Buying Seafood

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Buying Seafood is committed to providing information for consumers looking for the best seafood. We provide species information, suggestions, recipes, product reviews and much more.

After spending my early life in the Gloucester fishing industry, I wanted to combine all this experience with my love of writing to share what I know about seafood. The days of getting free fish from the family boat are gone so now I share my seafood experiences to make readers better informed about what they are buying.

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I got #comfortfood for days with this #casserole made from leftover #chicken #cannedvegetables tons of #cheese and @maruchan_inc ramen! --- Thats right I learned that #instantramen is awesome in casseroles thanks to a video @altonbrown made a while back. #notseafood #caloriedense

Gloucester Fresh Halibut With Herb Topping

n’t buy the fish, which mean the fishermen won’t catch the fish. Steve Connolly Seafood on the Gloucester waterfront is part of the Gloucester Fresh program and unlike the meat counter at the local supermarket, their supply comes straight off the boats. When I opened the package I noticed I got one fillet from the top of the halibut (the dark skin) and one fillet from the belly (the white skin). The “whites” got the best price, next were “yellows” for fish that did not have pure white skin.

I took the advice of our mayor @sefi62 and got some #gloucesterfresh #halibut I roasted it with an herb topping, served with mushrooms and tomatoes sauteed in butter and dry #vermouth #localseafood #supportourfishermen #wildcaught

Baked Scrod Haddock With Creamy Dill Sauce

Cookie” didn’t have to risk his life in a dory hauling in cod, but he worked just as hard keeping morale up in an industry where nobody got more than a couple hours of sleep. Speaking of supermarkets, on my last visit the meat counter was barren, but there was still plenty of seafood options, especially in the frozen section. Whether you have access to fresh caught seafood like me, or frozen fish at the supermarket, don’t forget to venture beyond the wasteland of the middle aisles and check out the seafood counter or frozen aisle to find haddock or a comparable mild white fish like cod, pollock or flounder. My father-in-law dropped off four fillets of scrod haddock, fresh off the boat down at Steve Connolly’s on the Gloucester waterfront.

Got this big plate of fried #haddock for lunch from @anchorpub.beverly with Harold Burnham of @schoonerardelle These local watering holes and #divebars often have great seafood, with prices and portions that are hard to beat. Thanks for a fun #workinglunch Harold and Anchor crew! #seafood #towniebar #beverlyma #friedfish

Will Coronavirus Affect Seafood Expo North America 2020?

For the second-straight year will be attending Seafood Expo North America (SENA 2020) in Boston, Massachusetts. Travel restrictions will make a huge impact on China’s representation, which usually makes up nearly 10% of exhibit space during the three-day event starting March 15th. There are still an estimated 1100 companies attending the event and although I was blown away by China’s presence last year, the vast majority of visitors and vendors are from North America. If you plan on attending SENA 2020 in Boston this March, either as a visitor or representing your seafood company, let’s get in touch!

When you go through as much #seafood and #gin as I do, you tend to use a lot of #lemons and #limes Thankfully my new friends over @zulay_kitchen sent me their awesome #lemonlimesqueezer to try out. I can already tell you it's the best one I've ever tried. Do yourself a favor and get one today! #ad #sponsored

Atlantic Halibut From Whole Foods

Whole Foods had previously-frozen Atlantic halibut fillets on sale for $18.99 so Because I did not plan on cooking it that night, I kept the fish wrapped and placed it atop a frozen ice pack and placed it in the back of my refrigerator’s meat drawer. We are decades away from reaching NOAA’s target for the Atlantic halibut biomass, but it looks like we are headed in the right direction. That goes for many other supermarkets as well, Frozen or previously-frozen is not a sign of bad quality, ask any fisherman.

Brought home some Atlantic #halibut from @wholefoods and roasted it with a creamy lemon-herb #pesto I made from basil, parsley, dill and mint. Review and recipe tomorrow on Buying Seafood. Link in bio #roastedhalibut #wildcaught #localseafood #previoslyfrozen #bakedfish #youcouldputthatonanything #seafoodinfluencer #eatfish #eatmoreseafood #seafood #SENA2020

This #superfood gratin of #kale #spinach #broccoli and #tomatoes has no #seafood but has loads of vitamins, antioxidants like #lycopene and plenty of flavor. I love how easy a gratin can come together for a hearty and comforting dinner. I've been making one a week for about a year and it always comes out great. #goatcheesemakeseverythingbetter