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Mommy/Daughter Disneybounders Showing YOU how to bound on a budget Disney style, DIY’s, Thrifting adventures 💌 Let’s Collab #boundingonabudget New ⬇️

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This reel is dedicated to everyone who says obnoxious things to people who are just trying to find joy and belonging in a world that is harsh, crazy, difficult, sad, and expensive! I hope you find something that brings you as much happiness and belonging as Disney brings me! Have a beautiful magical day friends! . . . #boundingonabudget #disneyland #disneydressup #disneybounding #disneyootd #minniestyle #dressedindisney #disneystyle #disneymagic #dontbeajerk

To everyone who ever asked me those questions and other other similar questions! Ha ha I will always buy the Disney merch and wear it for any occasion …. Are you with me? Do you like to get all Dressed in Disney for every occasion? Just cuz we can’t go to Disneyland doesn’t mean we can’t wear the cute stuff out and about! . . . Earrings: @femmedebloom Sweater: @walmart a couple years ago Bag: @loungefly … #boundingonabudget #disneyreels #disneyland #Disneydressup #Mickeyandfriends #disneymerch #loungefly #disneyloungefly #donaldduck #daisyduck #minniestyle

When will my life begin …. I relate to Rapunzel a lot, and because of that she instantly became my favorite, along with Jasmine of course. I bought this stunning dress from @jessakae because it reminded me of Rapunzel. They have the most magical whimsical collection. Many of them are perfect for Bounding! …. What would you bound in this dress? . . . #Boundingonabudget #disneybounding #thedisneybound #rapunzel #tangled #tangledtheseries #disneyanimation #thedisneyprincesses #disneyprincess #lostprincess #kingdomofcorona #disneycastle #disneyland #disneydressup #jessakae #feelingfancy

5 Ways to repurpose your Mickey Gloves

Mickey Gloves are so fun for bounding and cosplaying, but these buggers take up a bit of storage space and can definitely be one of those purchases you use for your outfit and then are left feeling like “well now what do I do with them?” Here are 5 ways you can repurpose your Mickey Gloves. Curtain holders– another simple and easy way to add just a hint of Mickey to your decor. I hope this blog gives you an idea of how to repurpose your Mickey gloves, there are always ways to reuse even the most random items!

101 ways to wear Dalmatian!

We took a breezy polka dot blouse and paired it with these striped Dalmatian shorts. And if you can’t find cute Dalmatian shorts in your size, try adding a patch! Speaking of adding a patch, this last outfit idea is just a cute outfit with a patch added. This one was black and white perfect for Dalmatian style, and all I did was add a cute patch to the front and voila!

Disney Donuts

You can get this bow silicone mold on Amazon for about $5! I definitely recommend getting a couple or getting a mold with several bows on it. Then I melted some chocolate melts in purple and red and dipped the donuts in their colors. Added the bows with a tiny bit of melted chocolate to hold them in place.

One Week of Disney Fun (day 6)

Vanessa played to her backyards advantage with her activity choice, but you don’t need a forest in your backyard to go on this quest. Simply hide some gemstones or painted blue rocks in your backyard (or in our case the forest across from our condo) and have fun engaging in imaginative play searching for gemstones. You can also load up a gemstone sound (youtube “pixie dust sound” or “gem sound”, and play it off your phone when your child gets a little closer to the stone. Let them use their imagination to hide and run from all kinds of obstacles (like gelatinus cubes!)

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