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GuruNanda means 'Teacher Nanda" . Puneet Nanda is a serial entrepreneur tuned Yogi. Winner of E&Y 2011 entrepreneur of the Year 2011. His ill health made him turn to his roots in india and he started Yoga to heal himself and turned into a yoga teacher. His entrepreneur bug got him back in business associated with healthy living thru nature. He restarted a Essential Oil business in 2015. He dedicates his channel to Yoga poses, Yogic breathing, science behind yoga, music and yoga. The business aspect of why essential oils are important and what and how to use them. Why adulteration in essential oils by online companies and the high prices charged by MLM companies is a issue. GuruNanda brand is a respite to all. The products are FARM 2 YOU. Best Price Best Quality Low Profit. We also decided to have social undertaking by employing under privileged and exploited women in valley of Kashmir, India as a way to give back to the world. Look at for further details.

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Health & Wellness

Mandalas have appeared throughout history in different cultures with varying interpretations. However, there are a few characteristic interpretations that overlap across different cultures. The Mandala is a symbol that represents: It has been used throughout the ages as a spiritual guidance tool, and it continues to be a relevant symbol that connects us with the great beyond. Guru Nanda is proud to present a Mandala for each essential benefit.

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