Bethany Simko

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I am a quickly rising 18 year old entrepreneur and fashion influencer. I own a clothing brand, an accessories brand and I run the social media for several companies. So I know my way around Instagram and Tik Tok algorithms. Making an impression is my specialty. I strive to inspire young women to embrace their style and their strength. I would like to work with brands who promote the same thing. I have a strong presence and a vivacious work ethic to create beautiful content.

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Just a little reminder to relax your jaw, breathe a little deeper, straighten your shoulders and to check in on your friends 💖

My best friend in the entire world leaves me tomorrow for college. Take care of her for me Dixie. Shaye you’re going to be missed 💖🥺

Legend says she was too short to get back down

@cchristinawall you’re a really good photographer and also happy birthday 😘

Challenge time! If you followed me from tik tok you know that I just posted a model call! The comments have been flowing in from girls excited to joint a community. However, there has also been a large number of girls who noted something they hated about themselves and how that doesn’t make them good enough to model. This breaks my heart to see girls believing they are less than amazing. How often do we look in the mirror and think about all of the incredible things about ourselves? How often is it that we look at our reflection and pick out every flaw we see? I think it’s time to change that. My challenge to you is to comment your favorite thing about yourself. Take time to notice how incredible your body, your mind and personality is. Don’t be afraid to show it off to the world! This is your moment to change your mindset and start loving yourself. Even if it’s just one part of you, it’s a start. And by practicing this love for yourself you can start recognizing even more beauty in you. I’ll go first: I love my laugh and goofy personality. Your turn!! What do you love about yourself?

If you squint your eyes just right, I’m not actually taking pics of myself all alone with self timer - Also If you’re here from tik tok say hi in the comments!!

Even though I’ve lived in Provo for about a week now, these aren’t any sort of announcement. Haven’t quite found the one at the ripe old age of 18. But let’s talk about the future and the fact that I even got to the age of 18. September is national suicide prevention month and I have a story to share. Since the age of 13, I have been familiar with depression. By the time I got to high school, things were getting worse. During my junior year I had a full blown eating disorder and every day was a struggle to get out of bed. I didn’t want to move or live anymore. During November of my senior year I decided it was time to end my pain on this earth. I set a date for January 1st 2020 so that I could at least see the new year. Luckily, I got on medication and saw amazing growth in myself as I fixed the chemical imbalances within my brain. January 1st 2020 came and went and I was happy, in love with my life and full of positivity. Then February hit and I was raped which sent my world spiraling. I felt broken and used. I felt dirty and all of the progress I had made slipped away. I became despondent, numb and silent. On March 10th I attempted to end my life. I survived, which sounds like a good thing to people who haven’t been there. (Looking back I am eternally grateful my method didn’t work), but laying in the hospital bed the morning after my attempt was hell. I didn’t want to be alive, let alone stuck up with needles. All I wanted was to go home to my Heavenly Father above and end all of the pain I had stored in my heart. Sitting in that hospital bed, all I wanted was someone who understood. Someone who was going to tell me I’m not a bad person for trying to end my life. Someone to tell me I’m not a murderer and that it’s not my fault I feel this way. But no one did. I felt processed, I felt like a threat and I felt like a monster for trying to kill a human being. I am a living testament today that if you have been in this situation, or have ever felt like ending it all, you are NOT a monster. It is not your fault you feel this way. And you are NOT a murderer. You are amazing and you have the ability to heal. Things are going to get better and life can be beautiful

There he is. There’s my favorite white boy 😍

Happy cake day! I’m finally a legal adult and probably should register to vote #notjailbaitanymore

It’s our Barbie world and you’re just living in it

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