Erin Christ

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I am a nutrition student finishing up my last semester in hopes of becoming a registered dietitian. I hope to inspire people with my personal experiences and help them create a healthy relationship with themselves and their food to live healthy, sustainable, and happy lives!

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Dieting & making food decisions based on external factors (rules, others, rigidity, etc) that often means ignoring what YOUR body cues are telling you. • But when you listen to your internal cues and what your body is communicating to you, you are showing it respect. You are honoring it and that will bring you closer to TRUST. • Giving yourself permission to eat unconditionally and allowing yourself to experiment and figure out what foods sound good and feel good in your body is part of the healing process. • Respect will take you a lot further than shame, guilt and hate will…. I promise! • Also there are wayyy too many delicious pizza flavors to not allow yourself to have them! 🍕

Diet culture is coming in full force with summer being here. It’s time to put your guard up and reject the idea of any “summer body” messages. • Here are some of my tips to help you challenge these beliefs: -EAT ENOUGH: common misconceptions around summer is that you need to do extremes in terms of food (cut out food groups, exercise excessively and shame ourselves for not perfect. not eating enough can actually increase body image distress and create a unhealthy cycle of restriction and bingeing and feels of all sorts of guilt and shame. -SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX: hit that unfollow button on anyone who is promoting changing your body for summer or using any diet culture language. -THROW AWAY THE SCALE: that stupid piece of plastic is doing nothing but harm. Let’s just get rid of it and stop letting it dictate our worth, value and what you’re allowed to eat. -BUY CLOTHES/BATHING SUITS THAT FIT: regardless of the size tag, wearing things that make you feel confident and comfortable in is key!! Sizes are stupid and they say nothing about you. You deserve to find clothes and bathing suits that fit YOUR body (not the other way around) and feel confident in. -MOVE IN NOURISHING NOT PUNISHING WAYS: shift your focus from using exercise to manipulate your body to find joyful and health-promoting movement. -PRACTICE BODY RESPECT: you don’t have to love your body or even like it but I encourage you to practice respecting it. Making it feel comfortable, nourishing it, speaking kindly to it, take care of it’s basic needs, and treating it with kindness. • Punishing yourself with food restriction or intense exercise is NOT respecting your body.

Let’s talk ✨MENTAL RESTRICTION✨ • Most of the time when we think of food restriction, we think of physical restriction (aka not letting yourself eat certain foods, food rules and food fears). But there’s another type of restriction that doesn’t get talked about enough and that’s the mental restriction. • To truly make peace with food and heal your relationship with it, it’s not enough to just let go of the physical restriction and letting yourself eat what you want, you need to make the mental and emotional shifts as well. • Some examples of the mental restriction can include: -it’s okay if you ate that pizza this weekend, but you can’t do that everyday -that pizza was so unhealthy, I need to do better this week -I’m going to eat less during the day because I’m getting pizza tonight -pizza is a treat and is only allowed on the weekends or special occasions • Our body and mind are so extremely connected and in order to heal, they just be aligned and work together. • Having the thoughts of mental restriction are doing much more harm than we have been lead to believe and this is how… THOUGHTS lead to certain EMOTIONS which lead to certain BEHAVIOR which will lead to a certain RESULT. • So if your thoughts include any form of diet mentality, the result will continue to be disorders. • We need to change the script and the narrative and rewrite these restrictive thoughts. • I’ll go through an example of this. 1. Bring awareness to the thought: -pizza is a treat and is only allowed on the weekends or special occasions (brings about food fears, food rules, worry, negative thoughts and beliefs) 2. Challenge the thought: -has restriction even worked for me? What do i know about pseudo-permission to eat? Is this thought taking me away or bringing me closer to my values? What do I think is going to happen if I eat pizza during the week? Is that based off of factual information or is it a distorted thought based in fear? 3. Reframe the thought: -There is nothing bad or unhealthy about pizza and I’m allowed to eat it whenever I want. Pizza is a food I authentically enjoy and I deserve to eat it. 4. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE

Todays reminder: clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around! • Healing body image is HARD. So so extremely hard. And something that isn’t going to make it any easier is holding onto clothes that don’t fit anymore. • We are made to believe that our bodies should never change and that if our clothes don’t fit anymore, we did something wrong and it’s our fault. We should be able to keep our bodies the same size throughout our lives. • That could not be further from the truth. One part of healing your body image is accepting and understanding that our bodies are meant to change. • It’s so hard to appreciate and care for something that society tells us we should change. The truth is, body changes are inevitable at one point or another in your life. • Maybe you’re recovering from an eating disorder or disordered eating, you just had a baby, you’re pregnant, you’re simply growing up and no longer 16 anymore or maybe you just went through a global pandemic. There are SO many reasons why bodies change. It’s part of life. • A part of life that is very hard to come to terms with, I totally get it AND it’s no way to live being constantly a war with your body and hating it. • Your body deserves care and appreciate even if you don’t necessarily love it. One way that you can show your body that is to stop trying to squeeze it into clothes that no longer fit and stop holding onto the “dream body clothes.” • Find clothes that can accommodate your changing body (news flash: bodies fluctuate and it’s okay for your body to ebb and flow). • There is nothing fun or comforting about wearing clothes that pinch, pull, and tighten in places because that will only cause you think about your body more. • There is NOTHING wrong or bad about needing to get a bigger size in clothes. Those arbitrary numbers are B.S. and mean nothing about your worth, your ability to be loved or anything about you. 💖 • *I also realize that it can be difficult to find clothes that fit when you have a body that isn’t society’s standard so I would be happy to share resources for those of you who need them*

Hey friends!! Happy Monday!! Please don’t forget to eat breakfast today, tomorrow and everyday after that!! • Skipping breakfast (and skipping meals in general) is a big no-no from me dawg. Your body needs consistent and adequate food ALL DAY LONG. • Do you like to have energy all day? Do you like to keep your blood sugar levels steady? Do you like to not get overly hangry or “overeat” at the end of the day? Do you like to be able to focus and concentrate during the day? • Yeah?? Well don’t forget to eat breakfast! 😊 • P.S. that means having more than just coffee!

When you’re going out to eat, what kind of questions are you asking yourself? Are they based on external factors or internal factors? • When you’re making food decisions based on what you think you “should” eat or what your beliefs about what are “good” and “bad” foods, you’re taking yourself away from your inner body awareness and it creates distrust between you and your body. • Making choices based off of arbitrary rules or restriction is going to leave you unsatisfied, not present and probably still hungry. • Other people don’t know what your body wants and needs. • Calorie counts don’t know what your body wants and needs. • Diet culture doesn’t know what your body wants and needs. • Only YOU knows that. • When you let go of the diet mentality, you can begin to care for your body by eating foods that are pleasurable, satisfying and sounds good at the moment. Rather than trying to control your body with rules and restrictions. • Your brain and body has the power to decide what, when and how much to eat. It’s hard to listen to it when there’s a million external factors trying to convince you that your brain and body can’t be trusted and are wrong. • You deserve to have food be a joyful, exciting and satisfying experience. 💖

✨Saturday reminder✨ • Diet culture does a fantastic job of instilling the fear of carbohydrates in us while praising all things protein. Listen, protein is great, important & our bodies need it but I think the obsession with it has gotten a little out of hand. • We are finding anything & everything to add protein into… coffee, pancakes, waffles & every single baked good or dessert. The message we are receiving is that if you put protein in something, it makes it automatically “healthier.” • There are so many foods that naturally have protein in them, I don’t think we need to be dumping a $h!t ton of protein powder & supplements into all our recipes. • There is a time & place for protein & it is OKAY to have meals, snacks, desserts, anything without 20+ grams of protein. Nothing bad is going to happen, I promise. • I was a big protein-adder back in the day. that’s what was praised bc it made things “healthier” & “lead to weight loss” but really I was doing it from a disordered place. • It wasn’t because it tasted good and I authentically liked it but I used it as a was to justify what I was eating. “Oh I ate cookies for dessert but they have protein in them so they’re healthy.” And hey, if you truly like the taste of protein powder, do your thing but it’s a no from me dawg. • So this is just your reminder that not everything has to provide an equal perfect balance of nutrients. It is okay (and I actually recommend) to leave things in its authentic form if that’s what you enjoy and what tastes good to you!! • Like this scone recipe I love!! -2 cups flour -1/3 cup sugar -2 tsp baking powder -1/2 cup salted butter, cold -1/2 cup cold milk -1 tsp vanilla -a bunch of chocolate chips -in large bowl, mix flour, sugar and baking powder -cut butter into little pieces and add to flour mixture (I use my hands to cut the butter and flour together until it looks like crumbs) -add milk and vanilla and fold until just combined, then fold in the chocolate chips -turn dough onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and shape into a circle -slice dough into 8 triangles (like a pizza) and place couple inches apart -bake at 375 for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown

Wednesday reminder for ya!! 👏🏼 • Listen I love coffee more than the next person but it is not cute or quirky to skip meals and to use coffee as a meal replacement. • Ya body need FOOOOD honey!! Coffee can make a great addition to meals and snacks but that’s what it is, an ADDITION! • Instead of normalizing this disordered behavior, can we please normalize EATING FOOD during the day. Food is energizing and eating gives us ENERGY!!

Having a positive relationship with food isn’t about the quality of your diet or the types of foods you eat. It is about how and why you choose the foods you eat. • When you start to improve your relationship with food, you begin to notice a lot less stress and worry about eating and get to experience more food freedom. • Having a positive relationship with food doesn’t involve perfection or any external factors. It is all about turning inwards and feeling confident in your food choices. • It involves welcoming all foods, eating foods your enjoy, not allowing food to control your entire life and knowing that what you eat and the foods you choose to eat do not define your value as a person. • It’s makes food choices based on taste, preference, what makes you feel good, what you have access to, what resources you have and what your body is asking for in that moment. • It’s about TRUST. Trusting your body when it communicates with you and listening to it. Trusting that your body can handle food and that it will take care of you. • This takes time, patience and compassion for yourself. Its allowing yourself to navigate this tough journey with curiosity and not judgement.

We are out here living in the GRAY!! ✨ • We tend to think and simplify things (especially food) into binary, absolute categories to make ourselves feel more at ease. • Good/bad, either/or, right/wrong, always/never. And diet culture THRIVES on this all-or-nothing thinking. If you just do this, everything will be perfect and you will be safe. • The problem is that when we think this way, it doesn’t allow for any flexibility, curiosity, change or growth. It makes eating either a pass or a fail. • Living in the gray area allows for each experience to be a learning opportunity and allows you to explore and find a more balanced and intuitive relationship with food. • I think one of the first steps is challenging the words we associate with foods and using more neutral words. 👏🏼

The way you talk to yourself matters. We are so quick to shame and judge ourselves when there isn’t a chance in heck that we would say any of the things we say to ourselves to our friends. • So here’s your reminder to be a little nicer to yourself today because IT MATTERS ❤️

If you have foods that are only “allowed” on specific days (like only on the weekends), you’re harming your relationship with food. • *cheat days I’m looking at you* 🤬🤬 • This creates a scarcity mindset which leads to deprivation and drives eating more food. You’re likely to feel out of control if a food is restricted. • And then when you feel out of control, that reinforces restriction (have those foods less and keep them away so you won’t eat them), which creates more deprivation and scarcity and leads to eating more. • You are allowed (and highly recommended) to give yourself permission to eat ALL foods on ANY day. You don’t need a weekend to eat the foods you enjoy! If you can sprinkle these foods in throughout the week, they will have less power and there will be less of a drive to eat them in a way that doesn’t feel the best! • There are no good and bad foods and there are no rules about when you’re allowed to eat foods. 👏🏼

You deserve more! 💖

How are you making food choices? Are they made because of the attempt to manipulate or change your body? Are they made because of false diet culture beliefs about what you think you “should” be eating? Are they made because of only “allowing” yourself to eat certain foods? Are they made because they are the lowest calorie which means it’s the healthiest? • If you answered yes to any of those, I totally understand. We are made to believe that every bite of food we put into our mouth are either making or breaking our health (aka a whole lot of fear-mongering). • We have stopped making food choices based on our needs, wants, preferences which disconnects us from our bodies and causes body distrust. • Some questions that really help me make food choices for myself include: -what sounds good? -what would satisfy me? -what does my body need? -what textures do I want? -what flavors do I want? -what do I have accessible to me right now? -how much time do I have? • See how all these questions are about ME and MY body? That’s what we are going for here. • Dinner is the meal I have the least amount of time for and after a long day, I’m not looking for complicated or stressful. I’m looking for easy, tasty, convenient and satisfying. • This is one of my go-to meals: BBQ CHICKEN (made in the crockpot with chicken breasts + bbq sauce and cooking for about 5-6 hours) POTATO WEDGES (tossed in olive oil, garlic powder and salt, roasted at 400 for about 30 minutes & flipping halfway through) SALAD (I grabbed a pre-bagged salad at the store and mixed that baby up for some crunch and freshness)!

Happy Sunday!! 🌻 • Here’s a real cute pic of me and my family! I have no words of wisdom today except do things that make your soul happy! Soaking up all the time with my parents does it for me! • My biggest cheerleaders, support system and somehow they have put up with me for 27 years! 💖

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