Antoinette Bateman

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I'm Antoinette Lavoisier. My platform is all about self love and growing through past trauma to teach others from my personal life experiences how to reach their full potential. I am a plus size model as well that truly enjoy helping other women like myself learn to love their bodies and how to dress up their favorite features and see all the beauty in themselves. I am in love with new adventures and breaking out into the world to try new things . I share my love of hiking and camping when I travel and show other girly girls that they too can find joy in exploring and finding new things about their world to live and love.

Location Austin , TX TX
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Happy Saturday Morning yall! Check out my newest blog titled "The Ariel Trope" about my transition from looking for happiness outside of myself and finding it within. The link to my blog is in the profile. I hope you all are having a lovely weekend !😘 #ursulatheseawitch #poorunfortunatesouls #plussizecosplay #blackwomenincostume #ursula #ursulacostume #ursulacosplay #seawitch #blackwomenmagic #thelittlemermaidcosplay #disneyvillians #disneyplussize #plussizeinfluencer #plussizecostume #blackpinup #halloween2020 #fantasycosplay #beautifulblackwoman #plussizeblog #inspirationalblogger #bigbeautifulblackgirls #costumemaker #plussizeissexy #pinupwitch #witchstyle #plussizevintage #plussizevixens #plussizevixen

The Ariel Trope

I felt insignificant growing up in black culture assuming I would always be held back and down and embarrassed by my creole blood line that was know as dumb voodoo believing hicks that couldn't be trusted. She turns into sea foam when she dies and as her spirit floats in the sky, she eventually earns a soul by carrying out good deeds for a whole 300 years before ascending into heaven. We fantasize that we are going to find the perfect life and happiness outside of ourselves and then we blame the outcome on that man or woman that didn't make us happy , or that new place we moved halfway around the world that turns out not to be the Utopia we imagined. Either because she has lost all hope that her fantasy failed her or because deep down she knows that she set all these events in motion when she sacrificed all she was to try and be something new she assumed would bring her happiness.

It's 9 days until Halloween πŸŽƒ! I'm getting increasingly excited as my husband and I's birthday's, 12 year anniversary and Thanksgiving approaches to bring us into the Christmas season. My life usually gets pretty eventful during this time but this year it will be pretty low key. I'm gonna miss waking up to the sound of the cannon going off and the music starting at the gate of the Texas rennisance festival. I've seen that fireworks show there before closing for several of my birthdays and it's beginning to make me sad I won't have it this year. Fortunately another one of my family camping trips is approaching so at least I can get immersed in that bonfire and pine smell I have come to love so much all over me again. I absolutely love the fall more than any season. I can't wait for it to go from cool to cold in Texas so I can use my fire place and start decorating for Christmas. #thickthursdays #ursulaseawitch #ursula #ursula #ursulacostume #ursulacosplay #seawitchery #bigbeautifulblackgirls #disneyplussize #plussizecosplayer #blackgirlcosplay #allhallowseve #cosplaycostume #plussizequeen #villan #villaincosplay #villanosdisney #fantasycostume #curvygirlmodels #halloweenlooks #curvesandconfidence #blacknerd #blacknerdsunite #witchcostume #witchfashion #witchesofcolor #plussizewitch

The influencer

When I first started this social media thing I was just posting selfies like all the other girls for fun and personal jumps in my self esteem. Staying relevantly marketable means you have to constantly grow your audience and stay current to be considered valuable by brands or social media careers. I receive loads of messages everyday from people that can start off nice with compliments and support but the moment they aren't getting the attention they want from you or you tell them they have gone too far and have to set boundaries they become abusive and threatening and will troll you and try to hurt your career. Start an online business, write a book or use all those social media marketing management skills you have learned and run someone else's social media business.

I admit that in the past I've been a nasty They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch But you'll find that nowadays I've mended all my ways Repented, seen the light, and made a switch True? Yes And I fortunately know a little magic It's a talent that I always have possessed And dear lady, please don't laugh I use it on behalf Of the miserable, the lonely, and depressed... πŸ’œUrsulaπŸ’œ #costumeplay #ursulaseawitch #ursula #ursulacostume #ursulacostume #ursulacosplay #seawitch #costumemakeup #blackgirlcosplay #plussizepinup #ursulaseawitch #diycostume #plussizedivas #plussizecostumes #ursulaseawitch #curvycosplay #curvycosplayer #blackgirlcosplay #curvycurvycosplay #halloweenlover #disneyvillians #disneyplussize #blackpinups #curvypinup #plussizedisney #poorunfortunatesouls #fantasycostume #halloweencosplay #bigbeautifulcosplay

Apologize to yourself for all the apologies you waited for

I pushed my feelings away and waited to feel differently than I did because I believed I was just gonna mature and arive to a place where it would magically change because I was older. I know better to wait for anyone to resolve or validate the way I feel and expecting it give someone else too much control of my life. You can't be too close because hurt people don't know how not to hurt people, expecially people they actually love. Your life is yours and that's why it's so important to learn to love yourself because in the end it's up to you to to set yourself free from dead end cycle of waiting for someone else to see you as valuable.

It's 11 days until Halloween! I've loved Halloween my whole life because before I started rennisance festivals 15 years ago it was my only way to participate in my passion of costuming. Unfortunately this year attending the rennisance festivals is not a safe option and my son does not want to trick or treat even though it's an option in our area. I'm still going to dress up though because why not! Sometimes just having good and positive energy for those we love is enough to set the mood and create excitement for them despite challenging situations. I'm planned a fondue and halloween charcuterie night with scary movies and blankets for my family. How are you guys that do celebrate planning to bring fun despite the Rona for Halloween or just holidays in general ? #seawitch #ursula #ursulacostume #ursulacosplay #plussizepinup #ursulaseawitch #bigbeautifulblackgirls #halloweencostumeparty #plussizehalloween #plussizecosplay #blackcosplay #blackcosplayersrock #plussizecosplayer #sexyplussize #sexyplus #littlemermaidcosplay #blackwomenincostume #blackpinups #plussizepinupmodel #thickblackgirls #thickblackwomen #plussizefashionforwomen

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

It's not comforting in anyway to know that it can be worst; then guilt sets in when you witness the tired and sunken eyes of those that are struggling to keep from being homeless and feed their families. On my ungratefully impatient days I am frustrated with this small house, mad about the heat that has always been in Texas and annoyed by my own children arguing. This small house has allowed me to get my family financial stability and improved my credit for a brighter future to give my children what I have never had. I only crave what I can bring in close enough to truly feel and trust because I need all of my energy to propel myself farward to my dreams that I once was too afraid to even reach for.

Good morning everyone! πŸ™ I've been wanting to do this costume for a very long time. My cousin and I watched the little mermaid at the end of my Granny's bed pretty much a million times as children. We liked Ariel mostly for that song part of their world, but she just ran off and gave up her voice for some random man she didn't even know! Ursula for us was glamour, intelligence and a feminist before we knew what that word meant but we knew strong independent woman with a mind was the thing to be. Ursula has always been my favorite Disney villain. What's your favorite Disney villan and why? #ursula #ursulacostume #ursulamakeup #halloween2020πŸŽƒ #disneyursula #plussizepinup #blackpinup #ursulacosplay #theseawitch #poorunfortunatesouls #plussizecosplay #plussizecosplayer #bigbeautifulwomen #halloweenglam #thelittlemermaidcosplay #bigbeautifulblackwomen #blerdgirl #2020halloween #blackpinupgirl #thickandcurvygoddess #thickblackgirl

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