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Viral Octopus specializes in digital solutions and modular marketing services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our system blends the best of human creativity with the power of robot automation.

I believe that what we are doing will bring out the best in people, creating an oasis of human values and good compensation in an increasingly dehumanizing gig economy.

What sets us apart?

We slay the dragon. Society suffers from the curse of unproductive employment, inefficiency for the sake of creating work, and nowhere is it more manifest than in middle management. It is not the middle managers’ fault; it is the task of middle management that crushes souls.

Viral Octopus puts human creativity first and supports our creators with polices and automation that eliminate a lot of annoying and useless management, leaving rewards for the people who do the work. As CEO and platform owner, I can assure you the company is not greedy. Our Giggers are special, and they deserve a good share of our revenue.

And for me and those who join me, it’s not just about good compensation and interesting work - it’s about being part of a self-guiding community that constantly delivers new insight and supports our team members as they progress from practitioners to innovators, researchers, and thought leaders.

Our team members can climb the ol’ Maslovian Pyramid and discover their best selves, and our clients get mind-blowing results from the accumulated incremental percentage improvements a host of nuanced insights give you. It’s a win-win.

Take a look at our product feature => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7hHtwZGkIo

• We attract top creatives in the industry with a solid reward system and replace middle management with an Automated Human Resource Management System • We Utilize a matching algorithm to create teams based on skills tests, client and peer performance ratings, passions and interests • We manage the team, do the work according to best practices, deliver on time, and help scale the client business’ efficiently - using a proven, tested policy-driven system that gets results. • Our teams are lead by strategists who primarily strategize. Look ma, no hands! Self-managing teams assembled by AI and driven by policy.

So far, our Giggers, Strategists, and Clients love it, and our Experts are already producing some very compelling content. We have tested the model and we are working on scaling up.

We are building something really different, and I feel sure that someday someone will want to tell this story. To me, it seems like its never too soon.

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Gartner Hype Cycle

How To Use The Gartner Hype Cycle Technology Adoption Curve Welcome once again to Viral Octopus Magazine’s Knowledge series. Research and advisory company Gartner’s Jackie Fenn put quite a feather in their cap back in 1995 when he came up with a general hypothesis about the typical technology adoption curve that came to be called the Gartner Hype Cycle. The five stages are: the innovation trigger, the meteoric irrational rise to the peak of inflated expectation, the precipitous drop into the trough of disillusionment, the gradual slope of enlightenment, and finally the stable plateau of productivity. We can soberly assess the technology on its merits, aware that we are experiencing a barrage of emotional, irrational, or manipulative hype at any given stage of the curve.

The Power of Brand Purpose

CSR can also win some affection from consumers, but you need to get more specific to get the most out of your purpose-driven marketing efforts. For a long time, critics have railed against advertising for beauty products that they say has focused on manipulating consumers by eroding their self-esteem and making them feel insecure, like they need the product to be a worthy person. Consumers appreciated Dove’s choice to show women’s diverse natural bodies in a light that celebrated a much less narrow standard of beauty, the beauty of smiling women (with healthy-looking skin) of all shapes and sizes in their #speakbeautiful ad campaigns. Our teams are committed to using their intelligence and developing their knowledge to perform useful tasks, helping brands reach their consumers with easy-to-use modular digital marketing services and being kind to each other, and having fun while we do it.

Build Customer Loyalty

For instance, a sandwich shop might offer customers loyalty cards that will be marked every time the customer purchases a sandwich. But it’s likely that the process of recruiting the new customer for you and getting a reward will further bond the first customer and enhance their loyalty and lifetime customer value too. Give a few “free points” or very easy to earn points to encourage people to join the loyalty program by making an easy first step that points towards a significant real future value. You can encourage social media activity that builds a bond by offering points in your loyalty program for taking particular actions on social media.

Increase Lifetime Customer Value

This is an article for anyone who wants to get beyond a single sale, and beyond basic metrics of repeat business to build a deep and abiding relationship by truly putting customers first. And if we really want to maximize profits, we need to think beyond a single sale and consider lifetime customer value – LTCV. If you are solely focused on maximizing sales to your target, you won’t be able to deliver the kind of memorable brand experience that leads to powerful lifetime emotional loyalty that can send your LTCV through the roof. Build a real relationship that can be the foundation of durable emotional loyalty that drives lifetime customer value.

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