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I am a Travel Influencer, Content Creator, Blogger, iPhone Photographer & Online Educator based out of Canada. I’ve been perfecting the iPhone photography game since 2015!

I used to model for 8 years. I did a lot of runway, studio & on-location photo shoots. I won the title of Miss Toronto Tourism Swimwear 2007 & Miss Canada Tourism 2007. I had the privilege of representing Canada in Turkey at the Miss Tourism World 2007 pageant where I won the titles of Miss Bikini World Americas 2007 & Model of the Universe Americas 2007.

My goal is to share honest and unique travel guides & destination info to help travellers get in-depth info & I teach women how to pose for photos, how to take and edit professional travel photos on iPhone.

Location Toronto, Ontario
Country Canada
Member Since SEPTEMBER 14, 2020
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Taking photos middle of the day when the sun is strong is a big challenge. Some people say not to, but a good photographer knows how to take these type of photos & have the sun work for them. Rules are meant to be broken! Don’t stay away from a challenge but rather figure out how to work within it. I am going to teach you 3 tips to take photos in midday if you must! Let me know what your biggest takeaway is in the comments 👇 #1) Have the photo of yourself taken far away from the camera! That way you can’t see too much of the weird shadows on the face. #2) Face the sun! I know it’s hard but what you can do is set up your pose, close your eyes and have the person taking your photo count down and you open your eyes in time to take the photo! 😉 #3) Tilt your head back (or to the side) This trick will also reduce the shadows on your face but make sure to tilt your head towards the sun not the other direction. Tag someone in the comments that can benefit from these tips! #iphonephotographer #photographyteacher #photographytips #photographytipsandtricks #iphonenightphotography #shotoniphone11promax #shotoniphone #iphonography📱 #naturallightphoto #photographyschool #photographyclass #lostcreator #travelbusinessbabes #ready4lca #middayphoto #sunnyday #gonesailing #sailboat #middayphotoshoot #photographychallenges

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments 👇 All my Instagram photos, REELs & YouTube videos have been taken & edited on my iPhone!! I’m here to teach you how you can do the same for your brand, blog or business! Check out the link in my bio to download your FREE Simple iPhone Photography Cheatsheet & start taking high quality photos today! #limitingbeliefs #wherethereisawillthereisaway #noexcuses #iphonephotography #photographytipsandtricks #shotoniphone13promax #beachesofflorida #floridabeaches

Taking high quality photos that you can use for your blog or business is so much easier then you think. Once you understand a few simple things in photography, you can easily apply them using your iPhone. No need to spend money on expensive equipment then spend hours and days to figure out how to use it or pay for a professional photographer. I created a Simple iPhone Photography Cheatsheet that will help you to start today!! Grab your FREE copy - Link In Bio! 👆👆 Once you download it, feel free to DM any questions you may have. What is your biggest struggle in content creation for your business or brand? #contentcreationtips #iphonephotography #photographyforbeginners #contentcreationstrategy #learniphonephotography #asyaphototips

Fun little REEL about things I don’t like 😂😅 Do we have any of these in common? Let me know in the comments 👇😁 #contentcreator #digitalnomadlifestyle #roséallday #vacationvibes🌴 #varaderocuba🇨🇺☀️🌊🌴 #cubavacation #travelphotographer #iphonephotographer #peanutbutter #rompers #balerinaflats #birkenstocks #governmentpropaganda #backpacks #nogoals #statusquo

Do you want to see more REELS like this? Let me know 👇. Apply these 3 tips to immediately improve your photos no matter what kind of camera you have. If you want more in depth strategies, then download my FREE Simple Photography Foundations Cheatsheet! 👆 Link in bio. Save this REEL to refer to it next time! #takebetterphotos #asyaphototips #iphonephotographer #photographyteacher #photographytips #photographytipsandtricks #iphonenightphotography #shotoniphone11promax #shotoniphone #photographyfoundation #travelphotoshoot #iphonography📱 #travelphotograph #photographyschool #photographyclass #livetotravel #travelgram #tropicalparadise #wonderful_places #travellover #traveltheworld #paradise🌴 #lostcreator #paradiseonearth #dreamdestination #tropicallife #digitalnomadlife #vacationlife #visitflorida

Do you want to learn how to improve your photography & start taking high quality photos like this on your smartphone or iPhone? Then download my FREE Simple Photography Cheatsheet & start putting in practice the strategies I teach you there! Link is in my bio👆. Type ✅ if you downloaded your copy! #asyaphototips #lostcreatoracademy #iphonephotography #shotoniphone #lostcreators #photographytipsandtricks #photographytipsforbeginners #blackandwhitephoto #iphonephotographer #smartphonephotography #mobilephotography

My secret on how I’ve developed my skill in posing and photography? Practice!! I used to take so many candid photos of family and friends when we would get together that at one point they said I was like paparazzi! Anywhere I go I am looking for photo opportunities. I’m looking for what would make an interesting photo. Double tap if you’re going to start practicing taking more photos to improve your photography skills! ❤️ #practicemakesperfect #photographytips #floridabeaches #floridalife #contentcreators #contentcreatortips #iphonephotography

Me and you forever baby! So blessed to have you as my husband & best friend!! ❤️❤️❤️ I fall in love with you more each day. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #coupleswhotraveltogether #besthusbandever❤️ #couplesinlove #couplegoals❤️ #floridabeach #travelcouples

Walking into Monday like…🏝😁🌊 Comment 3 emojis below that describe how your Monday is so far! 👇 #mondayfunday #beachwalks #beachvibes🌊 #findmeonthebeach #floridalifestyle #beachbums #floridabeaches

The sweetness of doing nothing…. Sometimes we all need those moments, am I right? #floridabeaches #beachvibes🌴🌊 #liveyourdreamlife #visitflorida #digitalnomadlifestyle

The one thing you should never do that will always ruin your photos is slouching!! This is something I tend to do all the time and I need my husband to always remind me 😂 🤦‍♀️. When you have someone else take your photo ask them to let you know if you’re slouching because you don’t want to take 100 pics & you can’t use any of them because you have bad posture. Do you struggle with slouching in photos? #asyaphototips #howtopose #posingtips #howtoposelikeamodel #floridabeaches #beachesofflorida #beachbumlife #ilovethebeach

I’ve worked from home for a while, since before the pandemic & I’ve always loved it. The trick to be more productive is to be comfortable. I found out about this new product it’s actually an airplane foot rest by @everlasting_comfort but I now use it while working from home!! It’s very sturdy to rest my feet while I’m at the table working. It’s adjustable & very easy to set up. The cushion inside for your feet is extremely soft & comfy. The best part is if you use on a table like I did you can sit comfortably & the strap doesn’t slide! It says in place. I can’t wait to use this also on my next trip on the flight. #ad #everlastingcomfort #paidsponsorship #digitalnomad #workfromhome #workfromhomelife

A little about me you may not have known…. I am a Travel Influencer, Content Creator, Blogger & iPhone Photography Coach. I’ve been perfecting the iPhone photography game since 2015! My passion and mission is to offer informative travel guides for couples & tips and to help teach women how to be confident in front of the camera, leverage their iPhone to take & edit amazing travel photos & videos like a pro for their online business & brand. Art runs in my family and that’s where my creative side came from. My family are either sculptors, painters, classical musicians, writers or art critics. I learned in high school that my passion is photography. In photography class, I used the old Pentax & Minolta cameras and developed my own photos in the darkroom. When not in class, I still loved taking photos on a film camera. I did switch to a digital camera later and when I bought my first smartphone - Samsung S3, that’s when I took my photography in a different direction. My first iPhone was the 6 Plus in 2015. I am mostly self-taught, so other than my high school photography class and online courses, I never had any formal training. Now I will save you the long years of mistakes, so that you can take this information & apply it right away to where your photography game is on point to rock Instagram and your business. #iphonephotographer #shotoniphone13promax #photographycoach #floridalife🌴 #beachlifevibes #floridabeach

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