Carlee Campos

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Member Since NOVEMBER 22, 2019
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There are none. And yes, that’s my placenta. It’s still in my freezer if you wanna come by for smoothies. • • • • • • • • • • @freebirthsociety #womenownbirth #freebirth #freebirthbaby #birthautonomy #wildpregnancy #wildlregnancyfreebirth #radicalbirth #homebirth #homebirthmama #catchthebaby #reclaimbirth #sovreignbirth #thefourthtrimester

Here’s what the inside of my head looks like. And for the record, it’s probably a bit of both. 🤷‍♀️

My dm’s after Tove’s birth: “omg that’s so dangerous” “you’re lucky you’re both still alive” “why” “there’s no trophy for that” and the always popular “my baby would’ve died if it had been born at home” 😅 • • • • • • • • #freebirth #freebirthsociety #wildpregnancy #womenownbirth #businessofbeingborn #maidentomother #unmedicatedbirth #homebirth #homebirthing #homebirthbaby #motherledbirth #wildbirth #wildchildren #crunchymama #livewildbirthfree

This will probably be my favorite memory forever. 🥲 (Also I cried while making this it’s fine) • • • • • • • • • #freebirth #catchthebaby #womenownbirth #fourthtrimester #homebirth #wildpregnancy #motherhoodrising #motherbaby #postpartum #freebirthsociety #freebirthbaby #radicalbirth #thebirthpartner #chickadeesaff2023

Go watch this reel trend if you need a good cry 🥲

Somebody put me in soft jammies and carry me around all day, you know?

Baby GIRL! Tove Tempest born August 14th at 5:13pm 10 pounds, 3 ounces • 21” Tove (rhymes with cove) is Hebrew for ‘goodness of God’ and Tempest we just thought was cool, but it means storm, and she really earned her name with an absolute firewalk of a labor. ⛈ We know our little baby will see the meaning of her name over and over in her life. Welcome to the world baby Tove. 👶🏻 Also.. FOUR DAUGHTERS!!! How did we get so blessed? 🥲

Earlier this evening we freebirthed a 10 pound, 3 ounce baby in our bedroom doorway. 17 days overdue and healthy as a horse. A big horse. Mama needs a nap. More details tomorrow when I can think straight. 🥰

Happy 1st birthday to our babiest girl, Beauie Milan. She’s the wildest one yet and that’s saying a lot. 😅 She’s getting 4 teeth all at once, pulling herself up to stand, and getting ready to be a big sister so soon. Here’s all her current favs: 🍊🍉🍳🍫🥩🍝🍦🌞🐶👨🏻💋

This is my current favorite reel trend 😂

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