Caitlyn Eubank

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I am a 28 year old single parent, homeowner, athlete, mom of an autistic boy, and more. Prior to 2020 and Covid-19, I was the Director of Sales & Marketing and an Influencer & Content Creator as my side job. I am now a full time influencer and content creator.

I opened a fast growing Blog, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Clubhouse, & Tumblr to go along with my already popular Instagram & Pinterest.

I speak about social media influencing, new exciting brands and products, and how to grow your own brand/small business. I also speak about being an athlete & a mom with chronic illnesses.

Caiti | Social Media Educator •Media/Marketing Specialist •CEO of Dinner🎲 •FBA•Author•Athlete•Mom•🏳️‍🌈 •Rare&InvisibleDiseaseAwareness •POTs•hEDS•Gastroparesis•Fibro♿️

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I’ve survived since I was 15. I takes a lot of forgiveness of yourself to heal. I’ve been the villain on both sides of my family for longer than I can remember. It’s been over ten years. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Had my mom just done the work on herself that she needs to do to heal. Maybe I wouldn’t of had to heal so much. Just because your parents love you doesn’t mean they didn’t damage you. The self-work, the self care and the healing with worth it. Never give up. It’s OK to be the villain in someone else’s story. Just stop being the victim of yours. You are responsible for your happiness, no one else. Just one peace and everything else will fall in place. #heal #motherwound #motherwoundhealing #selfcare #dothework #e8f990f4

Invisible disease awareness. This is a photo of me today. I look pretty normal. What you may not noticed at first glance is: I have knee braces on so I can walk. I have a heart monitor on. I have a lot of medication in me. I can’t barely keep my eyes open because the world is spinning and moving. I see three of everything. I have bruises all over my arms. I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow from leaving the house (takes a lot of energy to go anywhere). I’m in a lot pain from my ribs. I was in the hospital yesterday because i had an air embolism (my body absorbed it after a while) but that’s what made me cough to dislocated my ribs (ribs are back in). You don’t know what someone is going through. I’m considered disabled but you may not have noticed because it doesn’t always “look” that way. #ehlersdanlos #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicillness #dysautonomia #invisibleillnessawareness #invisibleillnesswarrior

Never Fight Over Whats For Dinner Again! WHY BUY THIS? * End fights over whats you want to eat. * No more problems choosing where to eat out. * Simply roll the dice & use the results in your yelp Dinner Dice Directions 1) Roll The Dice. 2) Type what you rolled in your favorite search engine. (We recommend Yelp) 3) Whatever number you rolled, count down to that restaurant. #whatsfordinner #decidetoday #dinner #datenight #datenite #dinnergame #game

I can’t decide which one i like better. Which is the best?! #lesbian #newprofilepicture #rebranding #standout

My baby boy😍😍😍 Who wants to take a guess at what he is?! @embarkvet test will be back in two weeks and we will know for sure!!! Thanks @peacelovepinoy for taking him to the beach while I’m sick at home! He loved it! #dogsofinstagram #embark #embarkvet #puppiesofinstagram #barkbox #talkingdogsofinstagram

New post under reels! unBOXING Amazon returns! Over $500 worth of stuff for under $125 from @wibargain use my code (code: Caitlyn) for 15% off #bargainshopper #fba #resellercommunity #reseller #resellerlife #ad

GRATITUDE there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Today VS one year ago today. One year ago I was on top of the world feeling amazing! Today my calendar full of doctors appointments, my pump giving me my weekly IVs so I can stand and walk better for a few days, table full of medical supplies I need to put back up... this is life with a chronic illness. But I’m grateful. So grateful for: My heating pad (helps with stomach pain and cramps) My weekly IVs (The first treatment that’s ever helped this much!) My amazing friends and family who take me to doctors appointment, come over and keep me company, who pick me up so i can get lunch with them cause I can’t drive. My IV pump that’s covered by insurance. Finding people who also have what I do locally who help me find the right drs. Doctors offices who allow me to get on cancellation list to be able to get into appointment sooner Neurologist who listens and understands me and my illnesses (better than anyone else I’ve ever had) For ANSWERS! That tell me what’s wrong with me (we don’t have all the answers yet hopefully by the end of the month) An ex husband that isn’t being an asshole about me being sick and is actually being supportive. A partner who is putting up with a lot, helping me get to doctors appointments, helping me take out IVs, taking care of the house in the yard while I can’t, grocery shopping and cooking for me when I can’t walk or get out of bed. I have so much to be grateful for. The next time you take being able to go to the gym for granted, being able to go to the grocery store and go shopping that you’re complaining about, moaning and grumbling about doing the lawn, and so many other things..... just remember there are some of us who miss doing those things by ourselves and without help. Be grateful. Because even now I have a world of things to be grateful for. #heds #ehlersdanlosawareness #ehlersdanlossyndrome #potssyndrome #pots #dysautonomia #dysautonomiaawareness #ibsawareness #gastroparesis #gastroparesisawareness #chronicillnessandme #chronicwarrior #chronicfatiguesyndrome

#whiteprivilege #whiteprivilegeisreal #followmeontiktok #trumpsupporters

Check out this birth quiz to see where are you dream of having birth! You may surprise yourself! #childbirtheducation #childbirtheducator #childbirth #naturalchildbirth #childbirthpreparation #birthclass #birthcenter #bradleybirth

I’m offering all of these and more! We prepare for weddings more than we prepare for births! In this day and age, I think it’s time we change that. Offer offer services all over the country virtually and locally to Hampton Roads in person and virtual. #doulabiz #doula #doulasupport #doulalife #doulasofinstagram #birthdoula #postpartumdoula

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