Brandon M Zingale

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Love working with brands of all categories! Looking forward to working with your brand!

Location Olmsted Township, Ohio Northeast
Country United States
Member Since MAY 12, 2019
Social Audience 524K Last Month
  • Moz DA 37
  • Moz DA 36

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Why should I connect via Ethernet instead of wifi?

The advances made with today’s technology, specific to the internet, may cause some confusion for the everyday user when it comes to getting the most value from their service and choosing between different connection options like Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Because Ethernet uses a cable connection, your device must be connected with the physical cord to gain access to the internet, meaning the cord protects the cable wires from interference – unlike Wi-Fi, which transmits waves through the air that can be accessed by numerous users. With the waves being transmitted through the air in wireless connections, you are more susceptible to disruptions because your waves must fight through traffic with other networks (i.e. your neighbors’ Wi-Fi or other customers in the coffee shop) and even travel through obstacles like walls and buildings. Unlike ethernet, which has less mobility because of its physical connection to it's internet source, Wi-Fi is more convenient for those on-the-go — which still makes this option the most popular.

Was Your Equipment Impacted By Recent Russian Malware Attack?

The cyber world is under constant attack, and last week the United States FBI intervened to help protect Americans from a massive malware threat created by a Russian military intelligence agency. According to the New York Times, the attack infected thousands of routers and is capable of blocking internet traffic, collecting information and disabling infected devices. That list includes: If you suspect that your equipment might have been compromised or if your equipment is mention in the list above, the FBI recommends that you reset your router immediately by turning the power off and then restarting it a few seconds later. If you’re interested in switching to a Ritter-provided device, please call us at 888-336-4466 or click here to email us

Ethan Lindberg Foundation Supports Families and Children with CHD

In recognition of February as American Heart Awareness month, Transonic is pleased to share this blog heart blog along with an offer for a free Transonic Flowprobe. Inspired by the life of Ethan M. Lindberg, first-born son of Jessica and Erik Lindberg, the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation works for collaborative approaches to medical and patient care that impact children with congenital heart disease (CHD) and their families. The foundation’s mission is to empower families and doctors to work together in creating care plans and strategies that are tailored to each child’s need. Keenly aware of the financial burdens encountered by families of children with CHD, the Foundation offers practical family support by offering grants for temporary housing and providing long-term housing solutions for families with lengthy hospital stays.

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