Isabel Leong

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#TravelBlogger #DigitalNomad #AdventureTravel, Go-getter, #Photographer & Storyteller. Currently in #California & #Hawaii

Country Singapore
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🔆 Summer's probably a better idea 😅 #BATWxSingapore

How Am I “Surviving” Being Stuck In Singapore?

There’s this invisible force in motion that somehow makes one feel compelled to be doing something all the time, turning the energy outward and towards productivity and accomplishing things instead of inward for reflection. I feel like I’m sandwiched in a crowd of people moving onward, and if I didn’t, I’ll just be led to go with the flow, or I’ll feel like I’m missing out on precious time. In between my unmotivated days where I get up at 10am every morning and spend my whole evening bingeing on Netflix, I’ve fortunately managed to set my course on a few new projects, such as: Launching my very first course! This is a whole new project outside of blogging and travel, so I’ve been pretty focused with picking up new knowledge, skills and pushing myself outside my comfort zone (especially with speaking in front of the camera!).

[Part 2] With that, we spent the night, glass in hand, dancing in the semi-darkness sandwiched between tens of other unfamiliar people, bodies close. After what felt like a moment in time that ended too quickly, we took an Uber back to our hotel. We bade goodnight at my room door. As much as I was trying to concuss, I lay awake, restless. This was very unusual behaviour since I'm known to be a blissful, sleepy drunk. Was I still buzzing from the excitement of a night out with a stranger and letting loose after what seemed like too long. Desperate for some semblance to kick me out of my boredom, I tried my luck with a text: "I'm still so buzzed I can't sleep," not thinking I would get a response in the dead of the night. "I'm one floor down, same room. I'll play you some country music 🎼 on the balcony." So jet lag has caught up with him, it appears. Feeling like I was starring in my own movie, I ran out to the balcony, peering my head out and over to see as much as I could on the floor below me, hoping to find a cheeky neighbour trying to charm a girl with her favourite kind of music. Talk about acting out of a movie scene. "🥶" Through the chilly South African October whether, I chickened out of what would be two neighbours trying to entertain each other at 3 in the morning at our respective balconies, into the warmth of my room. ... We had an extra day the next day in Cape Town, and I invited him to join me in some of my activities. This included the famous penguins and driving through the dramatic landscapes of the Cape's peninsula. [Swipe to see its beauty!] Over the course of my next trips going home and to Sri Lanka, we kept in touch casually over text, all through the rest of the year. "You don’t have to have anything to update me about, you can always just send a photo. I have literally no idea what it looks like there. Mostly I wanted to hear how you were doing 😉" #BATWxSouthAfrica

Glasgow VS Edinburgh - Which Scotland City To Visit?

Explore the cultural heritage of Scotland as well as some artefacts from around the world at the National Museum of Scotland. Once an industrial city, Glasgow is now the cultural capital of Scotland, where you’ll find several attractions, both old and new, to make your trip more memorable. It will ultimately depend on what other parts of Scotland you want to explore while you’re there. This one is really up to you, depending on which other parts of Scotland you plan to visit on your Scotland trip, unless you’re planning a city break only.

[Part I] "What are you doing tonight?" came a voice I wouldn't have recognised 5 minutes earlier. This is a story I don't think I've ever told anyone. By some queer sense of intuition, I felt inspired to rehash it and share it with you today. It was a cool, crisp October of 2019 in beautiful Cape Town. I was booked in @capeviewclifton. To date, this is still one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in the world, and the first accommodation in my month-long trip in South Africa to have a gym. A gym which overlooks the ocean on a cliffside to boot. I was stoked to finally hit it! [Slide right to see excitement in action] I was enjoying my jam in my own personal space when an unfamiliar being came in. Suddenly, the space feels constricted and I'm once again self-aware. Ugh, talk about timing. To my absolute surprise, this unfamiliar face started showing interest in my business up here. My initial thought was, doesn't this scene only usually play out in movies? It's happening IRL, in *my* life? Although, I haven't yet seen or heard anyone talk about hitting a girl up at a hotel gym. What are the odds of a Singaporean and an American meeting in the middle of Cape Town, South Africa? A couple of introductions and a phone exchange later, we went on a very impromptu night out. Braving the cold and the rain, we had a typical American fare, while getting to know each other more. The food was none as impressive as the new friend I just made in front of me. We hadn't very much in common; he's in the medical field with an established career on a business trip to South Africa, while I'm just a hopeless wanderer roaming a month with the African wildlife, really. How our paths crossed in the most unlikeliest situation is beyond me. Sidenote: It's being able to walk in the shoes of lives I would never lead/ could never imagine myself to be in that fuels my desire to travel and meet people. "So I've heard there's a nice bar not far from here. Are you keen to check it out?" #BATWxSouthAfrica

Skincare Essentials For Your Carry-on Bag

I often travel with nothing but a carry-on bag to fit my essentials, so these skincare essentials are suitable for in-flight skin woes as well as skincare throughout your trip. Before we get to the skincare essentials, we need to talk for just a minute about WHY you can’t bring your home skincare routine on a plane. Toner is great for your skin during flight, but you shouldn’t use it without cleansing your face first (we’ll talk about cleansing wipes in the next section). Remember that you’re going to need to care for your skin multiple times during your flight, so you don’t want to apply anything that sticks and doesn’t want to come off.

Sometimes I wish I can turn back time, not to relive the experience, but to immortalise what it felt in that moment in time. #BATWxCalifornia

How To Stay Healthy And Sane When You're Travelling Often

As much as you should enjoy savouring local cuisines, you should also look at keeping up a similar diet to when you’re home, so that your digestive system doesn’t get too confused when you eat rich foods. If the trip is long, it is advisable to have lunch or a second breakfast, since it will provide us with a while of rest and will provide us with the necessary nutrients. If you are going to be on an unchanged path for a while, driving for example, you should invest a little of your time in learning a language through audios or listening to positive uplifting podcasts to improve your personal or professional life. It’s so easy to come home exhausted with no desire for anything but rest or getting involved in housework that you may not be giving your family the attention they need.

In my journeys, I've had the honour of experiencing both ends of the spectrum, and I love how my experiences juxtapose one another. For without either of them, I would not have been able to wholly appreciate the other. The seemingly basic instincts we so often overlook becomes starkly different when you put yourself at the end of each scale. Instead of relishing life for what it offers and being present at every moment bestowed to me, I would have been trapped in the melodrama of "life." I don't exist without you, and you don't exist without them. I am so profoundly appreciative of all that I have (like soaking in this natural hot spring here) and all that I am, even if it means having a few hiccups along the way (ahem like being held hostage in Tokyo airport for 24 hours prior to arriving in the US). Thank you for YOU! 🥰😚 #BATWxCalifornia

Being back on the soil that nourishes us, what was long forgotten is now remembered. There is a subtle shift in my body I am slowly noticing - one that is in tune with the natural forces of the Earth. Falling asleep to the stars illuminating the sky. Feeling renewed at the dawn of light after a restful night's sleep free of any sort of light, sound and air pollution. 🌃 Have our daily distractions overshadowed what is meant to be our natural cycle of life? #BATWxCalifornia

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