Julie Schown

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Uni student with a passion for travel and photography✨ Before and afters! 📍NEW JERSEY Rutgers University ‘21 Contact- Bluejtravels98@gmail.com

Location New York
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Taking a break on instagram can be addictive. Once you stop posting, it becomes easier and easier to ignore the online world. And coming back can feel like you are pretending to be someone that you’re not. Honestly for me, as soon as I stopped posting I felt as though I didn't fit into my online presence anymore. I’ve changed a lot over the past couple months and really didn't think I belonged here anymore. That all changed last week. I watch the TED talk by Amy Cuddy talking about body language and confidence. In her speech, she talks about how she felt like she didn’t belong and was given the advice, “Fake it till you become it”. This really struck me. That feeling of perseverance through the feelings of uncertainty and fear to eventually feel as though you belong is something I strive for. Right now, I don't believe I really belong here. What do I add to the instagram world that makes a difference? Even though I doubt myself, I am going to keep going because I think that one day I will make it to a point that I am going to make an impact here, but in order to get there, I just have to keep trying.

Hello Instagram world! So it’s been a while, 2 months to be exact, since I’ve been active on here. I took some time off to be present in college and focus on my priorities. Having this platform is so amazing, I love editing and sharing my work but finding time to work hard on it can be difficult. Now that I feel solid in my social life and my school life, I can prioritize my online presence again. I’m excited to be back and posting again!

If you aren’t speaking up, you are part of the problem. ⠀ After watching @gretathunberg address to the UN yesterday, I cried. Not because of her speech, which was epic by the way, but because of the thousands and thousands of comments saying that global warming isn’t an issue and that it is all made up to push an agenda. Reading those comments made me realize that I am stuck in a bubble that I created, one full of people who have the same perspectives that I do. Talking to my friends about climate issues is preaching to the choir, not telling them anything they didn't already know. I spend every day at school talking about the policies that have hurt our country and our environment but I haven’t stood up and done anything. Reading those comments made me feel as though I’ve been complacent, not standing up for what I think is right. ⠀ Now that I have realized my mistake, I’m going to do something about it. No longer am I going to not voice my opinions in fear of the trolls. I am not going to fear alienating people with facts about our earth. We are all on the same planet, in the same situation, and I will no longer be afraid to scream from the rooftops. Our planet is dying, and WE ARE THE CAUSE. And I WILL BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. ⠀ I am going to start doing my part, don’t be complacent, do yours as well.

Okay so story time. Yesterday I went to do laundry in my scary scary basement and I turned on the lights to the stairwell and the lights started flickering and swinging so naturally I freaked out. But I had ran out of clean underwear so I like HAD to do my laundry. Naturally I FaceTimed my mom so she could come down to the basement with me even though she’s back in Pennsylvania. So while I’m walking through the dark abyss, my dad who was sitting next to my mom said “what’s that on the ceiling?” to mess with me and I FREAKED OUT. so I’m never doing laundry again if anyone wants to pay for me to send out my laundry I would really appreciate it.

Move into a new apartment, they said. It would be fun, they said. News flash. Moving is NOT fun! After moving for a week, then trying to unpack while starting my first week of classes, I finally have a little tiny glimpse of a routine in my life. While moving was hard, being in my new apartment is so nice. Being able to cook and have friends over is so much better then living in a dorm. Can’t wait to show you guys my apartment once we are done decorating! Also, this is one of my favorite necklaces from @stickstonestyle ! She has some amazing jewelry, go check out her page!

Hello! Long time no see! After feeing pretty burnt out for the last couple weeks, I’m happy to be back and posting again. I just spent a week in my favorite place with my family and felt inspired to take photos again. Sometimes a break is just what you need to be your best self. Now that I’m back online, I’ll be on stories again! I have a very exciting week coming up but I’ll catch you up on my adventures from the last week or so!

The line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me This beach reminded me so much of the beach from the movie Moana! It was so calm and full of life with huge waves just past the reef. Absolute perfect relaxation spot.

Top bucket list locations: 1. Italy 2. Thailand 3. Peru 4. Kenya 5. New Zealand What is at the top of your bucket list?

Why not me? I just finished reading an influencer book by @mrsbrittanyhennessy and the last chapter raised the question, why not me? If other people can travel the world as their job and make a good living, why can’t I? I think this is so powerful to me. When starting this account, I didn’t want to promote myself or really push to be successful because I thought it was only for super skinny perfect women who are popular and successful. But then my page started to gain followers and while I was surprised, I was also empowered. Clearly I was capable of being one of those women traveling the world and making their own brand and impact on the world. Seeing other people who aren’t perfect making it and being themselves online was so motivating, 6 months later I’ve come a long way! Thanks to @mrsbrittanyhennessy and @christinagalbato for your book and courses for getting my courage up to say, I can do that. Now I ask you, why not you??

Did I really get super dressed up on my one night off this week to drive 20 min to get to a beach to take pictures? Yes. Yes I did. But we ended up seeing a broadway concert with the cast of Carol King’s Beautiful and I’m wearing my new necklace from @stickstonestyle so getting dressed up was totally worth it :) #ad

Snorkeling in Nassau was magical! I’ve never seen a reef like this one. So many fish and beautiful coral. Here’s a little piece of our adventure!

This major heat wave in the north east reminds me of how it felt in key west! We knew it was going to be hot in Key West so we decided to go on a glass bottom boat tour instead of walking around the island. But instead of a cool breeze, we had hot, humid air hitting us in the face. AND the inside of the boat was even hotter because the air conditioning broke. So we basically sat in our own sweat for an hour. But we got to see a very pretty reef and a gorgeous view of the island so it was worth melting for.

I want to live a life where I’m running towards sunsets, not running away from due dates.

An idyllic beach But behind this seemingly perfect tropical location, Freeport was anything but perfect. The drive from the boat to the beach (about 20 min) showed us that most of the people in Freeport were living in poverty. The houses we drove by were falling down and empty, stores abandoned and roads crumbling. It was interesting to see how islanders live when all that is shown is beautiful beaches and turquoise water.

I AM LAUNCHING MY BLOG! After months of thinking about it, 2 months of research, 4 written articles and several black holes of self doubt, I have finally made up my mind that I’m going to start a blog. I recently got an internship with a well known blogger which I am super excited about and with this new opportunity to learn more about blogging, I’m ready to begin for myself. (More info on the internship to follow but I screamed when I got the email) @christinagalbato post today inspired me to tell you all about it! My mom and I are in the process of taking the next steps but to keep myself accountable I thought it was time to tell everyone! Tell everyone ✔️ Onto the next!

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