Brooke Thio

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Pen-wielding sojourner blithely scrawling my way around the world; getting high on wild adventures and cultural revelations.

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Kenyan Culture, Explored in 10 Dishes

From schools to workplaces, tea time is not complete without mandazi and you’ll find it in upscale restaurants, street food carts, or in homes. In fact, a wedding can be metaphorically referred to as “pilau”: when you get engaged, Kenyans will tell you they’re waiting for pilau, which simply means they’re waiting for the wedding. Kenyans love their tea: It is often said that they take tea as they wait for more tea to get ready. Beyond these icons of Kenyan cuisine, don’t hesitate to try dishes like fried tilapia, kuku paka (chicken in coconut gravy), irio (mashed potatoes with corn and peas), and more.

After the Pandemic: How Should We Travel From Now On?

Staying with locals is my favorite tip for travelers who want to immerse in local culture, but it’s also important for ensuring socially sustainable travel. If staying with locals isn’t an option, a unique boutique hotel can be the perfect introduction to a destination’s culture. Community-based tourism led by locals is the best way to understand a destination’s culture. and if you’ve shared photos of people you met during your travels, like my photos of Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia, make sure you don’t sell or allow the reuse of your shot without your subjects’ permission (in commercial photography, this necessitates a model release).

Melbourne Public Transport: A Guide for Visitors

You can buy a single trip or return ticket at the ticket counter — it costs A$19.75 for a single trip, or A$36.50 for a return trip. For that you’ll need to get a myki card, the stored value transport card that can be used on all modes of public transport. An adult myki costs A$30 and contains A$24 stored value (the card costs $6). Note there are two main types of trains: 1) Metro metropolitan train network and 2) V/Line regional train network.

The Batak Museum: Rumors and Realities of A Formidable People

Here on my first visit to Lake Toba, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a personal tour at the TB Silalahi Center and Batak Museum, where the secrets of the Batak were revealed to me. But Mr. Ondi, our museum guide, explained that the Batak – which comprise six subgroups around North Sumatra – are also fierce guardians of their heritage. After touring the interior of the museum, Ondi led us to Huta Batak: a replica huta (village) with six Toba Batak houses. The Batak Museum (Map) is a private museum officially known as the “Museum TB Silalahi Center” (named after its founder, Indonesian politician T.B. Silalahi).

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