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How to Perform a Blog Audit to Increase Your Productivity

Specifically, a time audit where you look at where you are spending most of your time when you blog. This might be an eye opener or you might shy away from this activity because you know you aren’t always working on your blog when it’s time to blog. Use parts of that blog post to create a subtopic in a blog post and open up the discussion from this blog post in a guest post. To cut the time, you can create a pin template and use that to create many new pins in half the time.

What to Do When Your Blog Traffic Goes Down

For example, the Medic Update wiped out a lot of health blogs that were ranking in Google and replaced them with much higher brand health sites from reputable sources like doctors and notable authors. So, if there is a Google update and I noticed that my #1 posts aren’t raking, I don’t do anything. Having board titles like – me love coffee, ben’s nursery, i like – won’t help you reach a big audience on Pinterest. Create video lessons for a new course • Update old course lessons and add new course lessons

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