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• Flavor Curious🥃💨☕🍽 • Engraving Extraordinaire⚡🔥 • Serial Learner📚🔎 • 21+ to Follow

Location Mesa, Arizona
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Work. Goals. Discovery. Labor. Progress. These things can all look very differently to each individual. We can define them differently, approach them differently, and even debate over what matters to each of us. The opposites of these things are much less debatable though. We know what complacency and stagnation feels like - for me, that looked like sinking into mediocrity. I know Labor Day is about national labor, but it all starts with us. What work do we put in personally and professionally? How do we feel about work? Why will committing to self-work look like? There was a lot about myself that I was unhappy with and that came from a lot of limiting beliefs. After hitting rock bottom, there was nothing to lose though. These last 10 weeks, I dove into quantifiable, measurable, and testable changes to try to build habits. 27 books read, 347 pages written, 703,000+ steps walked, 10 therapy sessions, 13 dance lessons, 46 workouts, 49 blood ketone measurements, 43lbs dropped (this morning was the first time I've been below 200lbs since high school), 33 social engagements, 7 paddle boarding trips and 2 business milestones. Looking back at those numbers, if I would have set out to do all of that at the beginning in that short amount of time, I probably wouldn't have even started. The goal was to put in work to build systems, not the specific outcomes (the outcomes take care of themselves). It's weird what different forms of work can teach. The work is never done either, but it's so much easier when enjoying the process. Of the things I learned through the last 2.5 months, the most important for me have been finding gratefulness for all that we already have, that happiness looks more like finding reasons to be happy in what we do, and that there is no shame in celebrating victories. I know I'm just another person with a small platform and a little bit to say, so take this as you will - putting in the work will always be transformative, and we are all capable of that.

Some of the best ryes in production - change my mind! Michter's 10yr Rye was the first rye that I really liked (took a while for me to warm up to ryes). Since then, I never pass up them up when I see them! Any other ryes that are consistently great and somewhat accessible? #barrelraised #michters #michterswhiskey #fryeday #michters10 #michtersrye #whiskey #ryewhiskey #changemymind

Would you wait in line for 2+ days for a bottle of whiskey?! After seeing pictures from Louisville this week, the lengths people are going to get these bottles have me convinced that bourbon madness has flown off the charts! Birthday Bourbon has been elusive for years so I shouldn't be surprised at what is happening though. I've questioned some of the dumb things I've done for bourbon in the past, but I wouldn't have imagined people camping out a few days ahead of a release to try to get whiskey 😆. Would the wait be worth it for you?? #barrelraised #oldforester #oldforesterbourbon #oldforesterbirthdaybourbon #birthdaybourbon #ofbb #oldforesterdistillery #bourbon #bourbonporn #bourbongram #hypebeast #whiskey

This is the kind of education I love! Getting to experience what changes between the raw product (distillate) and maturation (3 years), and taking that further to see if the character still shows through in a blend. I don't have much experience with @bardstownbourbonco whiskies, but I'm excited to change that tonight! Of all of the great things I've heard about them so far, I'm sure I have a lot to look forward to. Of their releases so far, what have the standouts been to be on the lookout for? #barrelraised #bardstown #bardstownbourboncompany #bardstownbourbon #bourbon #kentuckybourbon #bourbontasting #whiskey #whiskeytasting #bourbongram #bourbonlovers #imbibe #drinkstagram #whiskeygram

A 1980 Eagle Rare 10 was going to be opened and the idea was suggested to do a big comparison. Best idea I've been included in in a while! The amount of variation between the 1980, 17yr and all of the picks surprised me more than I expected. Short answer - don't sleep on ER picks! #barrelraised #eaglerare #eaglerarebourbon #eaglerare10 #er10 #eaglerarelife #eaglerarewhiskey #oldprenticedistillery #buffalotrace #btac #bourbongram #bourbonlovers #bourbon #whiskeygram #whiskey

I continue to be humbled by the generosity within whiskey and the friends that I've made because of it. It seems like the best bottles come out with great people! If anyone knows anything about the Old Man Winter, we're trying to learn a bit more! #barrelraised #rareperfection #rareperfectionwhiskey #preservationdistillery #bourbon #rarebourbon #rareperfection25 #oldmanwinter #bourbonlovers #bourbongram #friendsdinner

Real talk. "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."  I've had a few messages asking - for now, I've stepped away from regular boozing (and obsessive working) to reevaluate my direction in life. I'll still be making cool shit for all of you, adding new things that have been requested (some seen in this picture), and will have some surprises dropping over the year, but I've shifted to prioritizing life over work though. So what's this all about? I find public writing to be cathartic, and being that we are all humans with our own sets of shit, I feel a little more humanity in being open and real, especially when things aren't perfect. This last month, I've come to realize that so many things I believed to be right, true, and 'cemented' pieces of myself were actually way off the mark, and I was blind to it. I was given the above quote recently, and it resonated more than I could have imagined. I have a feeling I'm not alone in that. Most of my life, I struggled with mental baggage. I never really understood it. Hell, I didn't even see it as something to be understood. It was just “how things are”, “it’s what I do”, “it’s who I am” - I did what I could with what I knew. Recently, I truly and deeply felt the consequences of those issues. I found what meant the world to me, pushed away, and lost. Then, I fell face first into what has been a struggle for the better part of 20 years. With extensive ongoing work and professional help, I'm learning about and finally beating the things that got in the way of happiness and connections. They weren't fixed, but things to heal. When you don't know there is a problem, or what the problem is, it's pretty damn difficult to fix it. When a light shines on it, with a plan, it becomes a whole lot easier to tackle though. The circumstances to get to that point can be painful, but growth isn't usually easy. Continuously pushing out of the 'comfort zone', actively working on what *really* matters, whole-assing the work - it all move us forward. I like to believe, with persistence and desire, things really do change. Going back, simply, for all of us - "when you know better, do better."

A virtual Fèis ìle has been going on all week, and tomorrow is Ardbeg day! I was really hoping to be on Islay for the event this year, but we all know how that played out. Hopefully next year 🤞🤞. Either way, we can still drink some whiskies and watch some Ardbeg-ish videos and live streams on or their Facebook tomorrow. I'm particularly looking forward to Dr. Bill's live tasting 🥃🥃 #barrelraised #feisile #ardbeg #ardbegday #ardbegwhisky #ardbegscorch #peatedwhisky #peathead #islay #islaywhisky #ardbegcommittee #ardbegcommitteerelease #whisky #scotch #whiskyporn #whiskylover

Disorder. Chaos. Clutter. Those of you that have amassed selections that could be called "extra" - how did you organize things?? My happy place is no longer habitable. I've been a bit buried in bottle overflow, some shelf space cleared out to make room, and now I have no idea how to organize anything. No truer example of 'first world probs', but I've see many of your did you decide where to stick things?? #barrelraised #disorganized #clutter #bourbonproblems #bourbon #whiskey #whiskeylife #bourbonlife #scotch #scotchporn #singlemalt #shelfie #whiskeyroom #whiskyroom

I don't usually question bonkers whisk(e)y pricing anymore, but this got me 😆. Can anyone explain this to me? I'm sure they will sell, but putting it next to a Highland Park 30yr and being ~2x the price really pushed the envelope. Does whiskey seem to be getting out of hand to anyone else, or is this just where we're at? #barrelraised #bourbon #bourbonfinds #overpricedbourbon #whisky #whiskey #highlandpark #highlandpark30 #thirstythursday #thurstythursday

Feature Friday! It's been a long time coming, but we finally have the @tuathglass in stock for custom engraving (may even have the 'Ghost Glass' option up for grabs 😉). This will be a limited run of glassware - with a chunk already claimed, I expect them to go quickly! As for the whisky, @sassenachspirits wasn't on my radar until my mom asked me to find it (she isn't a drinker, but loves Outlander). Took about a year to get my hands on it, but it converted her to a whisk(e)y fan! I'm usually a bit skeptical with celebrity/pop-culture backed spirits, but this is actually pretty good. I was surprised it was at 46% abv and not proofed down to 40%. Very sippable blend with a good amount of peach coming out (Redbreast 27 is the only other I've had where peaches really jumped out), citrus and a little zip on the finish. I don't usually grab Scotch blends outside of Compass Box, but glad I picked it up!

Do any of you feel the pull of trying to complete verticals of bottle releases? I love tasting for variations from batch to batch, so it's easy to sucker me in haha. Started with the first release and couldn't not grab the final release. Can't say no to Costco pricing either - out the door was ~20% below MSRP! (Sharing the goods - only one is going home with me). #barrelraised #kentuckyowl #kentuckyowlrye #kentuckyowlbourbon #kentuckyowlbatch4 #korye #kentuckyrye #rye #ryewhiskey #ryenot #thirstythursday #tater #kentuckywhiskey #whiskylover #whiskeyporn #whiskey #whisky #drinkstagram #dramstagram

After a 2 year wait, Four Roses SBS is on shelves in Arizona now (and a number of other states too)! My first ever 'single barrel' was a bottle of Four Roses, and that opened me up to what they had to offer. Since then, I've slowly been working to add the 10 recipes to my shelves, but as much as I like the single barrels (some more than others), their blends are what shine for me. The Small Batch Select and the LEs are what I found to be my sweet spots. Since the LEs are nearly impossible to get, this being more readily available now makes it a winner, especially as a daily drinker! #barrelraised #fourroses #fourrosesbourbon #fourrosesdistillery #fourrosessmallbatch #fourrosessmallbatchselect #bourbon #bourbonlife #whiskeyporn #bourbongram #drinkstagram #imbibe #kentuckybourbon #bourbonlovers #whiskeytasting #bourbongram

I just saw that Dixon announced he is stepping away from Kentucky Owl, so I reached in to the 'way-back-machine' for this one! KO Rye Batch 1 was released right around the time that I got in to Instagram. I wasn't big in to rye at the time, but this ended up being the first rye I really enjoyed and got me to give it a few more chances. Hell, I'm still nursing this bottle, I'll be curious to see what comes next! #barrelraised #kentuckyowl #kentuckyowlrye #kentuckyowlbourbon #fryeday #rye #ryewhiskey #ryewhisky #ryenot #whisky #whiskeyweekend #bourbonandrye #whiskey #kentuckyrye #drinkstagram #imbibe

Friday rolling in with a splash! Custom Kenzie glasses coming along with it! ° ° I wish this Laphroaig 15 weren't so hard to come by now. The older they get, the more the peat starts to smooth out. For me, this is a sweat spot though - the peat is still there, but the edges have been rounded off and some fruitness shines through! #barrelraised #laphroaig #laphroaigdistillery #laphroaig15 #laphroaigwhisky #islay #islaywhisky #scotch #kenzie #kenzieglass #whisky #whiskey #whiskeyglass #whiskyglass #whiskywithaview #dramstagram #whiskyporn #whiskeyporn #lakelife #camping #whiskeyweekend #drinkstagram #fridayvibes

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