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FluentialTV.com is a very inexpensive and unique way to reach a broad Television audience. We reach an International audience of over 1 Million viewers on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and connected TV platforms like Android and SBTV. Please visit www.Moviesplus.org for info/links to our partner channels TMN, Movies Plus and more…

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If you’re new to Moviesplus, please take a moment to find the content that you would like to watch or read about via the “SEARCH” feature (or You’ll find allot of Sci-Fi, Action, Drama, and Comedy movies and TV shows reviewed here with FREE VIDEO programs including rare clips and more. You’ll also find hints and tips for filmmaker’s and interesting articles about Filmmaking. n’t forget to comment/feedback so that we may tune this blog with more articles and videos to meet your specific interests.

New Star Trek prequel takes us back to a time before Kirk.

Because Kenny shot the film before the Star Trek owners (CBS/Paramount) changed their Fan Film Guidelines, he was able to use SAG actors without infringing on Star Trek. So really, if you are familiar with the Studio’s Fan Film Guidelines, you might think that Kenny was kind of pushing the limits of what the studio had in mind for fan-made Trek films 5 years ago, and again today. Paramount’s favorite son James Cawley produced a number of Star Trek movies under the Star Trek “New Voyages” and “Phase II” banner, and these involved the use of Cawley’s 9,000 foot Star Trek studio (a duplicate to the 1967 Desilu Trek studio.) Also an indie-production/studio known as “Renegades” (featuring Tim Russ* of Star Trek Voyager) produced Star Trek films with stars like Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.)

Film Festival offers a Cure for common Cold, and it’s related to baldness.

The channel, called Movies Plus, is currently available for free on Amazon Fire TV devices, and coming soon to Roku. …A film/TV producer may screen their movie, TV, or webisode for free on the Movies Plus channel…the results are miraculous!” Dean further says to PM him on Facebook or Tweet him for more information; or simply read the rest of this blurb… Some filmmakers feature a PayPal Donation button, some offer a special DVD via Amazon Create or CD Baby, and they sell ancillary products like T-shirts and Coffee Mugs via Cafe Press. It’s the perfect way to create publicity and leverage ones work without being tied to a distributor… Check out our free TV-Channels here or if you’re ready to broadcast your content on TV visit our partner FluentialTV.com

Movies Plus is #20 in Amazon’s Top Paid Apps

When a customer takes the time to write a letter and send it to a company, that letter represents 10,000 other consumers who did-not take the time to send a letter, but feel the same way. I hope you take notice of the number of ratings that my Movies Plus channel has. That says that hundreds of thousands of people have taken the time to leave a rating and/or comment and review the Movies Plus channel. That’s a positive number of ratings for a “positive” channel.

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