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MAKE | SHARE | INSPIRE ✂️ Millennial Seamstress & DIYer 👩🏽‍💻Journaling & blogging my creations 📧 🌲 Spokane, WA

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Greenstyle Creations Elevate Crop Top & Overlay

The Greenstyle Creations Elevate Crop Top and Overlay are the perfect workout top set to sew for your next yoga, barre, or pilates class! I originally wanted to sew this pattern to coordinate with my Greenstyle Creations Inspire Leggings I sewed in the spring of 2020, but I never got around to it! When Greenstyle Creations released their Sundial Leggings, which features a crossover V waistband, I knew that the Elevate Crop Top would be the perfect match for the leggings! The Greenstyle Creations Elevate Crop Top and Overlay pattern is a top set – both a sports bra style top and pullover.

Making some good progress on my @petiteknit #zippersweater 😍I’m knitting mine up in @cascadeyarns Eco+ Merino and it is SOO squishy and soft. I’m just hoping I can get it finished before the cold winter is over so I can enjoy it for a bit!⁣ ⁣ #handmadewardrobe #makersgonnashare #wearhandmade #memade #imakemyownclothes #cascadeyarns #knitspiration #knitaddict #knittinglife #knittersgonnaknit #knitallthethings #knitspo #petiteknit #bipocknitters #knitspiration

It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a week. Got the keys to our house a little less than a week ago and we wasted zero time packing and moving because we have to be out of our apartment this week 😅⁣ ⁣ Amidst all the moving, I’m also slowly catching up on sharing some of my older projects along with starting new ones. I’m also finalizing the instructions for my first sewing pattern I’m releasing. I’m looking forward to sharing it all!⁣ ⁣ In the meantime, here’s a quick snap of my @chalkandnotch Fringe Top Hack! I’ll be sharing the details and hack steps on my blog soon!

We have officially moved into our new home! I’ve got my little sewing corner set up in the meantime while I put all my furniture up. Prepare for sewing room before and after spam 😜 I’ve also got a few projects lined up that I will be working on this week. I am ITCHING to get back to sewing. With my green and floral fabric from @fabricfairy , I am making an activewear set using the @greenstylecreations newly released Sundial Leggings along with the Elevate Crop Top and Overlay! For the striped knits,I’ve got a fun project for @minervadotcom and will be making a @chalkandnotch Waterfall Raglan top and dress! #sewingcorner #sewingroom #sewinglife #millennialsewing #sewingspace #ilovesewing #sewingismyhappyplace #isew #sewistsofinstagram #sewersgonnasew

Life update: we’re finally moving into our newly built house over the next week as we are closing soooon! We’ve been crazy busy trying to get ready for our move over the last few weeks. I’ve put sewing mostly on hold except for working on finalizing my sewing pattern I’m releasing soon, and have been mostly knitting since it doesn’t take up much space 😜 I will be posting updates in my stories as I put together my sewing and craft studio/office! I’ve got lbs on lbs on lbs of IKEA stuff arriving next week and various other things to set my room up. Can’t wait to share more updates! I’ve also got a backlog of makes to blog and I’m looking forward to that too 😊 Also huge thanks to Shane Bangle @thebanglebunch @fowlergroup for being an amazing agent! 20/10 recommend if you’re looking to buy in Spokane.

To close out the year, here are some of my favorite makes for #makenine2020! 1: @weareknitters #mickcardigan 2: @tessutifabrics #oslocoat 3: @truebias #hudsonpants shorts hack 4: @papertheory #olyashirt 5: @deer_and_doe_patterns #siroccojumpsuit 6: @stylearc #arianadress 7: @truebias #landerpants 8: @chalkandnotch #joyjacketpattern 9: @greenstylecreations #sundancejacket It was real. It was fun. It was real fun. Cheers to 2021! 🥂 Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations next year! And here’s to hoping we can eventually leave our houses to actually WEAR them! #handmadewardrobe #makeninechallenge #imakemyownclothes #sewerofinstagram #sewist #sewcialists

My favorite make of 2020 hands down is my @deer_and_doe_patterns #siroccojumpsuit! One of my main themes this year was fit, and I got this romper to fit perfectly after some adjustments and alterations! I feel so much more confident now in my ability to fit a garment perfectly to my body, and look forward to continuous growth in this area! #millennialsewing #pocwhosews #asiansewists #makenine2020 #isewmyownclothes

This top used to be a dress!! I refashioned my @chalkandnotch Fringe Dress from earlier in the year (swipe for photo) to a hacked Fringe Top! I just really wasn’t loving the dress because 1) making a slightly see-through white dress is never a good idea and 2) it was a cursed project. So many things went wrong and I was never gonna wear it. I have too much anxiety to be wearing such a see through dress in public 😂 I decided to use what I had plus my leftover fabric from the first go around. I was able to keep the back bodice piece and cut my front bodice pieces from the skirt. I then used my leftover fabric to create the bottom ruffle! I’m SOOO much happier with this top. I’ve already worn it way more than when it was a dress (so...1 time) and I cherish it so much more knowing I gave it new life 🥰 Have you ever refashioned a me-made? Highly recommend if you hate something you’ve made! #fringedresspattern #fringetophack #fringedresshack #refashion

One time I saw that @truebias and @chalkandnotch would be sharing their Page/Hudson sweatsuits today, so I’M sharing my Page/Hudson sweatsuit *cue in Bethany from Mean Girls*⁣ ⁣ Am I cheating by re-sharing my combo I made from earlier in the year? I haven’t made a new one yet, but this velour sweatsuit has been VERY well worn this year. Work from home life amiright? I can’t wait to see everyone else’s Page/Hudson combos!

We are close to the end of the year now - can you believe it?! I think we’re all ready to dive into 2021 now as things are slowly but surely starting to look up. Another exciting thing is that @Minervadotcom is giving away 10 £100 gift cards as part of their Best of 2020 challenge! Even if you didn’t make your project with Minerva fabrics, you can enter! We’re here to celebrate this amazing sewing community and all our projects made this year 🎉 all you have to do is share a post on the Minerva site and use the hashtag #bestof2020 to be entered into their giveaway. And of course I must share what I’m wearing - this is one of my favorite #minervamakes of the year, which is the @french_poetry_ #pleiadesdress in a Liberty Tana Cotton Lawn!

Currently I’m knitting the Speckled Space Socks by Amanda R Stephens on @hi.ravelry! Isn’t this yarn from @ravenswood_fibres so dreamy 😍 they have some of my favorite sock yarn colorways!⁣ ⁣ I have mostly been knitting rather than sewing lately as we gear up for moving into our new home and relaxing as much as we can before that hard work begins! I also had a minor surgery done on Wednesday, so I am totally couch bound until at least Saturday! I’m having a bit of an issue though - I’ve got a major case of Second Sock Syndrome 😩These are so cute and I love them and the yarn, but I’m also wanting to start a new sweater project. I’m trying to exhibit some serious restraint not to buy new materials until I’m done with these socks!⁣ ⁣ Anyone else struggling to finish that second sock right now as well?🧦

For those of you with machines that have a plethora of stitch options - what do y’all do with them? I’ve never used any of the stitches past 50 on my @babylocksewing Jubilant machine, but would love to! What are some ideas you have of utilizing these stitch options? #babylock #sewingmachine #sewersofinstagram

Can you tell what the difference is between these 2 pics? They’re 2 years apart, almost the same outfit, but with 1 major improvement! You may be thinking it’s my hair, my added jacket, or lack of purse. But look down 👀 I FINALLY hemmed these pants! This is one of my favorite pairs I’ve had for years but they never really fit great, mostly due to the length. I hated how they bunched up so much at the ankle because they were too long! When I cuffed them, I had to fold over so many times, still leaving a lot of bulk at the ankle. Now I can happily wear them again with no frustration! Thoughts on a tutorial for hemming skinny jeans/pants? I’ve got a solid method I use on all my pairs that leaves them looking damn near untouched! Me-mades I’m wearing: @pendleton_wms #pendleton49er jacket pattern in a brown plaid Pendleton wool, and @chalkandnotch #fringeblouse #alterations #mendingmatters #sewingalterations #clothingalterations #petitesewing #shortsewists #asiansewists #asianswhosew #sewistsofinstagram #sewcialists #sewingforme #sewistsofinstagram #instasew #browngirlblogger #spokaneblogger

Even though it’s getting colder, I’m still living in my @truebias Hudson Shorts that I hacked over the summer! I’m one of those people who likes to wear shorts even in the fall/winter months 🙈 my husband always makes fun of me because I complain about being cold, but wearing shorts is always so much comfier for me! Especially when I’m sleeping.⁣ ⁣ I think these shorts would make such a great Christmas gift too! They are a 1-2 hour project, so if you’re in a pinch to get a gift sewn up these can be sewn quickly! Also, knits are a great gift as they are a bit more forgiving, especially if you aren’t 100% sure about someone’s size.⁣ ⁣ I’ve linked the tutorial in my bio if you want to follow along and whip up some Hudson Shorts!

While I’m cozy in @myfavouritethings.knitwear #sweaterno9, I think it’s time for some reflection and sharing a little snippet of my life. ⁣ ⁣ On Tuesday I turned 29 and it’s crazy to think I’m 1 year away from being 30! To be honest, sometimes I don’t feel like it at all. I feel like there’s this ideal on what your life should like like in your late 20s. To be more serious and act like a “grown up”, have a few kids, work to climb the ladder in your career. As much as I feel like a grown up in various aspects of my life, I still feel like I’m just a big kid 😂 I have this child-like enthusiasm for many things still. I fangirl over my favorite musicians (no posters up on my wall tho at least). I’m obsessed with Disney. And dare I say that I sleep with a stuffed animal as it actually helps align my shoulders when I’m sleeping. I have a bothersome neck and shoulders - especially after long sewing sessions 😂 that’s probably the most childish and adultish thing combined. Why use a boring old pillow? Make it cute.⁣ ⁣ This past year also felt like a bit of a “restart” of my adult years as most of my 20s was filled with a lot of darkness that I never told anyone about or dared to let show. Once I got help, it felt like a new beginning so I’m really happy to be in the last year of my 20s in a really great mental space. I know there isn’t really such a thing as “restarts” in life because it’ But there are new chapters! I’ll be ending my 20s in a newly built home which has been me and my husband’s dream for a while. I’m glad we are able to check that off our ‘do before 30’ list!⁣ ⁣ I’m looking forward to the exciting years ahead, and I’m so happy I get to share life’s moments with my amazing maker and sewist friends!

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