!!

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