Eryka Spera

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I'm a former teacher, always an educator, mother, wife, fashion lover and foodie. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and like to openly share about this. Being a former teacher I enjoy sharing educational posts on my feed and blog with my followers. Sharing lifestyle posts about being a parent and mother is important to me. I enjoy sharing how moms can work on self care for their physical and mental wellbeing.

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My First Garden & Some Important Things I Learned

Once they spout and grow a bit, I add them to a soil mix in a bigger space or in their final spot, whether that’s the garden or a larger pot. You need to make sure that the soil isn’t too dense and you can loosen it up & fuel the soil by using things such as compost & peat moss. I didn’t want to take up our lawn space, which is why I cleaned up an area on the edge of our woods and lawn. Even if you think gardening isn’t for you, I suggest you try making a spot for a mini raised garden your kids can enjoy.

5 Indoor Rainy Day Activities that are Developmentally Beneficial

They help encourage your child’s mind to create and build on from the images they see on the carpet. We love these play carpets from IVI because the company was started by a mom & let’s be honest, moms & parents in general know best. You can also hide things around the house with a list for them to check off as they find the hidden items. You could create a “treasure map” that looks like a certain room in the house and have them try to follow it for the big X marks the spot.

Tips for Surviving Daily Life with ADHD

Since I have gotten so many questions from you all, I thought it may be beneficial to share my strategies for surviving daily life with adhd on the blog. I have a phone calendar & it allows me to share some items with my husband by clicking add to family calendar. Oh and for my planner, I check it that morning and set any reminders to go off on my phone for the day. If you have any strategies that help you with daily adhd life, share in the comments.

Easy & Delicious Homemade Bread

Next put two pieces of parchment paper on your workspace and sprinkle a couple spoons of flour. Once the ball can be held and is covered in a light dough bath, dump the extra flour onto the other parchment paper. Place the parchment paper into the pan & drop your dough in, on the paper. For this recipe I used 1/4 cup Mexican cheese, 1-2 tbs jarred jalapeño slices & 1 tbs pre cooked bacon.

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