Ashley Sears

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I am a dynamic influencer with a hyper engaged millennial audience. With over 6 years of social media experience, I have accumulated an invaluable understanding of social media engagement .

Location Dallas, TX
Country United States of America
Member Since DECEMBER 10, 2020
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It’s sweater dress season and I’m not mad about it ! You can dress up the most simple outfit..with a cute bag and shoes. Would y’all believe I found this gem at shein !? I’m all for mixing low and high end pieces.. you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look it. This YSL clutch deal I shared on Tiktok went viral and sold out , so hey to any of my new followers 🙋🏾‍♀️ we do luxury on a budget over here 😂 , & guess what.. I have found another place to get it with a discount! Make sure you’re following me over on Tiktok for more luxury deals 🖤

Hey Y’all! Happy Wednesday, is it me or did October have somewhere to be !? Also are we just totally skipping Thanksgiving this year… why do y’all have your tree & Christmas decor up already lol !? I’m guilty too, because as far as wardrobe goes .. I went straight to December and blew the dust off all my leather pieces and coats 🤣. Let’s slow down please, I know this year wasn’t the best for many , but honestly it was really great for me, and if you’re alive and healthy…it is for you too, and I want to really show my gratitude to the universe and the creator. Let’s make sure we slow down and enjoy each minute, month, moment and year.. time is something we can’t ever get back. So in my best Bobby V voice “slowwww dowwwnn” 😂🤣😂, luv y’all !

Hey Y’all! So I had a conversation with myself last week lol (I do that from time to time ), and decided I am back in love with the color pink, so here’s a heads up,I will be bringing pops of color into winter. Notice how bright colors just make you feel happy? 💗 Outfit deets : top: @zara bottom: @zara boots: @prettylittlething shades: @amazonfashion Make sure to follow me on for direct links .

Hey Y’all! Well the year is coming closer to a end, and I can honestly say , I worked HARD all year, and yet I’m not where I want to be yet, but waaaaay closer than I was before . It just goes to show the journey is not always quick for some, oh but once I get to where I want to be , I’m sure some will think I was a “overnight success”. Nope! It’s been tears, no rest, imposter syndrome , leaving my 9-5 and taking a risk,being a one woman team. A lot of people think being a creative is easy, and although we make it look that way. I always remind people, I’m the creative director,prop set up,stylist,hair,makeup,manager,negotiator,lighting and the goal is to be able to get a team to help me one day , but I do take pride in knowing my success was solely curated by ME. Just pure passion and love of being able to create . My desire is to be able to lend a helping hand to other women & help them get to where they want to be with out having to figure it out all on your own , in this industry many times ppl are secretive about the keys to help you elevate, while I understand to a degree, I’m not in the business of gatekeeping. To me , each woman I help is a reflection of my legacy, what I did to give back , to pour into others.

#sponsored Omg have y’all been to whataburger lately? I found a new sand which, y’all have to try! I usually stick to my same order but this time my husband dared me to try something new AND now I’m hooked on the new #whatahatchburger & it’s not spicy like you may think the chilis are roasted to perfection, and the Swiss cheese..chefs kiss! So stop by your nearest whataburger and let me know what you think?

#sponsored To know about wine is such a sophisticated knowledge. When I was a flight attendant, we learned about the aroma, food pairing and different taste of wine. I learned so much and it made me want to acquire more information so I could become familiar with the best wines. I wanted my husband to join me on the journey so he could become an advanced wine connoisseur as well. Luckily I found Wojabi’s wine selection service. A monthly black-owned delivery service where experts pick two wines of the month and ship it to your front door. You walk away each month learning the specifics of wine notes, history, aromas and flavors. You also get a monthly education on zoom with @Wojabi Sommeliers! The two wines we received this month were so smooth and tasty, my husband is leaning towards favoriting red. He is now even swirling his wine like a PRO 😍. It’s such a cute hobby we have incorporated into our monthly date nights. Join us on the #wojabi journey here ; so we can all be fancy together 🤣. The current price is $49.95 a month BUT 40% OFF using my discount code “Ash40”, which makes your 1st month only $29.95. #ad21 #drinkresponsibly #sponsored

Weather Drops 1 Degree in Texas Me:

Hey Fam! Let’s have a HONEST convo.. (y’all know I love to have those 🤣) . I love a nude closet with muted colors, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, muted nudes,white and black ,however I find myself being drawn back to the feminine colors I loved when I was younger. I thought to myself.. why did you ever stop wearing color.. you always loved it.. when did you feel you needed to change ? Even influencers get influenced and while there’s nothing wrong with liking trendy things, I am reminded to not let it change who I am , what makes me happy. Wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be. You may like something that isn’t the “it” or “in” thing at the moment .. don’t let that stop you , stand true to your true colors 🦄 you shine brighter when you’re yourself 💜 •BTW.. I cut my hair..let me know if y’all like it ☺️? •outfit links in my .. click link in bio•

Hey Fam! Don’t y’all think it is always comical when people assume who you are by your appearance . I’ve always been the shy girl who would prefer to be in the corner observing, I wasn’t the one who wanted a lot of spotlight, it took confidence for me to step into who I truly am , for me to feel comfortable putting myself out there the front. I have to admit it feels better being in the corner sometimes lol, in the spot light all eyes are on you.. all the time 🤣. However if I would’ve stayed in that corner, no one would ever know the real me, and I wouldn’t have know my own ability..I encourage y’all to step out of your corner and step into your light whatever it may be for you. It’s truly the only way to grow.

Happy Friday Y’all! I felt the need to take some new headshots for my birthday to spruce up my media kit & I am so happy I did. Allowed my passion to become my purpose, and it is now my profession… #wonthedoit

Hey yall! Lately , I’ve been in a state of reflection, I’m so happy that my birthday went exactly how I wanted it to, by spending time with family and friends. HOWEVER I received the question of why I shared my age online …Well yall , first I am not ashamed! I am 35 and I think I look dang good! Age shouldn’t be something that is embarrassing or shameful ; age should be something that you take pride in . It seems like after you turn 30 you don’t hear many women speaking publicly about how old they are, but I encourage you to embrace your age , every year of life is a blessing. I feel like my assignment on this earth is to inspire & help other women believe in their goals and dreams .You’re never too old to change your life. The age of 35 is part of my story.. my’s the year I finally believed in myself to take a huge leap of faith to leave my job as a flight attendant to pursue my passion as a creative 3-5 yall! ! It’s never too late.. you’re never too old. I believe our creator puts a specific dream inside of us & everyday society tells us that our dream isn’t possible & just know it is. That voice in your head, the dreams , the thing you can’t stop thinking about.. that’s your passion, follow it! One thing about age ,it makes you wiser, more confident, more eager to create a life you envisioned for yourself . Age tunes out the noise. “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

O C T O B E R 1st! Today your girl turns 35; and I’m so thankful , my life as I have gotten older has shown me so much favor! Thanks for all the support & love 💗

#sponsored If there’s one thing I have to have on my birthday; it’s my hair looking amazing. I’ve been working with Mayvenn Hair for the past month testing out textures and styles and I have to say their hair is one of the best, I love the versatility. It gives glam . 🤍L I B R A SZN🤍 Use my code SHANNET35 to save $35 off oders of $200 or more: 👉🏾 #MayvennGetsPersonal #MayvennHair @mayvennhair

This photo was taken right after I saw there was a @sprinklescupcakes to my left 🤣😂

Hey y’all! Who else is addicted to shopping from home? If you follow me, chances are that answer is definitely yes 🤣. Now, how many of you like to shop and get what you order in minutes?? Didn’t know that was possible huh? Well, let me introduce y’all to @santa.hq, a new kind of shopping experience launching in Plano and Frisco and it brings a store to your front door in minutes… YEP! MINUTES. Once you download Santa, they have a rotating arrangement of items personalized to your shopping preferences – fashion, technology, home decor and more...from top brands as well as local businesses. My first purchase was a pair of cute neon pink Nike running shoes, a digital pet toy for Chai and the cutest canvas tote from Beis. When Santa is in your local neighborhood (it’s the cutest truck ever ☺️), you get a notification to go into the app & shop! You can add all the items you’re interested in into your bag! Within minutes, your personal shopper arrives with your order. From there, you can view and even try on your items. Yep, you can experience the items in your home for 48 hours before even making a final purchase through the app. LISTEN 🙌🏾. When I tell you that this is the shopping experience for those of us who don’t like to wait & need to see and feel in person–but still don’t want to leave their home, it’s like magic & I’m in LOVE 😂 🤍. Download and sign-up for Santa if you’re local to the Plano & Frisco area because we are the lucky ones that get to try it first! But don’t have FOMO if you’re not local, this is just the beginning... @santa.hq is expanding & will be adding more cities in the future!!

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