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Lifestyler blogger. College Student. Christian. I blog about my life as a student, ans education major, my travels, my family, my fashion, and my faith. I would love to team up with you and be a brand rep with you. Sharing your products on my socail media pages ans blog to grow your cliental is what i hope to do. I am just sharing my life and hoping to make some money out of helping others grow thier businesses.

Want to team up? Let me know!

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For my 25th birthday, I got a fiance 💍😍 #lastegginthebasket

Online Shopping- my new addiction

Okay guys, I am sure I am not the only one who has recently found a new addiction that I just cannot seem to shake… Online Shopping. I just can’t be sure everything fits, and I definitely have made some physical changes during this lock down that is changing the normal sizes… (am I alone?) I personally have chosen to not move over to Apple products because Google products have worked great for me and my work. I think have the active tracker will help with my event planning, as well as having my phone on my wrist so I can actually respond to messages… oops..

I said Yes, again! Thanks to a couple of my best pals, and my future mother in law for helping me find the dress of my dreams! Counting down till I say "I do!"

Is this an end or a beginning?

Every day I feel like something else is coming up and I hear another thing I wanted or planned on happening is now not happening. I am going crazy because I feel like life is being taken away from me like a kid stealing cookies at night. As I sit at my kitchen table, that has turned into the new ‘school’ all us college students here have our laptops and books covering this table, I see memories of Facebook events that happened last year and prior before. I no longer focus on the thought of missing out of events that should be happening but rather focusing on how I can make these events better next year.

Sunny days and sun ray's ☀️🏖


I know I am a day late; however, yesterday is a rough day for me. Little did I know that in someone else’s life, they were having a different kind of day. , I don’t know his life, I only know his name and what he did that evening. I was in two legs casts, an arm brace, a broken shoulder, broken shoulder, blade, broken nose, staples in my head, and cuts, burns, and bruises all over.

Happy year and a half with my best friend! It's been such a ride. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us next.

The New Reality

Teachers are adapting their lesson plans to try and make online learning fun. Good thing I have my boyfriends family letting me stay long-term with them until I can go back to school. I am recreating my schedule to include online classes, family time, phone calls and face time with friends and family a far and workouts. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.

Family 14 has been THRIVING this week. We have had struggles, we have had disagreements, but we have learned how to work together. Through good conversation and listening to one another we came together and created a beautiful painting.

Dear Students' Union and CofO. . . These past 2 years have been the best moments of my life. Being able to serve this campus as the Events Officer has been so rewarding. I have been able to see students creating lasting memories that made long nights at the office worth every second. This job on campus quickly became my passion. Which led me to start my own business. (@blairestevents check it out 🤍) These canvases that have been behind my desk describe what I have seen on this campus and hope to leave students with. Remember to dream big and shine bright always. You have a home at CofO, and there are so many wonderful opportunities for you to shine, just take them! Lastly, Hope. My hope is that you take every moment, even this crazy Covid time, to trust in the Lord. Trust his process. I hope that everyone that is on this campus makes the most memories they can. Build that community, love those around you, and support each other. Make your memories, enjoy you moments. Time fleas quickly. Best of wishes to my team, my forever family, continue to show the love of Christ in all that you do. To Jamie, my successor, you will thrive! You are amazing. I am here for you always. Thank you for 2 amazing years, and a life of memories that I will cherish forever. Time for the next chapter. . . Student Teaching.

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