Andi Fisher

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I'm a writer who loves a good story. A foodie who can't resist a good meal. An explorer who searches for the journey along the way. My blog, Misadventures with Andi, is 11 years old and is my storytelling platform.

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Currently home from Portugal and settling into 2023. Can’t believe it’s the last weekend of January already! I hit the publish button on this month’s CURRENTLY post #ontheblog check out my updates for this month. And now what about you? What have you been up to this month?

I had the pleasure of meeting @ImperfectTaylor at my "day job" when she reached out about her solo trip to Paris. In fact, she was landing in CDG for her 7 fabulous days as I was taking off from CDG after being in France for a month. Since then we hit it off talking about blogging and more! I have spent solo days in Paris when Mr. Misadventures and I went our own separate ways to visit our respective friends or do some solo activity, but I haven't done an entire trip. Taylor has! And she is sharing her itinerary for what she did #OnTheBlog. Check it out!

After 2 months in Portugal we are heading back home today! Due to a change in our flights (thanks SATA…) it will actually take us 2 days to get home as our flight lands in Boston after the last flight out to Raleigh so we are staying the night in Bean town and catching the first flight Sunday morning. So many friends and colleagues have gotten COVID while traveling and more time in airports and hotels means more chances of exposure so masking up is important! Throughout our travels we’ve worn masks on all public transportation and over-crowded areas and I will be masked up my entire trip home! I also have plenty of @planeaire wipes too! Wishing you safe and healthy travels in 2023! #travelsafe #travelhealthy

Enjoyed the last morning and my last moments in Lisbon. Another nice day (although yesterday was a bit sunnier). We got out early and enjoyed some of the most touristy spots early before the crowds (and tuk tuks) showed up. Headed home tomorrow and on to the next adventure! #lisboa #lisbon #portadelsol #visitportugal

It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday that reminded us why we fell in love with Lisbon in the first place. Since it’s been raining most of the 6 weeks we’ve been here we quickly jumped on the tram (the stop is around the corner from where we are staying) and headed straight to the Castelo de Sao Jorge to get a clear view of the city. When had been last month in the rain but what a difference the so n makes! As we are heading home on Saturday it’s like a little send off! We weren’t the only ones out enjoying the sun, the peacocks that make the castelo home were out in full force sunning themselves! #lisboa #lisbon #visitlisbon #visitportugal #castelodesaojorge

One week left in Lisbon the detox starts now! I have let myself eat and enjoy whatever I’ve wanted the past 7 weeks and now it’s time to get back on track with my low carb lifestyle! Portugal has such AMAZING food it’s hard to resist and I have NO regrets!

Our first visit to Monserrat was in the rain last month, today we have the sun, the palace, and the gardens all to ourselves. #sintra #sintraportugal #monserratepalace #portugal #visitportugal

We have spent the week chasing the sun. We went south for a few days but headed north mid-week. The train strike forced us to rent a car so instead of going back to Lisbon we headed to the coast near Sintra. We stayed at this dreamy hotel a few weeks ago but it was pouring down rain and stormy, this time we’ve got gorgeous weather. Every room has a view. I want to swim in the magnificent pool! First photo is sunrise, 2nd photo is lunchtime. #sintra #sintraportugal #arribassintrahotel #hotels #seasidehotel

I have avoided this dish from Porto (widely available in Portugal, especially in the North) because well, it's weird. Or a bit over the top. It was created by a native of Porto who spent some time in France and wanted to replicate its famous Croque Monsieur. This is called Francesinhas which means "little French girl." It is a sandwich with beef (this version from the famous @cafevianna is medium rare steak), a slice of ham, and linguica. There is an orange cheese that resembles cheddar on top and a fried egg on top of that. Then a sauce made of tomato and beer is poured on top. We left Lisbon for the weekend, hopped on a train and visited/stayed in @municipio_de_braga/. We were wary of eating in the restaurant as it was on the main square and could have been super touristy (and bad) BUT it was absolutely delicious and we were happy to see it was full of locals. I will say that I found it "interesting" not terrible, but I probably wouldn't order it again (although Mr. Misadventures LOVED it!) Our amazing server who was actually from Porto said the sauce in Braga is less spicy than Porto. I want to try this dish in Porto as I think the extra acid from spice will elevate the whole experience. No matter what, we LOVED Braga! #portugal #visitportugal #BragaCidadeAutentica #traveltoeat #francesinhas

Good morning Lisbon! Finally not raining! A good way to start the weekend. What are your plans?

Rain, rain, go away! We’ve been in Lisbon for a week and a half and it’s rained every day. We try to dash out when there is a a window but more times than naught we get hit with a shower! We are here for 6 weeks so I am hoping for some sunshine soon! #jambu #jambushoes #adventureawaits #adventureawaitsyou #mwajambu #rainyday #lisbonportugal

Since landing in Lisbon (from the Azores) there has been nothing but rain! That hasn't stopped us from getting out and exploring. To avoid any misadventures, I always have a pair of @jambu shoes on so that I don't slip even in the wettest conditions. Rainy days mean great waterfall shots too and Mr. Misadventures and I took in this beauty (called Beckford's Waterfall) at the Park and Palace of Monserrate in Sintra. I've got all my picks for this season's Jambu styles, the best shoe for travel and for walking #oththeblog! Head over to to have a look. #jambu #jambushoes #fashionover50 #adventureawaits #adventureawaitsyou #comfyshoes #instashoes #instashoe #instafashion #mwajambu #portugal #visitportugal #sintra

When in Portugal during the World Cup and Portugal is playing… 🇵🇹 ⚽️❤️

It took 3 trips to Lisbon to try the famous Pastéis de Belem. But on a rainy day in the middle of the week I walked right in a bought 4! Verdict? Not bad. I would say it’s my 2nd favorite after Aloma, specifically the one in Campo de Ourique. (Even though 1 is a pastéis de Belem and the other pastéis de nata) #pasteisdebelem #pastéisdebelém #lisboa #lisbon #wonderlustportugal #lisboacool #lisbonlovers #lisbonne #portugal #lissabon #lisbona  #pasteisdenata #pasteldenata #sweet #custard #custardtart #traveltoeat

This year I had to retire my @ospreypacks Talon backpack after 15 years of service on my adventures and misadventures. Osprey has a lifetime warranty and they replaced my baby with a new one. My trip to the Azores was my new backpack’s first trip and as usual it was the perfect bag to have along. Gear matters and I am adamant about choosing companies that make quality products with sustainable business practices. My choices these days: Backpack: @ospreypacks Shoes: @jambu Clothing: 75% @stio / 25% @prana #lettheoutsidein #ospreypacks #jambu #jambushoes #fashionover50 #adventureawaits #adventureawaitsyou

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