Ashley Klukowski

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-MEd. Child Development

  • Global Mama of 3 🌎🇺🇸 🇵🇱 🇨🇿🇨🇭🇨🇦 -🏠 now: Denver, CO -Helping families explore more together

Travel tips and itineraries:↙️

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If you’re a parent, I bet you’ve been told to enjoy XYZ (travel, adventures, etc) before kids come because once they’re here your life will basically be over. This has become such a common narrative that I think we buy into it sometimes without even realizing it. But why?? Adventures don’t have to end just because you choose to have a family! You don’t have to wait until the kids are older to get out there and explore. Whatever set your soul on fire before having kids will only become even more special when you share it with your family. Of course it’s a bit more complicated and a bit more logistics involved but kids get older and it gets easier with practice! ✨We can create the life we want to live! ✨ #adventurefamily #adventureiswaiting #outdoorfamily #kidswhoexplore #travelmadfam #liveyourbestlifenow #liveyourpassion #createyourhappy #wandermore #travelwithkids

I follow so many bad ass women on here that do absolutely amazing things. And while they completely inspire me, I’m not going to lie…they intimidate me a little too. I wasn’t athletic or outdoorsy growing up. But I’ve started trying new things later in life and found some things that I really love. And while I’m not particularly good at any of them, I’m definitely expert level at having a good time and isn’t that what really counts? So I hope that I can be here as that mediocre mom who inspires you to get out there and try something new. You don’t have to ski a double black diamond or hike 14ers or go on a multi day backpacking trip or run an ultra marathon to be a badass. You just gotta get out there and be your fantastic, mediocre self. #mediocre #mominspo #adventuremama #getouttheregorgeous #adventureawaits

Need ideas for where to travel in February? Save this list for future wanderlusting. 🫶 It’s a great month to get out and explore somewhere new! Which would you pick from this list? #omantravel #madeiralovers #tromso #norwaytravel #portugaltravel #wheretotravel #travelideas #destinationinspiration #wheretonext✈️ #februarybreak

❄️How I Became a Winter Lover ❄️ Posting this today after a super cold snap, in the depths of winter because I need the reminder. 🤪 I’ve had the privilege of living in places like Czechia, Switzerland, Canada, and Colorado that all have some pretty epic winters so I’ve had to adapt my former cold weather hating ways. Here’s what’s helped me. ❄️ Learning how to dress for the weather. Layers are key! Base, mid, and outer to keep you cozy. ❄️ Getting outside no matter the weather. Even if it’s for shorter time periods, we need the fresh air! ❄️ Finding winter activities I enjoy. Snowshoeing and winter hiking have been firm favorites but I’ve also found some new ones I enjoy like cross country skiing and ice skating. ❄️ Vitamin D supplements and light therapy. Colorado gets plenty of sunshine but in other places I’ve lived, SAD has been an issue for me. ❄️Planning a winter escape. 🤪 If possible, I highly recommend this mid winter. It helps to have something to look forward to and when you get back it makes the rest of winter more enjoyable! How do you feel about winter?? ❄️🥶 #gardenofthegodscolorado #winterincolorado #winterlovers #winterlover #winteradventures #winteradventure #coloradosprings #coloradolife

💰Ways to save more $$$ for travel 💰 This really is one of the ways we afford to travel as much as we do! Not spending all our money on STUFF. I have changed my shopping habits a LOT over the years and now lean much more towards minimalism. We’re doing a no spend challenge in February and might extend it where we only purchase things that are absolutely essential (aside from travel). If you want to travel more or save for travel, try doing this a few times a year and set aside the money that you saved and would have spent on purchases for a travel account instead. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but $5 Starbucks here and there, $100 at Target…it all adds up!! #budgettravel #familytraveller #affordabletravel

Barf bags and empty wine bottles for the win! 🤪 Seriously though, I’ve made this mistake many times only to spend most of the flight picking up toys that are thrown on the floor or watching my babies be mesmerized by an empty plastic cup. I’m not saying don’t pack any toys, just be strategic about it and don’t overpack! Instead: -if you buy a few new toys, wrap them up and bring a roll of painters tape. The tape and trying to rewrap the toy will be just as exciting if not more than the toy itself. -bring some toy leashes that you can wrap around the toys to easily grab them when they fall on the floor. -bring a carrier in case your baby needs a nap and fights it. I’ve spent many hours on flights standing in the galley rocking my babies in their carriers. -always ask the gate agent if there is an empty seat they can put you by so you can bring your car seat on board. So much easier to have a seat for baby. -pack an extra change of clothes for both baby AND you! The altitude tends to cause poopsplosions! 💩 And finally, try not to stress because babies pick up on that and remember that no matter what, the flight will eventually end. 🤪 You’ve got this! 💪🏼 #flyingwithbabies #travelwithkids #babycantravel #babytraveltips

When I was 7 months pregnant with our first child, we had an incredible opportunity to move abroad. And while we certainly wished that opportunity would have come a bit earlier, before kids, we decided to just go for it and try and make the most of it. We knew we wouldn’t have much time there (although surprisingly it turned into almost a decade of living abroad) so we tried to explore and travel as much as we could. We learned how to travel with kids through all different stages and from 1 kid to 2 and then 3 kids. It was all a learning process and it honestly got easier the more we did it. But had we not had that opportunity, I really don’t know if we would travel or adventure with kids. It’s so easy to get comfortable in life and stuck in our routines. But once you get out there and shake things up, your life might never be the same. You don’t have to move abroad or have some huge life changing experience to step beyond the ordinary. Adventure is out there waiting. We just have to decide to answer it’s call! #adventurefamily #adventuretravel #adventureswithkids #kidswhoexplore #parentswhowander #travelmadfam #takeyourkidseverywhere #wandertheworld #adventureiscalling #familieswhotravel #bringthekids

Switzerland is an absolute dream in any season, but winters there are ✨magical.✨ These are 3 of our favorite unique things to do! ❄️ Fondue Igloo- take the cable car to Engstligenalp from the town of Adelboden where you can have a fondue lunch or dinner. We’d recommend to go during the day and enjoy sledding or skiing there as well as a great place for kids to play. Dress warm and reserve in advance. ❄️ Visit Blausee- a stunning blue lake in Kandersteg, it stays at a constant year round temperature between 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. It’s magical to see the blue water contrasted against the white snow. There is an entry fee with facilities onsite including restrooms, grills, a playground, and a fine dining restaurant featuring trout from the lake. There’s also a causal pizza place near the parking lot. ❄️ Snowshoe the Eiger Trail- The Trail is in Grindelwald and has absolutely stunning views of the north face of the Eiger. Take the Grindelwald-Männlichen gondola to the Holenstein middle station, from here it’s an easy 4.75 mostly downhill walk. So which would you choose first? #visitswitzerland #switzerlandwonderland #myswitzerland🇨🇭 #switzerlandpictures #switzerland_destinations #switzerlandvacations #switzerlandtrip #switzerlandtravel #swisswinter #switzerlandmylove

I get zero complaints about the cold when my kids wear their base layers combined with their gear, even in frigid temps! Living in places that have some serious winters like Czech Republic, Switzerland, and now Colorado has taught us how to dress for the cold and when you’re dressed right it’s an absolute game changer! I love the for the kids because of their layering system with the puffy insulator jacket and the waterproof outer shell. It allows the kids to be out for hours! I also love that Shred Dog Gear comes with a size adjustment system to grow with your kiddo! Good gear is an investment so it’s great that these will last multiple seasons. 👏🏼 And I’m happy to share that with my discount code Born_Explorers you can get 25% off any !

Flights > Road Trips. Fight me on this. 😜 I know as a travel expert, I should be up for the adventure. But road trips are just not my cup of tea. Of course we do it because sometimes it’s just necessary, but about 6 hours is max for me. It’s so boring!!! 😜 I have all kinds of tricks for entertaining the kids but how do I entertain myself?! #familytravel #travelwithkids #parentswhowander #roadtrips #jetsettingkids #familyadventures #travelmadfam #tripswithkids #kidswhotravel

To be fair, I wouldn’t complain about being “stuck” entertaining the kids here either! We did swap a couple of times so each of us could enjoy the smaller, hotter soaking tubs. The boys joined to try it too, but since it’s a quiet zone they much preferred splashing around in the family pool! We love Iron Mountain Hot Springs because there’s something for everyone! And those views right along the river are gorgeous. 🤩 Pro tip…if you pair a soak at Iron Mountain with a visit to the ice caves in Rifle, it makes for pretty much THE perfect winter day! Thanks to @ironmountainhotsprings for hosting us! #ironmountainhotsprings #bestsoakever #visitglenwood #hotspringsloop #winterincolorado #coloradotrip #coloradotravel #coloradomom #coloradomomlife #visitcolorado #coloradokids #coloradowithkids #coloradofamilyphotos

*Don’t* travel with kids. It’s the worst. 😏😏😏 So many other “regrets” that I couldn’t fit in this video! #travelwithkids #familytravel #kidswhoexplore #travelmadfam #jetsettingkids #parentswhowander #traveladdicts #tripswithkids #bringthekids #takeyourkidseverywhere #borntoexplore

📍Rifle Mountain Park Trail is an easy 1.3 mile out and back trail, but we usually make it a loop by crossing the bridge and walking back on the road. *Microspikes are necessary for this hike!* This has become an annual tradition for us and it’s one hike that my kids never complain about. Ice makes a pretty fun playground. 😜🧊❄️ #kidswhoexplore #coloradokids #coloradolife #winterincolorado #icecaves #natureisrad #outdoorkids #coloradomoms #adventureswithkids

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