Amanda Brown

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🌍 Taking my audience to less traveled destinations ✈️ Helping people travel more for less $ 🥖 Keeping it real with body image struggles

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Don’t make this mistake when visiting Petra 👇 One day is absolutely not enough time in Petra! I had a hard time finding really detailed info on what to expect, how to plan, etc for Petra. So here’s a few things to know in advance: 📆 plan for at least 1.5 days! Get the 2-day Jordan Pass that includes your Petra entrance fee & visa entry 🥾 It’s a LOT of walking! We hiked 7 or so miles each day. Make sure you have good hiking shoes 🏦 it’s so much more than just the Treasury! Day 1: do the Siq & Treasury, then walk around the Royal Tombs. Day 2: go back before 6:30am & hike from the Siq to the Monastery to beat the crowds, spend the afternoon exploring the Colonnade Street on the way back 💧 bring lots of water & snacks! You can also buy water at some of the shops inside the “park” 🚽 there are a few bathrooms at some of the shops & restaurants 🗺 Use the app to track the trails/how far you have left 🐎 ❌ don’t ride the horses & donkeys. They’re not super well cared for. If you want to cut down on hiking time from the entrance to the treasury pay for a golf cart! Save this post for your visit!

Things I wish I’d packed for my first safari 👇 Safari for me felt like a bucket list item I’d do once, but once you go on a true African safari, you know you can’t only go once. They’re the most magical thing in the world & absolutely addicting! but make sure to pack these things! 🥜 snacks! Game drives can be long and you may be hungry between meals (even though you’ll be eating so much haha) I now pack granola bars for early morning drives 📸 binoculars with a phone attachment for up close shots, I’ll link the one I use in stories or comment & I’ll send ya the link! 📱 external phone charger, all those photos & videos will drain your battery quick 👂 ear plugs! Thankfully I didn’t need these, but if you do end up seeing a lion/cheetah/etc successfully hunt their prey, you may want to close your eyes & ears if it would pain you to watch like I know it would me 🫠 🧣 a scarf - morning drives can be colddddd! #safari #africansafari #maasaimara #hwange #kenya #zimbabwe #safarilife #traveltips #bucketlist

Seriously tho…learn from my mistakes 👇 I have left my debit card in the ATM not once…but TWICE. Here’s my tips for using ATMs abroad: 💵 I don’t travel with US cash to exchange, the cash exchange rates aren’t as good as what you’ll get at an ATM 💳 use a bank/debit card without international transaction fees ❌ when the ATM asks if you want to “accept the conversion rate” say NO, because you’re using a card without international fees you bank will charge you the conversion rate of the day instead of the ATM rate, which can be up to 10% more! We’ve saved hundreds doing this 🌍 the ATM will show the ATM fee which you say yes to, pro-tip: get a card/bank that refunds ATM fees! 💰 CHECK YOUR WALLET FOR YOUR CASH AND DEBIT CARD BEFORE WALKING AWAY. What I didn’t realize when I left my card in the ATM was that in some ATMs, you get your cash first THEN your card, so I grabbed the cash and walked away. Not noticing for daysssss when I went to another ATM and didn’t have a card 🫠 Travel with a backup debit card just in case this happens or you lose your wallet! #traveltips #travelreels #atm #internationaltravel #travelfails #budgettips #budgettravel #worldtravel

Save for tropical destinations to visit in 2023 👇 🥥 I won’t lie, I used to hate fresh coconuts, but Thailand changed me. Here’s a few tropical destinations you should consider visiting this year! 🇹🇭 Koh Lanta, Thailand 🇹🇿 Zanzibar, Tanzania 🇪🇨 Santa Cruz, Ecuador 🇨🇷 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica 🇮🇩 Nusa Penida, Indonesia 🇨🇴 Isla Baru, Colombia Follow for help planning more trips in 2023! #costarica #puertoviejo #puertoviejocostarica #costarica🇨🇷 #tropicalvibes #traveldestinations #bucketlist #puravida

I want to give you something for free - no catch - but I need your help! 📸 I’ve been toying with the idea of giving away my most used Lightroom preset for free, but before I work on packaging it up & creating a guide on how to use it, I need to know if you even want it! 🌞 I’d say 95% of my photos I use 1 preset, & then modify based on the colors & light in each photo ✅ There is quite literally no catch, I just don’t want to work on creating a mini guide on how to use it, modify it etc if no one really wants it! If it’s something you think you’d use or be interested in comment & lemme know!

save this post before shopping in Marrakech 👇 markets (or “souks”) in Marrakech are some of the best I’ve seen! But, it can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t prepared 💰 Before negotiating - know what price you’re willing to pay & you don’t negotiate unless you are willing to buy it. It’s frowned upon to agree on a price then walk away 💸 Most shops highly inflate their initial prices because it’s expected you will counter: 🛒 The shop keeper will tell you an initial price, say it’s 100 dirham 📉 You should immediately counter at 30%-40% of that price, so start at 30 dirham ✅ You should end around 50% of the initial quoted price (around 50 dirham). Don’t be afraid to walk away! If you’re willing to walk away, they will likely call out to you as you leave & agree to your stated final price ⚖️ Don’t negotiate if you’re going to negotiate over a $1 or $2. the point isn’t to get it to the lowest possible price, it’s to not pay an inflated price ✨ At the end if you’re happy with the item and what you paid that’s all that matters! #marrakech #morocco #moroccotravel #marrakechsouk #morroco🇲🇦 #moroccotrip #traveltips #marrakechmedina

Save this hotel to your bucket list like…now 👇 📍 Sunrise Palace, Merzouga, Morocco This new hotel in the Merzouga desert opened in 2022 and is absolutely worth a spot on your list 🌞 While this hotel isn’t directly in/beside the massive orange dunes Merzouga is famous for, the design, pool, and views are incredible 👏 Pair it with 1 night at Sirocco Luxury Camp in the dunes and you’ve got a winning desert combo Comment & tag who you’d hang out in this desert pool with! #morocco #moroccotravel #moroccotrip #merzouga #bucketlist #beautifulhotels #merzougadesert

Save for must-do’s in Istanbul! 👇 Istanbul is one of my all-time favorite cities & deserves at least 3 days of your time! Where to Stay: 🛌 within walking distance of Sultanahmet Square (we stayed at Cheers Lighthouse Hostel in a private room, def recommend!) How to Get Around: 🚆 get an Istanbulkart metro card, it’s the easiest, cheapest, & most fun way to get around the city Mosques to See: 🕌 Hagia Sophia 💙 Blue Mosque 🕌 Suleymaniye Mosque (my favorite!) What To Do: 🚶‍♀️ Free Walking Tour ( 🏰 Dolmabahçe Sarayı 🫧 Aga Hamami for a traditional Turkish Bath 🏰 Galata Tower about an hour before sunset ☀️ watch sunset from Galata Bridge 🌈 visit Balat neighborhood ⛴ take a ferry from Europe to Asia for lunch in Kadikoy Where to Shop: 🛍 Grand Bazaar 🧂 Spice Bazaar 🚃 Istiklal Avenue #istanbul #turkey #turkeytravel #turkiye #türkiye #i̇stanbul #istanbulturkey #traveltips #istanbul🇹🇷 #turkeytrip

Save for how to save money visiting Greece 👇 🇬🇷 Greece is absolutely worth the hype! We accidentally spent a month bopping around the Greek islands because we just couldn’t bear to leave! But - it can be pricey - or not! It all depends on where you stay and how you travel around ⛴️ ferries are typically the cheapest way to get around the islands, the slower ferries can be pretty affordable at 20€ a ticket, some high speed ferries can be up to 100€ ✈️ if you do fly to/from the islands, be prepared for extra fees on everything from bags to checking in online 🥗 to save $$ on food, stick to the local bakeries (they typically also sell premade Greek salads) or grab a cheap gyro for just a few euros! 📅 if your dates are flexible, travel during the shoulder season April-May, September-October when there’s less crowds & lower prices #greece #greecetravel #budgettips #greekislands #greece🇬🇷 #greecetrip #greeksummer #budgettravel #traveltips

save for tips on sharing IG travel stories! 👇 IG stories are one of my favorite ways to share our travels (Check out my highlights for detailed day-to-day insights on dozens of destinations!) ⭐️ Whether you’re sharing stories as a creator or just with family & friends, it can be a great way to document your experiences for your own memories & help others 🛌 tag where you stay (but don’t say the name or geotag until after you’ve checked out), & be honest about the pros/cons, if you liked the area/would stay there again 🗺 geo tag restaurants, shops, streets, attractions etc as much as possible! This helps people find your recommendations & is a way to let people know where your stories are about even if they’ve missed a few days 🤯 did you learn something you thought was cool or unique? Share it! I’ve found that the weirder facts I’ve thought were interesting were also things y’all find interesting! ⏰ it’s okay to get behind and not live post! It takes me longer to share stories because I like to go really in depth and document a destination, and don’t always have time to do that immediately Do you like to share on IG stories?? It’s one of my fave things to share on this account!! #traveltips #travelreels #travelstories #morocco #contentcreator #creatortips #moroccotravel

you can actually do any of these for $30/day or less 👇 This is just what we averaged per person per day (excluding flight costs) for these countries: 🇹🇷 Türkiye - $45/day 🇪🇬 Egypt - $58/day 🇲🇪 Montenegro - $50/day 🇹🇭 Thailand - $43/day 🇦🇱 Albania - $37/day 💰 It may seem like there’s not much in common between Egypt and Thailand, but what they do share is the ability to be super budget friendly! 🍜 It’s not unreasonable to find hostel beds for < $10/day. In Thailand you can easily eat the best thai food you’ve ever had for < $5/day! ✅ Travel doesn’t HAVE to be crazy expensive, it’s all about balancing experiences and budget Follow for have to travel more for less $$! #budgettravel #affordabletravel #travelmore #traveltips #bucketlist #travel2023 #budgettips #travelreels

People will get mad, but here’s what I AM & what I am NOT saying 👇 ❌ I’m NOT saying all of these places are always safe, or you can’t have bad/unsafe experiences. I’m not saying the US is soooo dangerous ✅ I AM saying the idea USA is “safer” than everywhere else is generally false, & using the US as a safety threshold for the rest of the world isn’t realistic 🇺🇸 USA typically ranks in the bottom half to bottom 1/3 of all countries in the world in safety indexes. Do I generally feel safe at home in the States? Yes! Do I generally feel safe traveling the world in countries where I don’t speak the language & people don’t look like I do? Absolutely. 🚙 What’s “normal” to us is what feels safe. We ride in cars every. single. day. We’re more at risk from that than almost anything else we will do, but it’s a risk we’re comfortable with 💭 Something I’ve really embraced, is when I perceive a place as unsafe, or I actually FEEL unsafe, I think about what is real, versus what’s based on my preconceived notions about people or places. You may realize your automatic thoughts don’t always reflect reality My safety advice stays the same almost anywhere: be smart, watch your belongings, if you’re uncomfortable tell someone or leave, don’t walk alone at night ❤️ #traveltips #southafrica #srilanka #traveladvice #theworldisbeautiful #weareallthesame #travelmore

15 Lessons Learned From My Lawsuit As a First Time Home Buyer

The inspection process was simple, the closing process was easy, and I was only moving 0.8 miles from where my current apartment was. Before we get to the actual icing on the cake (ahem, the things I learned from suing someone), you gotta know what the cake is made of. If you are really just an icing kinda person, scroll right on past all the tea to the list at the bottom. Instead, the sequence of photos will include some of the before/during/after pics we had over the course of owning the condo!

Thailand’s Hidden Gem - Amanda Monique Brown

Let’s do itttttt To summarize, here’s a few things we’re gonna touch on for what you need to know for staying in the overwater bungalows on Cheow Lan Lake: How to Plan a Trip to Khao Sok National Park & Where to Stay on Cheow Lan Lake What to Pack for Cheow Lan Lake I was a bit confused about this at first, but basically Khao Sok is a National Park, and Cheow Lan Lake is a lake located inside the National Park. For around $150, the Khao Sok Tours picked us up directly from the lobby of our hotel in Koh Lanta, swapped drivers after the island ferry, then drove us the 3 hour trek to Khao Sok National Park where we met up with our tour guides. What To Do on Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok Cheow Lan Lake is one of those experiences where it’s hard for your brain to even grasp how freaking awesome the views around you are.

17 Things to Know About the Mount Batur Hike at Sunrise

Since you’re gonna be hiking a volcano, you are gonna wanna come prepared. Hiking a volcano in the chilly hours of the night/morning to watch the sun peak around the corner of Mount Agung and Mount Agang is definitely a bucket list adventure. Since you’re gonna be hiking a volcano, you are gonna wanna come prepared. You don’t HAVE to do the Mount Batur hike with a guide, but it’s HIGHLY recommended While you can technically hike up without a local guide, I would not recommend it (& it might even be against to rules to hike without a guide).

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