Andi Fisher

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I'm a writer who loves a good story. A foodie who can't resist a good meal. An explorer who searches for the journey along the way. My blog, Misadventures with Andi, is 11 years old and is my storytelling platform.

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After a 15 hour push for the first day of our road trip which got us into Midland we couldn’t leave Texas on day 2 without hitting @rudysbbq the Portuguese in me loves the beans and green chili stew!

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel & Home

think anyone out there wants to intentionally hurt the environment with their beauty or sleep routine, but it isn’t always simple or easy to figure out what eco-friendly beauty products are out there and whether they will work. I have long been a fan of Burt’s but only recently made the realization that they are from Durham, North Carolina, so not only can I feel good about using their organic, eco-friendly products, they are local (at least for me)! I often take some of this in a travel-sized container (they sell travel-sized bottles as well) and use it for shampoo, body and face wash, for laundry I hope that by sharing the eco-friendly beauty products that I am currently using for both at home and while traveling, you will consider switching some of the products that you are using and consider more sustainable and/or eco-friendly versions of your own.

2 years, 3 months later (1st photo taken the day we moved out, 2nd photo was taken the day we moved in.)and we say goodbye to Phoenix and make our way to new adventures in Raleigh! We updated a few things in the house but thank goodness we didn’t go all out as we didn’t stay as long as we thought we would. Moving on...

March 2020

In mid-February, I went on a super quick trip to San Jose, California for a 1-day event and when I returned I had 5 business trips, including 2 weeks in Europe canceled and my employer, who saw the early signs, mandated a work-from-home policy. Thanks to an alert from my friend Kristin who shared a photo of the book she is currently reading on Instagram, I learned that a great book I read last year The Women & Ideas Shaping Paris until July, but you can still PRE-order it and if you haven’t read her first book, The New Paris, now is the time! New Posts with illustrations from Linden Eller: Passage Couvert Paris – the Secret World of Passages in Paris What to Wear in Paris:

Howdy North Carolina! Can’t wait to explore you!

Jambu comfortable travel shoes for spring

However right now with the cross-country move from Phoenix to Raleigh, the new house and the still-new job, plus you know that “C” word that’s disrupting everyone’s life at the moment, I have been sticking closer to hearth and home. It used to be featured in our living room in Phoenix, but it is not quite right in the new home, bonus for me, because with it, along with my new mid-century modern sofa that’s blue, it is perfect for my office and totally on-brand for the blog! We love the community that we chose in the greater Raleigh-Durham area, much like our last home in Phoenix we live in a gated community with a golf course, pool and tons of walking paths, this community even has lots of hiking paths in the woods. If you are looking for an exceptional walking shoe that is perfect for travel, look no further than Jambu, comfortable and adventurous shoes for women (and men) that not only feel great, but they look good too!

#ad It's been 3 weeks since I left home, the Misadventures family has been hunkering down in our new house, watching the world go by. I work from home already so I have the habit of getting up, doing my hair and make-up and getting dressed. If you are newly working from home, following this routine will keep you motivated and professional. I am on video conference calls most of the day and while that doesn't include my feet, I often wear regular shoes to make it feel more "worky" but they MUST be comfortable which is why 9 times out of 10 I've got @jambuandco shoes on my feet! So you see not just when I’m traveling but when I am working outside or in, I love my Jambu!!!! ******* Check #ontheblog for the 4 styles I am sporting this spring season and maybe I can provide a little happiness with a PROMO CODE for a discount:

the Secret World of Passages in Paris

Nearest metro: Richelieu-Drouot (Exit at 2|R. de Richelieu) on Line 8 or 9. Nearest metro: République (Exit at 2|R. du Temple) on Line 8 or 9. Nearest metro: Grands Boulevards (Exit at 3|R. Montmartre) on Line 8 or Le Peletier on Line 7. Exploring the Paris passages is such a delight and you can do it on your own without issue, but if you like to do historical walking tours, I found three that may interest you (not affiliated links): the 19th Century Covered Passages & Palais Royal Tour from Localers; the Walking Tour through Paris’ Covered Passages from Paris Explorer Pass; and the Walking Tour in the Parisian Covered Passages from Paris Pass (affiliate).

And it’s official! We are North Carolinans! Just closed on this baby! After a week on the road and 3 weeks in a hotel we move in on Saturday. Thanks to @capitolcityhomes, a truly local builder, for making the process easy and smooth!

#ad Today is International Day of Happiness and while there may not be a ton of that in the world, I am a big believer in finding happiness in the little things. Right now that is my @jambuandco shoes. I can't travel, I'm stuck at home, so I am walking around the new home and the new neighborhood a lot just to get some air. These Jambu Rally shoes can go for miles and miles on sidewalks, streets, trails, and my feet sing - not from "hey these shoes are killing me" but rather "let's keep on going!" 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Check #ontheblog for the 4 styles I am sporting this spring season and maybe I can provide a little happiness with a PROMO CODE for a discount: 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 What little piece of happiness are you finding these days in this time of crisis?