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A health and wellness website and store run by Erin Stair, MD MPH. Erin also hosts the Causes or Cures health podcast and is author of 2 books.

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You tell me: Is this policy informing science or science informing policy?? I will post an uncut version of this with more detail on my Causes or Cures podcast tonight. . . . #scicomms #publichealth #sciencematters #mandates #healthpodcast #health

A photo of me when someone provides a safe space for scientific discussion & dissenting opinions without trying to chop off heads! 😉 . . #healrhylifestyle #mindbody #letstalk #dissent #scientificdissent #scicomms #healthcare #healthandwellness #offwithherhead #aliceinwonderland

It sure is an interesting time to be alive! I live in NYC (for now) and our fearless mayor mandated vaccine passports to gain entry into bars, restaurants, gyms, theatres.There is no other option allowed, meaning no proof of immunity & no option to take a test, say for folks who can't get vaccinated. Just the vaccine. . . Now, is this following the science? No, it's not. . . I follow the data closely & recent studies out of Israel ( for example, A. Israel et al & Gazit et al) both show that natural immunity produces a robust immune response. For example, the Gazit study showed that the vaccinated had a 13-fold increased risk of a breakthrough infection compared to those who recovered & also had an increased risk of hospitalization, compared to those who recovered. That's natural immunity, folks, and that's great news. I also interviewed Dr. Israel about his study, which compared antibody titer decay between Vaccinated & Recovered , which you can watch on the TrialSite News Podcast on YouTube. ( I will dive into all this in an upcoming video) Personally, I am disappointed that my city is enforcing vaccine passports ( for a lot of reasons) & also that it's blatantly NOT following the science by failing to recognize natural immunity. If you look at requirements for schools etc. most require proof of immunity, not vaccination. (That said, and let me be clear: Unvaccinated & Not Recovered have highest risk of getting sick overall.) . . I also believe that by completely ignoring natural immunity and the latest data on it, we are only fueling distrust in a public health system that is already on life support. Sit with that for a second... & imagine what will happen when the next pandemic comes around. . . But either way, and one for the history books, I am seeing more private establishments put up these signs on their doors. The city plans to fine people who don't comply, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Collectivism vs Individual Freedom? Fights? Violence? War? Stay tuned, America. 🔥

I often say the most important wellness tool is a pen and paper: Whether it's to map out or keep track of your health routine, become more self aware, challenge your thoughts, check your reality, find your true self, organize your brain, write down something wise you heard or an idea you want to explore, workout your imagination...and it's the greatest wellness tool till your dog eats it. 🤷‍♀️ . . . #barnabynyc #barnabynyc #holisticwellness #holistichealth #penandpaper #journaling #mindbodyspirit #healthylifestyle #healthymind #mindbody

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