Tatiana Lewis

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30 year old Esthetician and Makeup artist, bougie mom of one son from NYC. I merge my passions of luxury beauty/skincare, fashion, lifestyle and travel into one while finding a way to save mother nature.

I will tell you where to go for the best facial in NYC or in Phuket !

Location NYC, New York
Country United States of America
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✨ Heyy everyone !!! Its the last day of March and warmer weather is right around the corner which means....more outdoor activities!!!! ✨ With more outdoor activities, comes the need for healthy and long lasting energy...i came across @verbenergy and i am SHOOK. I have the hardest time finding energy bars that don’t have that nasty fake sugar taste or that are filled with a ton of my allergens ✨ I’m not someone that has super healthy eating habits or someone that eats 3 meals a day, these @verbenergy come in handy...each bar is filled w/ caffeine from green tea which means no jittery feelings (yay!!) ✨ I pack these in my carry on bag and they are PERFECT for travel. Make sure you take a few on your next excursions and watch how that energy will pick you right up Click the link in my bio, give these a shot and let me know how you like it ! #theskincarebarbie #verblove #verb #verbenergy #oneshotofespresso

Life is GUCCI✨ Bag && shoes from @fleurderiche Shop my lewk http://liketk.it/3dYJ0 #theskincarebarbie #liketkit @liketoknow.it #fashionista #melaninpoppin #styleblogger #blackblogger #ootd #melanin #blackgirlsrock #blackinfluencers #blackfashionbloggers #blackgirlstyle #blackfashion #blackgirlswhoblog #fashionblogger #blackgirlbloggers #blackfashionista #streetstyle #blackgirlswithstyle #ootdblackgirls #fashion #blackfashionbloggersunite #blackfashionblogger #browngirlbloggers #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlfashion #blackfashionistablackfashionbloggers #fleurderiche

✨ Heyy heyyy happy #selfcaresaturday I know we’ve all heard and seen the popularity of CBD lately and the legalization of recreational marajuana in NYC...which means 4/20 is gonna be lit...literally!! I will be enjoying my day relaxing with my @omura Series X in quartz and my Calm CBD flowersticks. It helps keep me calm, relaxed and at ease. I love love loveeee everything about my Series X, from the sleek and classy design, no harsh taste, the color and the portability...it is everything for me !! Yall know I put yall on to all the goodies...so make sure you shop @omura thru the link in my bio and use code TATIANA15 to save $$$$ Have a good 4/20 yall🤍🤍 #theskincarebarbie #omura #omuramoment #420time

Happy #selfcaresunday🌸 Make sure you start and end your day in some luxurious silk or satin pjs💎 ✨ Here are a few ways to incorporate luxury self-care into your regimen - silk or satin pjs - silk or satin pillowcases - silk or satin bedding - luxury candles - daily affirmations ✨ Luxury doesnt automatically have to be designer or name brand...just incorporating a few things into your daily routine creates a luxury life and lifestyle💎 #theskincarebarbie

✨ A walking goddess Goddess - a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty. ✨ The older I get, the more in tune I become with my divine femininity, my beauty, my spirit && my soul. The comfortability within myself has been so interesting to witness. Turning 30 was eye opening and now at 31, i’m ready, ready to fully be me....unapologetically. Extra and all Cheers to looking 21 forever🥂💖 DRESS | @bronxandbanco via @revolve (link in bio) BAG | @cultgaia (link in bio) SHOES | @ysl opyum sandal ** PS its my birthday allll month😉** #theskincarebarbie #revolve #bronxandbanco #cultgaiabag #birthdaygirl🎉 #ilbastardo #ilbastardobrunchnyc #spoiledblackgirls #prettypaidprivileged #teamextra #tauruswoman #goddesswithin #taurusseason #teamtaurus♉️ #blackfashionbloggers #saintlaurent #luxuryblackwomen #highendblackgirls #luxblackwomen

✨ Be a flamingo, in a flock of pigeons...cheers to 31🥂🎂 Yall already know i’m coming thru with the extraness this weekend💖💖 #theskincarebarbie #teamtaurus #birthdaybih Balloons | @wattspoppingballoons

She blooms even when darkness engulfs her🌸 I’m not gonna lie, my depression has been an ongoing struggle for me. As of late, its really been all over the place && i am drained. I literally don’t want to do anything and its a huge task just to get out of bed to do anything. It was a struggle to even get up and get myself together to go out and get this content, or even do my makeup(and yall know thats not me). Pushing thru and handling things on my own, putting a smile on my face and just going is something I’ve perfected over the years, because I had to. People always say to me, “oh you don’t look depressed” “why are you depressed”. First of all, there is not a look for depression. Some people lose themselves and others are high functioning...its not one size fits all when it comes to dealing with depression. Also, if i knew why i was depressed, i would not be depressed lol...my brain just gets chemically unbalanced and thats my life On my walk, i saw these beautiful magnolia flowers that bloom every spring and it reminded me that I will “bloom” again and get back to my old self. Surprisingly enough, i googled the meaning/symbolism of magnolias and it was so fitting for my feelings - womanly beauty - gentleness - dignity - nobility - longevity - perseverance I know i’m fine now, and i know i will be fine later...i just need to continue pushing thru💖 #theskincarebarbie #imdepressedbutwelldressed

A face🌸 #theskincarebarbie

✨ Hayyy my loves...in honor of #wellnesswednesdays, lets talk about clean beauty. A lot of skincare brands say they are clean, but i’ve come to realize that every brand has a different meaning of “clean beauty”. ✨ One of my fave clean beauty brands of the moment is @mayfieldglow . Created by a family who wanted a truly clean brand && products that could be used by everyone ! ✨ I’m someone who believes in supporting small POC business, because I am also a small POC business. ✨ For a true wellness experience, give @mayfieldglow a try, and you will NOT be disappointed ! ✨Products - 24k Golden Eye Masks - Golden Goddess Oil - Pink Clay Mask - MG Mask Brush Oh && btw, dont forget to check out my reel using their pink clay mask ! #theskincarebarbie #mayfieldglow #mgbabe #cleanbeautymovement #pocbusiness #greenbeautyproducts #skinstagram #cleanbeautyrevolution #nontoxicbeauty #blackbeautybloggers #skincarereview #ecobeauty #skincareblogger #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautycommunity #organicskincare #cleanbeautyboss #discoverunder10k #cleanbeautyblogger #blackskincarebloggers #skinfluencer #crueltyfree #cleanbeautyproducts

✨ After women, flowers are the most lovely thing GOD has given the world.... Brunch at the prettiest new restaurant @court.street.tavern ..full review on this new local coming soon🌸 📸 : Josiah and edited w/ my HONEYDEW 🍯 preset Hope you all had a beautiful easter sunday💖 #theskincarebarbie #courtstreettavern #bestambiance #brooklynrestaurants #nycrestaurants

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