Ashley Jones

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Member Since SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
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Felt quieter this week, a bit uninspired, but I found out Dr. Bridget returns February 11th. For all you B&B fans. Also this is a reminder that if you overly spray tan, you might look older, but your teeth look whiter. So there’s that. Anything inspiring to share? Any guesses on why Bridget shows up? Xo love you guys @boldandbeautifulcbs #boldandbeautiful #boldandbeautifulcbs #bridgetforrester #ashleyjones #theboldandthebeautiful

Caption this. Last week’s #flashbackfriday was fun enough to do it again. eve at my expense! 😬😜I love you @kaleycuoco (ps- I think this is still @alifedotowsky’s screensaver when I call. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️She was there with us;)

No one’s seen the photo on the left before. But why? It’s normal. And both photos have the same amount of self worth. While my worth hasn’t changed, my confidence has. I took the one on the left at a low point (overwhelmed and embarrassed) going through adult hormonal acne during a time of high stress. I wish I had seen images to let me know this okay, normal and BEAUTIFUL. And it’s also OKAY to want to treat it CAUSE IT HURTS. Badly. And there are ways to treat without oral medication. PROBIOTICS work and they are helping my skin the same way oral probiotics help my digestion. (Try @MotherDirt’s AO+Restorative Mist- it worked for me and is a huge reason for my after picture cause they balance and repair the microbiome). When your microbiome is unbalanced, your skin isn’t happy and acts out with acne. It’s a vicious cycle. I go into more detail on my blog (and more 😳photos), but if you want a few extra tips read on. The photo on the right has good lighting (and you can see the concealer under my eyes!), but it's not filtered. My skin is better now. I try to do the below: -Live like you already have the skin you want. Try not to place your happiness on the condition of your skin or the size of your body (I’ve been guilty of both). Find your joy in other areas of your life.❤️ -Clean your skin after every workout, before bed and in the morning. I didn’t always do this. @MotherDirt has an excellent probiotic cleanser. -Find a routine you will stick to. Mother Dirt has kits for a reason. They make it easy to follow a routine, but just find what works for you and do it. -Just removing your makeup with a wipe is not a skincare routine. (Raise your hand if you’re guilty of this sometimes?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️) It can be a first step, though. Then, cleanse, hydrate and treat. -Drink more water and Exercise. You’ve heard it a million times because it works. -Take your vitamins. Did you know Vitamin D helps your skin? Magnesium— ask your doctor, but supplements and vitamins can help. -Talk it out! Living in shame creates high anxiety- not good for anything. Xx love y’all. send this to someone that might need to see it. #motherdirtpartner

Caption this! #flashbackfriday📸 #redcarpetmoments @lisarinna 😘 #justforfun #ashleyjones #lisarinna #daytimeemmys

Hey y’all. Just me and my little man sending warm thoughts out to our immediate family and dear friends in very cold weather without power (and many without water). A good reminder not to take these things for granted. 🙏🏼 I know there are new faces here❣️Hope you are safe and sound. Where are from? I was born in Tennessee and raised in Texas, lived in Malibu for a while and now Los Angeles;) Leave your answer in the comments below and let’s meet (insta-style, at least). Even those that have been here a while, you never know- you might have a friend nearby😘

#flashbackfriday🎬What movie is this? If the first photo gives you trouble, try swiping to second. 😉 Keeping with the dark hair theme (see last post). Happy Friday, friends!

I just spent the past hour taking a trip down memory lane. UGHHH  I’m crying and laughing and crying and laughing.  I started watching #FireflyLane on @Netflix. It’s impossible to watch and not think of your own tribe that carried you through the years. I have the best of the best of friends. Here’s just one of the OGs: @michelebellstudio and I at 15, 25, and 40! We met on the hot pavement eating lunch at Lamar High School after I transferred from HSVPA. She was the coolest- I was not, which still holds true today. Follow her, you’ll see what I mean. There’s something about knowing someone so well… I could tell when I called her at the hospital she was eating skittles after giving birth to her second child.  And she can tell when I need to sit and cry and not say a word. Through all the hair changes, life changes (and I mean ALL, even calling you in the middle of the night from Russia- oh dear- that story!)) we are a half a second text away, Mitch. I love you forever. Forever.  I challenge you and your friends to try this with me - take that #TripDownFireflyLane and post 3 photos of memorable moments throughout the years and decades. Tag me in your posts! I wanna see. @netflix #sponsored #TripDownFireflyLane #3DecadesChallenge

OMGOSH! I am pretty excited ...GIVEAWAY!! Oh I hope it’s YOU!!! Anybody in need of a little pick me up right about now? How about an early Galentine‘s day surprise giveaway? We all listened what you’re responding to and hope you love these prizes. 3 OF YOU WILL WIN ONE of the following:     1.    A Peloton!!!     2.    A MacBook Air     3.    LV wallet (Or visa gift card equivalent of each value) To enter: ❤️ Like this post by double tapping! ❤️Tag two friends that would love one of these prizes If you wanna spread the love further- tap the little airplane symbol below the pic and add this to your stories. Tag me so I know;) Good luck! Love you all. ❤️❤️ *You must be following all accounts to win. Winners will be announced on stories between now and Feb 18th!! This is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

Very few things are on subscribe and save for us, but @Kleenex is one of them. With the changing weather lately in LA, I find myself needing Kleenex® brand tissues more often. #ad I’ve taught Officer Hayden the best way to handle sneezing is to grab a Kleenex® Soothing Lotion™ tissue. He gets a red, raw nose very quickly, so we buy the 3-layer tissues with aloe, coconut oil and Vitamin E to nourish our skin. I had the honor of hanging with @drcontessa at #BlogHer Health last week and she strongly encouraged keeping up hygiene to help combat cold and flu season with nourishing Kleenex® brand tissues and hand washing or sanitizer (without methanol). And I’m all about it- in the bathroom, office, kitchen and car! Grab your own Kleenex® at the link in my bio. #ForAllTheMoments #Kleenex

mood today. ✨✨#WCW You ARE CRUSHING it. You did it, love! Very proud of you @kaleycuoco! Two noms!! @goldenglobes @flightattendantonmax #kaleycuoco #goldenglobes2021

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