The Bucketlist Vagabond

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Wonder less, Wander more! I am committed to traveling the world on a budget while bridging the gap between travel & fitness. It is my goal to find the top destinations and things to see in each place that are budget friendly to share with you all! You become free, when there is nothing to lose, and a world to see.

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#1 US BUCKET LIST DESTINATION THIS WINTER❄️ {save for your next trip} You’ve got to spend holidays in one of the best winter destinations in the U.S✔️ I will be sharing some fun bucket list adventures to do while you’re here so stay tuned! 📍Leavenworth, WA . #bucketlisttravel #leavenworthwashington #wintertravel #bucketlistadventures #travelreels

BUCKET LIST HOTEL IN MAUI🌺 Welcome to the @ritzcarltonkapalua ✨ you had me at Aloha🌺 📍 The Ritz Carlton, Maui What to expect: ✨54-ACRE RETREAT OVERLOOKING THE PACIFIC ✨Redesigned accommodation ✨Six restaurants with private dining and locally sourced cuisine ✨Two championship golf courses ✨ A luxury lounge ✨ Daily hotel activities Could it get better?✔️ Check Maui off your bucket list with @ritzcarltonkapalua . What to do in Maui, Maui Hawaii, #bucketlistadventures #bucketlisttravel #mauihawaii #maui #travelcontentcreator #travelreels #travelgram #beautifuldestinations

BUCKET LIST LOUNGE IN MAUI🌺 {save for later} The newly transformed Club Lounge provides the perfect setting for guests to conduct business, plan a family outing, or simply unwind with a cocktail. 🍸Club Lounge benefits include: ✨Hawaiian cultural experiences with dedicated concierge ✨Five food presentations daily, including breakfast, lunch, mid-day snacks, hors d’oeuvres, and hand-crafted desserts ✨Fine selections of wines, liqueurs, beers, spirits, and other non-alcoholic beverages ✨”To Go” snacks and beverages available 24 hours a day – including specialty coffee, sweets, and plant-based snacks ✨Two garments pressed daily, business center services & Wi-Fi 📍Ritz Carlton, Maui, Hawaii Do you have lounge access?😎 . What to do in Maui, Maui Hawaii, #bucketlistadventures #bucketlisttravel #hawaii #mauihawaii #travelcontentcreator #maui

Our wedding story🤍 Since my post yesterday was (accidentally) so confusing, I got many DMs asking when I got married, if I was married, etc… so here’s the tea on our Rona wedding✨ We PLANNED to elope in Hawaii on 10/10/2020! Rona made that nearly impossible, so we moved it to Orange Beach, Alabama thinking we’d still have a “beachy” wedding. My dress was clearly meant to be sparkling on the beach✨ HOWEVER, three days before the wedding we checked the weather and a hurricane was set to hit. & trust me it did😭 *hello Hurricane Delta*… so, we had three days to plan an entire wedding in Texas, our last & only option. At this point I was ready to show up to the courthouse. We lost money from florals, cake, catering and so much more that we couldn’t get back because they already prepped it all!:( Not to mention when I called venues in Tx, they had been booked up on 10/10 for nearly two years… By the grace of God a friend of mine just bought a home with a long term plan to turn it into a venue!💫 It was nowhere close to ready, but my tribe SHOWED UP🙌🏼 One friend took our photos, another made the florals, one hired our dj, one hired a dance floor + lights, & our people came out of the woodworks to make this wedding happen! The dance floor was full the entire night, tears were flowing, & the fried chicken was to die for! All I can say is what’s meant to be will be💕 #happilyeverafter #theend

My greatest adventure yet✨ You, Coy, are the kindest, most gentle, caring, honorable soul I know & even that is an understatement. I hope you have had the best birthday yet💫 Here’s to 28 years of life, 7 years of putting up with me, & 2 years of marriage! I love you!💕

COSTA RICA SUNSETS✨ This time last year I was exploring Costa Rica & had the opportunity to hike a volcano, see sloths in the National Park, canter horses on the beach, and even feed a wild crocodile! 🐊 Though the adventures were bucket list material, the sunsets there were the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Who wants to go back & chase more sunsets with me? Did you know Costa Rica is home to the ONLY Starbucks farm?! ⭐️ . Visit Costa Rica, Costa Rica Bucket List, #bucketlisttravel #bucketlistadventures #visitcostarica #travelcontentcreator #outdoorsy #costarica

THE RUST BUCKET🔥{save for your next bucket list trip to Broken Bow} 📍Broken Bow, Oklahoma The cabin that started it all @tinstarco ✨ If you couldn’t feel the vibes of this cabin through this video, it’s only necessary you come experience it for yourself✔️ The Rust Bucket is the very first cabin built & designed by the sweet couple behind it all! This luxury cabin sleeps 18 people and is perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, & so many other events!🎉 👀 RAISE YOUR HAND if you think this should be our next retreat destination😏 *hint hint* Happy Tuesday friends!🌲 #tinstar #bucketlisttravel #bucketlist #cabinlife #brokenbow #bucketlistcheck broken bow cabins, cabins in broken bow, bucket list travel

Welcome to the fam, baby Akela🐾 {swipe for some squishy puppy cuteness} #thejunglebookdoods #mowgli #akela #thejunglebook #meetthefamily

BUCKET LIST WATERFALL IN OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK🍁{save for your next fall trip} One of the easiest to reach (& wheelchair accessible) waterfalls in Olympic National Park, 📍Madison Falls (a.k.a. Madison Creek Falls) measures about 100 feet tall & is a perfect spot for photo taking or just enjoying the scenery! Add this short .2 mile hike to your fall bucket list🍂 . #bucketlisthike #olympicnationalpark #visitwashingtonstate #bucketlistadventures #travelcontentcreator

Welcome to planet earth🌎🤯 Seeing this in real life messed with my mind so much✈️ The more I looked at it the more I started to believe this was legitimately an underwater mountain range! Maybe it is!🤨 📍The Caribbean ocean Comment if you know what this is because I genuinely don’t!✔️ Follow @thebucketlistvagabond for more bucket list adventures! . Underwater mountains, bucket list adventure, travel content creators, #bucketlisttravel #bucketlisters #planetearth #earthpix #travelgram

BUCKET LIST HOTEL IN MILOS with the best sunset views on the island☀️ 📍Nelefi Sunset studios, Milos, Greece Reviews online raved about this place & I can vouch for the hype because we got stunning sunsets every night we were there!✨ Not only were the views amazing, but we got wine in our rooms + delicious breakfast every morning! Highly recommend staying at this Bucket list hotel if you visit Milos, Greece!💙 Follow @thebucketlistvagabond for more bucket list travel✈️ Where to stay in Greece, what to do in Greece, Milos Greece, travel influencer, #travelcontentcreator #milosisland #visitgreece

WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING✈️ I like to call myself a “multi passionate entrepreneur” bc let’s be real ya girl can’t stick to one thing {& I’ve grown to learn that’s OK}✔️ Here are all of my income streams & how you can do it too: 1. Speech & Language Pathologist🗣️working on a contract basis in a hospital where I help patients who have had strokes, TBI, SCI, etc & need cognitive rehabilitation! 2. Bucket list retreat host⛰️ I host bucket list trips around the world teaching others how to develop multiple income streams while seeing the world! Heading to Lake Tahoe and Switzerland in 2023 if you want to join! 3. Travel influencer✈️ getting paid by brands to promote hotels, destinations, products, etc on social media 4. Travel blogger✍️ I have ads and affiliate links on my website that pay me as I sleep 5. Flight Attendant✨ I fly on a contract basis allowing me to see little nooks of the world I wouldn’t otherwise have seen 6. Photographer/film maker🎥 I get paid to create content for hotels, tourism boards, brands etc which I don’t post on social media 7. Model📸 I work for brands including Monster Energy as a promo model for events and as a print model for websites/magazines, etc (ask to see work & I’ll share) 8. Podcast host🎙️I am the host for @passportsandpeachespodcast where we share tips & interviews with other travel content creators (this does not make money yet but hopefully will soon!) 9. The Bucketlist Academy + coaching✔️ my travel content creator course teaching you how to work with brands, negotiate, etc + 1:1 coaching to walk you through it all 10. Ebooks🙌🏼 selling ebooks through my website which brings in small but consistent income 11. Investing in stocks📈I aggressively invest and have gains thousands since learning how to (outside of my 401k with the hospital) I’m a DREAMER & that’ll never change💭 to those who say “you can’t do it all”… WHERES THE RULE BOOK?!😉 . Multiple income streams, bucket list travel, travel content creator, #bucketlistadventures #bucketlisters #travelcontentcreator

GREECE BUCKET LIST💙 {top 3 places you can’t miss + what to do, where to eat, sleep} ATHENS, GREECE✨ ⛰️To do: Visit the historical Acropolis + go shopping downtown @athenstravel 🥗Where to eat: Cave of Acropolis (right outside of the Acropolis) 🛌Sleep: Arethusa Hotel, Chloe Boutique Apartments MILOS, GREECE✨ ⚓️To do: Sail around the island with @salty.rides + visit “the moon” @milos.greece 🥙Where to eat: Alkis in Pallonia 🛌Sleep: Nelefi Sunset Studios SANTORINI, GREECE✨ •✔️To do: Ride ATVs across the island + yacht with @caldera.yachting.santorini + flying dress photo shoot 🍇Where to eat: Lotza in Oia, Remvi in Thira 🛌Sleep: Villa Maria, Oia, Cyclades Thira Is Greece on your bucket list?💙 . Greece itinerary, what to do in Greece, Santorini Greece, #bucketlisttravel #travelcontentcreator #travelreels #beautifuldestinations

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