Andrew Harms

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An online influencer with a blog that focuses on anything cats. Let me show your products to my audience.

Location Saint Paul U.S.
Country United States
Member Since APRIL 02, 2019
Social Audience 21K
  • Moz DA 19

This member has not connected a professional Instagram account.

  • Landscaping
  • Healthy Living
  • Pets
  • Large Animals
  • Hunting and Shooting
Most Unique Cats

Some cats are pretty amazing looking with brilliant fur colors and patterns. These are some of the best and most unique cats I’ve found. I have two very pretty calico girls but some of these kitties are breathtakingly impressive. #12 Printer was on Black and grey mode.

Sick cat and how scary it can be

She gets hairballs and is sensitive to drier foods so we usually give her wet canned food like a fancy feast When I feed the cats canned food I clean out the cans in the sink and some of the food lands on the screen over the drain. I think the cleaner dripped on the food bits and she then ate the food. Evaluate neurological symptoms: Some toxic substances can impact the functionality of your cat’s brain and may cause seizures, incoordination, or a coma.

Cats in weird places!

Cats tend to sleep where they want to especially in places we find awkward. To them, it doesn’t seem weird, just comfy. Here are a bunch of cats in odd places or in weird positions. 4: Boxes – Not weird but interesting how they like them so much. 9: Hiding In or On Things There they are!

Amazing Cat Patios And Porches

Their custom full deck conversion to amazing catio just looks fun and inviting. The cat tree on the porch and the sisal covered framing gives them plenty to scratch on. The fact that there is a pond is incredible enough, this catio even has trees and plants making it feel very natural. The rock bordered pond is striking and the gravel also gives this one a natural feel.

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