Buying Seafood

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Buying Seafood is committed to providing information for consumers looking for the best seafood. We provide species information, suggestions, recipes, product reviews and much more.

After spending my early life in the Gloucester fishing industry, I wanted to combine all this experience with my love of writing to share what I know about seafood. The days of getting free fish from the family boat are gone so now I share my seafood experiences to make readers better informed about what they are buying.

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Alaskan Smoked Salmon From Jerry's Meats & Seafood

I recently got a wonderful gift from a friend of mine: delicious looking, all-natural smoked sockeye salmon shipped from Alaska. My friend Will and his family lived in Juneau for years and swears by the smoked salmon he gets from Jerry’s Meats & Seafood. Some smoked salmon is sweet as candy, and that is fine, but I also like the other route, where you taste more of the natural flavors of the salmon and the choice of wood makes a bigger difference. Whisk eggs, milk and herbs like a typical omelette, then add cream cheese and whisk until incorporated, then added smoked salmon and any add-ins.

Frozen Atlantic Cod Fillets From Whole Foods

I didn’t plan on cooking the codfish at the time, but it’s good to have some backup fish in the freezer. This is a pretty standard New England style baked cod/haddock recipe but with a little added zing by using Mojo Sauce and lots of citrus zest. It’s an idea I came up with when trying to make a Christmas time fish dinner that combines my New England upbringing, with the some of the flavors of my Sicilian heritage. This is a long time to marinate fish, but my assumption is that the mayonnaise and mojo mixture wouldn’t acidic enough to “cook” the fish.

A Gift Of Steamed Clams For Christmas

He came by the Essex Shipbuilding Museum last night for one of our monthly talks…this one about a traditional clamming skiff built by local students…and handed me a enough clams for the wife and I to have a little bit of summer, in the depths of winter. If you visit Cape Ann during the off season, places like Woodman’s and The Village are serving up their famous fried clams and steamers without the lines or summer prices. It’s a great way to satisfy a guilty pleasure while also supporting local business in the slow season. I figure if you steam shellfish in wine, you have to have some garlic, and if you are steaming soft shell Essex clams, then you need an onion in the pot.

Open Blue Cobia: Sear-Roasted With Herb Butter

So I grabbed 4 frozen fillets of Open Blue Cobia, a fish you would otherwise probably not see in a fish market. Then flip the cobia, top the fish with pads of compound butter and place the pan in the oven for about 10-15 minutes depending upon thickness. Stop & Shop has already stated they do not plan to sell larger portions of Open Blue Cobia so perhaps I’ll contact the Company directly. Overall, Open Blue Cobia is a delicious, versatile, white fish that is easy to prepare.