The Bucketlist Vagabond

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Wonder less, Wander more! I am committed to traveling the world on a budget while bridging the gap between travel & fitness. It is my goal to find the top destinations and things to see in each place that are budget friendly to share with you all! You become free, when there is nothing to lose, and a world to see.

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…Go to Kefalonia instead✈️🇬🇷 HERES WHY… {save for your next bucket list trip} Everyone goes to St. Martin (Sint Maarten) for the famous plane beach, whereas in Kefalonia you get the same experience… BUT MAKE IT LUXURIOUS🤌🏼✨✈️ At the @electrakefalonia hotel, you can watch the planes come while poolside sippin’ on a martini🍸 Could it get better than that? (unlike a brown beach next to a wire fence👎🏻) 📍Have you ever heard of Kefalonia, Greece? It’s time to add it to the bucket list!✔️ #discovergreece #kefalonia @discover.greece #kefalonia_island_greece #hotelsdotcom

Add SAND SURFING to your Utah Bucket List⚡️🤙🏻{save for your next trip} Sand surfing is my new favorite sport & im about to start competing😂 SIKE… I busted it more times than I could stay up… BUT FUN WAS HAD BY ALL✔️ Here are the details: 📍Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah (about an hour from Zion National Park) 💰It’s free to go, but we rented our boards from @roam.outdoor.adventures which I believe was about $25 pp ✨ I recommend going at golden hour for that orange glow and all the vibes (for us it was around 7:30p in September)✔️ ⚡️ Be prepared for lots of hiking and a killer butt workout😂🏄🏼‍♀️ You can also rent dune buggy’s + ATVS with @coralpinkatvtours Is Utah on your bucket list?!👇🏼 Send to someone you want to go sand surfing with & follow @thebucketlistvagabond for more bucket list adventures✨ #sandsurfing #bucketlistadventures #coralpinksanddunes #bucketlisters

Endless summer state of mind with Pura Vida🤙🏻 {discount below} There was no better way to wrap up our summer adventures than at Zion National Park with an awesome crew☀️ Here are some of the adventures we did where Pura Vida seamlessly fit right in… ✨ E-biking with @zionguru through the trails🚴🏼‍♀️ ✨ Canyoning with @roam.outdoor.adventures 🏜️ ✨ Hiking The Narrows of @zionnps 🥾 ✨ Sand Surfing at @coralpinksanddunessp 🏄🏼‍♀️ Ultimately livin’ free with @puravida ✔️ Head to the link in my bio for 20% off using code ANNAWILSON #puravidatakeszion #livefree #outsidetogether

Raising a glass of Longbranch Bourbon to the fearless moments that define us 🥃 Here’s to taking risks, living life to the fullest, and savoring the sweet moments in between✨ #wonderwhatif #longbranchbourbon

DEVILS BRIDGE HIKE🥾 {save this post for your next trip!} Honestly what you read online about this hike wasn’t true IMO👀 Here are the facts: • Park in the Mescal parking lot! Not any other lot like it tells you online. It only took us an HOUR to reach the top (& that’s with my mom who has had two hip replacements) VS. online resources saying it’s a 6-8 mile hike! • Rating: EASY. It’s flat for 45 minutes, and the last maybe ten minutes you have to climb a few rocks🪨 • Time: it took us exactly 2.5 hours to get there, take photos, and get back to the car! Once we got to the bridge, I took everyone’s phone, got their pics, & sent them on their way! It made the process go so much faster and everyone was in/out within five minutes 🙌🏼 I was super nervous to do this hike with my mom because of what I read online but it was so much easier than anticipated! Anyone can do it! Is Devils bridge on your bucket list?✔️ #devilsbridge #arizona #bucketlistadventures #hiking

SOLO ROAD TRIPPIN’⛰️ {save my itinerary through Utah/Arizona}👇🏼 Sometimes you just need a little solo road trip… it’s good for the soul🍂✔️ Here’s my exact itinerary since the video was a little out of order: 1. Started at @zionnps & headed towards South Rim of the @grandcanyonnps 🏜️ 2. Made a quick stop at @horseshoe.bend (If I had more time I would have gone to Antelope canyon @lowerantelopecanyon too since it’s close!)🦌 3. Drove through Oak Creek Canyon & stopped at the most nostalgic coffee shop buried in the mountains☕️ 4. Explored @sliderockstatepark Canyon/Creek! 🪨 It was so quiet & had the perfect creek water sparkles🤩✨ 5. Ended my little road trip in @visitsedona where my next adventure begins!📍✔️ #roadtrip #bucketlistadventures #solotravel #soloroadtrip #visitutah #visitarizona

So, Utah…we meet again🏜️ This week I get the opportunity to work with @puravida and I’m so dang excited!!📸✨ I’ll be posting all of the updates on my stories so follow along there! Let’s see what schenanigans we get into this time🤩✔️ #puravida #utah #travelcontentcreator #bucketlistadventures #bucketlisttravel

You + me go fishin’ in the dark🎶🐠🎣 📍Lukenbach, Tx #fishing #traveladventures #texas

ITS MY DESTINY🌎 *cue the tissues* I am a huge puddle right now as I’m posting🥹 I’ve never created something that makes me FEEL something more than this Sometimes they say that the best revenge is life well lived, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t DAMN PROUD to be where I am today✨ That goes with saying I most definitely CRAWLED my way here… and I’m still going. None of us really know what we’re doing here anyways✔️ When I first quit my full time job my family called me IGNORANT to my face. Some of my closest friends STILL don’t support me. I fail more times than I succeed. Every now & then I still doubt myself and get imposter syndrome… But the biggest success of all (to me) is that I don’t take no for an answer. “The relentless pursuit of what sets my soul on fire” is probably my biggest motivator and has opened many doors. Key word- relentless. I’m so glad I pursued my destiny, despite the messy middle of this journey✨ I believe I’m a testament to the fact that it’s not about how you start but how you persist. Embrace the chaos, learn from the trenches, & DO THE DANG THING! Trust me, the view from the top is worth every muddy step😜⛰️ #itsmydestiny #bucketlistadventures #travelcontentcreator #travelreels #travelgram

🌎THE AMAZING RACE SZN 35🌎✨🤘🏼 @theamazingrace We did the dang thing, yall!! Dad & I shed more tears, deep belly laughs, wins & losses, and AMAZING bucket list experiences racing AROUND THE WORLD 🌎 Our cast has waited weeks to share this news + we are so anxious/excited/scared to watch our season back on Sept. 27th to see all the schenanigans we went through 😂 Tune in on @cbstv @paramountplus 🎥🎬 #theamazingrace #season35 #teamtexasheat #daddydaughter

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