Rays of SunshineJAM

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I am a Christian blogger, Cytotechnologist, and a health and wellness independent consultant. I love sharing verses of the day, messages that God has given me, and educating about known health topics. My heart is to encourage and inspire as many people that I can reach and to provide a listening ear and gentle heart. I love making others laugh and smile. I would love to represent a Christian brand that is striving to inspire and uplift others.

Location Pinson, Alabama
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SEEKING Volunteers I am seeking a few volunteers that would not mind completing a survey for me to better serve you and others. The link is in my bio. Thanks in advance for your time. God bless!!! ♡Rays of SunshineJAM ♡

What song or songs are you currently listening to for encouragement or inspiration? Drop a link below or let me know the artist/artists and title. Mine is below in the comments

What is your definition of encouragement? What does it mean to be encouraged? Are you seeking encouragement or inspiration? The mission of this collection is to encourage and inspire Christian men and women by reminding them of whom GOD says they are. This collection and my business were birthed during the current trying season that we are going through with health struggles. I love to encourage and bring a smile to others faces. It has not and still is not always easy for me to encourage myself, but I find encouragement when I am encouraging others. Drop your definition of encouragement below. Check out my website and shop: www.raysofsunshinejam.com God bless!!! ♡Rays of SunshineJAM ♡

The other day at work, I was talking with one of the sweet ladies that I used to get a daily hug from about all that has been going on. I told her about my bad day last Wednesday, updated her on my husband and my health, and told her about my new business venture, (more details coming soon). During our talk, I mentioned that I asked for scriptures that others use for encouragement and she said I have my favorite scripture at my desk, I will make a copy for you. This scripture above was given to me it is everything in a nutshell. My favorite part is the last verse, "GOD will take care of me". I pray this scripture blesses you!!! Let me know your thoughts. God bless!!! ♡Rays of SunshineJAM ♡

As I was updating everyone on my husband's condition on yesterday, I was asked a few questions: "How are you doing?" and "Do you have any scriptures that you meditate on?" Let me back track, I took my husband to the emergency room on yesterday because his blood sugar was too low and he is diabetic. He is recovering from a stroke that was diagnosed on June 10th. There has also been issues going on with me with my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and the process of changing medicine. It has been a journey with being a caregiver, wife, mom, and working during all of this. The answer to those questions that I mentioned was answered at first with hesitancy then I was just brutally honest. I was not doing well with everything that was and has been going on. This answer was followed with the second question by a few people. I responded that I need to have more scriptures memorized and to cover me in hard times. I am working on my list and wanted to know what scriptures do you go to for encouragement. Let me know in the comments or by DM. God bless!!! ♡Rays of SunshineJAM ♡

We all need encouragement and a reminder of who GOD says we are. This shirt was created while I am still going through trials and tribulations but my purpose is to keep others encouraged. I love encouraging others and this also encourages me. Anyone else need encouragement? Drop a comment below or DM me and we can encourage one another.

So much has been going on in my life lately good and not so good, but the good outweighs the bad. On June 10th, my husband suffered a mild stroke and is recovering well. On July 21st, my MRI revealed that I had three new lesions on my brain showing that my MS had some progression. As of today, we are still facing some uncertainties with my husband's vision, he will be undergoing a stress test, and I will be changing MS medication. Through all of this GOD has helped me to really see my purpose, to encourage others. I have always had a hard time encouraging myself but have been very good with encouraging others. During this season, that my family is going through I joined the @godlywoodgirl School of Business and have discovered my purpose as a Christian entrepreneur. GOD and all that HE has placed in my path have told me to BE ENCOURAGED. This birthed my new tshirt collection and now the official start of my Christian business. I never thought I could do any of this, represent a brand of my own while serving GOD. Thank you GOD for giving me this confidence and Phillip and Stephanie for your support. Stay tuned!!! GOD is on the move!!! ♡Rays of SunshineJAM♡ I love you!!! God bless!!!

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