Buying Seafood

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Buying Seafood is committed to providing information for consumers looking for the best seafood. We provide species information, suggestions, recipes, product reviews and much more.

After spending my early life in the Gloucester fishing industry, I wanted to combine all this experience with my love of writing to share what I know about seafood. The days of getting free fish from the family boat are gone so now I share my seafood experiences to make readers better informed about what they are buying.

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Pemaquid Mussels: Rope-Cultured Mussels From Maine

Recently I was contacted by a sales rep for Pemaquid Mussel Farms, a Maine company that specializes in cultured, rope-grown mussels. Founded by Carter Newell in 2007, Pemaquid Mussel Farms grows high-quality, rope cultured blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) along the coast of Maine using sustainable and innovative aquaculture techniques. Pemaquid Mussel Farms scores high in my book for their commitment to Bucksport, Maine. There is no doubt that the industry is changing and former Maine commercial fishermen have been hired by Pemaquid Mussel Farms to work the seafarms.

Iceland Catch Cod Livornese Style

Like their Haddock Fillet Portions, Iceland Catch Cod can currently be found at Market Basket Supermarkets here in New England. I asked around some of my family members and friends, most of them involved someway with our local fishing industry and they fall into two camps: Either they like haddock much better than cod, or they can’t tell the difference! Like their haddock fillets, the Iceland Catch Cod is line-caught in an MSC-certified sustainable fishery and quickly processed in their state of the art facility. Much like their haddock, Iceland Catch Cod is a high quality frozen seafood product.

Haddock Fillets From Iceland Catch: Seafood Review

Not too long ago, while I attempted a quick run to Market Basket, I noticed a new line of frozen fish in the seafood section: Haddock and cod from Iceland. I like that the packaging is not cluttered up with busy graphics or unnecessary marketing text, but I think Iceland Catch should mention their fish is line-caught somewhere on the back. Generally speaking, line-caught fish tend to be in better condition than fish caught in gill or trawl nets and is something that many seafood consumers seek and pay a premium for. I feel that Iceland Catch Haddock is a good choice for anyone looking for a high quality, convenient and sustainably caught source of frozen fish.

Fluke From Red’s Best

This time it’s summer flounder, better known as fluke where I’m from. Summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) is a fast growing left-eyed flounder found along the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to Florida. Like most flatfish, summer flounder is an ambush predator, hiding in the sand and using their natural camouflage (color changing skin) to hide from both their prey and larger predators like sharks. According to NOAA’s 2019 stock assessment, summer flounder is not overfished, with current fishing pressure at manageable levels and a population that has recovered from overfishing in the 1980’s.

I took some @thebetterfish barramundi straight from the freezer and roasted it with #mandarinorange and herbed butter. Restaurant flavor for a weeknight dinner. #barramundi #cookfromfrozen #asianseabass #responsibleaquaculture #buyingseafood #weeknightdinner #seafood #30minutemeals

Take a look at this excellent center-cut #barramundi from @thebetterfish It came out perfect and was topped with a ginger and citrus sauce. 🍊🍋🍈 Get the recipe and learn where to fund these special cuts over on the blog! #buyingseafood #australis #panseared #seabass #aquaculturedoneright #fishrecipes

Pan seared #bluefintuna with basil-mint #pesto along with a refreshing cucumber and watermelon salad. #gloucesterseafood #wildcaught #steveconnollyseafood

This linguine with #whiteclamsauce from #causewayrestaurant was more than enough for two people! #gloucesterseafood #takeout #causewayrestaurantgloucester #hugeportions

My first #dragonroll from @minglewoodharborside was excellent and certainly not my last. A couple of extra #unagi was the icing on the cake. 🍣 #sushi #maki #nigiri #gloucester #waterfrontdining

Thanks to the amazing #organic fertilizer from @neptunesharvest I am starting to understand why old Italian guys spend so much time in the garden! Can't wait for those first tomatoes to go with all the basil, lettuce and chard. 🍅 #organicgardening #fishtofertilizer #oceancrest #neptunesharvest #dontworryitsgurry

Bravo @tonnogloucester for this magnificent #tuna and white bean dinner. I can't wait to try you guys again, this took me back to my travels in #italy when I couldn't afford such luxuries🤣 - I have to save the last #arancino to go with my #rigatoni and #sugo for tomorrow. Thank you!

When it comes to #seafood blogs, I must have the fewest lobster roll pics on the web. Tonight I had a craving and Charlies Place, a locals favorite answerd the call. 🦞 #lobster #lobsterroll #buyingseafood #gloucesterseafood #supportlocalrestaurants

I got some fresh #greysole brought in by @nismo1058 and the F/V Midnight Sun thanks to #fishermanswharfgloucester and #minglewoodharborside convenient #curbsidepickup ---- Butter, lemon, limes and a ton of herbs, finally a #seafood recipe that I didnt smother in #breadcrumbs --- The full review coming soon...#buyingseafood

The #friedcalamari from the #causewayrestaurant was so big I wonder: Did they fry up a #squid or a baby #kraken 🤣🦑

Took advantage of @eclecticclam #no-contact delivery service for #capeann this past weekend. Their #stuffedclams are delicous and satisfying enough to be more than just an #appetizer - Check out my review - LINK IN BIO - and then go to their website and see when they will deliver to your area! #seafooddelivery #hardshellclams #cherrystones #stuffies #seafood #localseafood #clams

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