Amyra Reyes

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Bombshell is a go-to blog for all things related to gaming, comic, movies, throwbacks, cosplay, nerdy fashion, and more.

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I’m Getting Married!

I attended one of the panels at PAX called PAX 101 which was suppose to be for newbies like me and give us a chance to meet others. Thanks to the power of social media, we were able to find each other and planned a day to actually meet. … This didn’t end up raining on our parade as we ended up in quarantine together which let me tell you is like the ultimate speed dating. To get notified of new content, please subscribe on the home page or you can follow Bombshell’s social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle).

Disney’s Mulan Costs How Much?!

This video is coming out later than expected, but I wanted to start a discussion about the future for new movie releases due to For a while now, we have been waiting to see the fate of new film releases with Mulan being a major one in particular. Disney finally decided to bite the bullet and release Mulan, one of their most anticipated films, on their streaming service, Disney+. so I wanted to share a video with you my thoughts on the situation and to see what you guys think if Disney’s decision.

A Drive In with the Breakfast Club

Anthony decided to host a Drive-in movie event where he would play some of his favorite movies he starred in every weekend with a chance for autographs, pictures, and a Q&A. My love and I decided to go during the weekend showing The Breakfast Club and National Lampoon’s Vacation. I never seen National Lampoon’s Vacation, but my favorite Brat Pack movie is The Breakfast Club After the session was over, they played National Lampoon’s Vacation and gave the opportunity for guests to come inside the venue to buy merch such as t-shirts, posters, masks, and more.

Swimming the Quarantine Blues Away

The bottoms are available for $18.83 ($26.90 regular price) and $20.93 (29.90 regular price) for plus-size. The top is available for $13.45 ($26.90 regular price) and $14.95 ($29.90 regular price) for plus-size. The bottoms are available for $10.76 ($26.90 regular price) and $14.95 ($29.90 regular price) for plus-size. Online they have the Sailor Venus skirt for $21.52 ($26.90 regular price), Sailor Moon top for $21.52 ($26.90 regular price), and Luna skirt for $26.90.

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