Amanda Brown

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🌍 Taking my audience to less traveled destinations ✈️ Helping people travel more for less $ 🥖 Keeping it real with body image struggles

Location Atlanta, GA
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save for the ultimate Jordan itinerary! 👇 I’d recommend a minimum of 7-8 days in Jordan to see most of the sites, if you have extra time you can add a few days to visit the Red Sea in Aqaba for some diving & snorkeling! 🇯🇴 Amman - 3 days 🏚️ day trip to Jerash Roman ruins from Amman 🚙 drive to Wadi Musa (to visit Petra) 🏛️ Petra - 2 days 🚙 drive to Wadi Rum 🏜️ Wadi Rum - 1 night 🚙 drive to the Dead Sea, stop to canyon trek through Wadi Mujib on the way 🧂 Dead Sea - 1 night 🚙 drive back to Amman to fly out Follow for Part 6 - South Africa! 🇿🇦 #jordan #jordantravel #visitjordan #jordantrip #petra #jordantourism #traveltips #travelguide #middleeast

my favorite food city in the world 👇 📍 Oaxaca, Mexico 🇲🇽 If you LOVE to eat, you have to put Oaxaca on your list. It’s some of the best food I’ve ever had, in one of the CUTEST cities, & so affordable Foods you have to try: 🌽 Tejate - an awesome cold drink made of cacao, toasted corn & sugar. Best place to get it is in Plazuela Del Carmen Alto 🍍 Chilacayote - yummy cold drink with squash, pineapple, honey & cinnamon, get it at the same vendor as the tejate! 🍫 Hot Chocolate - Oaxacan chocolate is some of the BEST you’ll have 🫓 Tlayuda - kinda like a quesadilla/Mexican pizza, best is from El Negro ☕️ Cafe de Olla - the best coffee you’ll ever have. Brewed with cinnamon, sugar & other spices. I could drink it every day ♥️ Save for when you visit Oaxaca! 📝 PS: I have a whole blog post on what to do in Oaxaca! Links to my blog in bio

How I turned my passion for travel into a business 👇 I don’t talk about if often, but as a #GoDaddyPartner I’m really excited to share a little more about WHY & how I got started! Someone once asked me if I’d still work if I won the lottery. I said of course! But instead of my 9-5, I’d travel & blog about it. From the moment I answered that question, everything changed. I started this account 1 week later. Here’s how I recommend getting started: 🙊 Ignore people who say the market is “too saturated”. There’s ALWAYS room for more 💕 I think content creation should stem from a service minded approach. I began by focusing on what unique perspective I can provide & what makes that information helpful ✅ Start with the right tools. It’s overwhelming at first, but check out @GoDaddy for all the resources you need to get started. From website templates, to help designing a logo, content creation assistance, etc 🌿 Find a community that supports you. Connect with content creators in your niche with questions, support, encouragement. I’ve developed some incredible friends on this journey! What questions do you have for me? Let me know in the comments! #godaddy #travelreels #contentcreator #travelblogger #travelmore #entrepreneur #toolsforeveryfirst

how I overcame an eating disorder 👇 Spoiler: I “didn’t”. I think when you have deep rooted body image issues you don’t FULLY get “over” them. You learn to manage & work through the tough days Like this day, when exploring the most colorful city I’d ever been to (Cartagena), I just felt so so awful about myself. No matter how hard Austin tries to pull me out of it or lift me up, I have to talk myself through these “thoughts”, & remember they’re just that. Thoughts. They are NOT reality. If you are struggling/have ever struggled with body image, here’s a few small things I do/don’t do to manage: ❤️ I try NOT to spiral mentally. Just because I may be having a “bad” day mentally doesn’t mean my body isn’t worthy just the way it is 🧡 I DO NOT weigh myself. I do NOT have a healthy relationship with the scale. If it’s a “high” number them I’m upset for days. If it’s a “low” number I’m arbitrarily happy about a number that should have no affect on my self worth 🥼 At the doctor I look away & tell them to NOT tell me my weight. If they need to know they can, but I don’t need to. No one is ever surprised or awkward about it! 💚 on tough days I focus on what my body does for me & everywhere it’s taken me around the world 💙 I remind myself I’m not alone. This is so SO common in women (& men!!) & there’s a community out there that understands what I’m going through If you ever feel alone, please reach out. I truly understand & I’m always happy to talk. You are NOT alone 💕

for sure the coolest place I’ve stayed in the US! 👇 📍 Under Canvas @undercanvasofficial ⛺️ Y’all KNOW how much I love safari, so when I discovered Under Canvas has safari inspired camps throughout the US, I HAD to visit 🛌 & I’m not ashamed to say that while I LOVE the outdoors, I much prefer to end the day with a hot shower & a comfy bed 💁🏼‍♀️ 🍫 the complimentary s’mores are just the marshmallow on top 🗺 Save Under Canvas to your US bucket list! #undercanvas #outsidetogether #ustravel #usa #usatravel #greatsmokymountains #uniquestays

Skip Chichén Itzá & go here instead 👇 📍 Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico 🇲🇽 While Chichen Itza is constantly flooded with tourists day tripping from cruise ships, Monte Alban is virtually empty in comparison This ancient city was the capital of the Zapotecs between 600 BC to 800 AD. The ruins are incredibly well preserved, and you won’t be bombarded by the sounds of fake jaguar toys the whole time 💰the entrance fee to is less than $4 USD, versus around $30 for Chichen Itza 🚙 it’s a quick drive outside of my favorite city in Mexico, Oaxaca! Can easily be done as a morning activity PS: I’m not saying Chichen Itza isn’t impressive, it is. I just prefer to explore places without 2,000 other people Save this post to add Monte Alban to your list! #montealban #oaxaca #oaxacamexico #mexicotravel #mexico #chichenitza #montealbán #mexicotrip #uniquetravel #budgettips #traveltips

One of Europe’s most underrated destinations 👇 📍 Albania 🇦🇱 We didn’t originally plan on going to Albania, but when our flights from Athens to Rome were cancelled at the last minute, instead of rebooking we bought bus tickets to Albania & I’m SO GLAD we did! ♥️ Saves these places to your list for Albania: Sarandë, Tirana, Theth, Valbone 🗺 Albania has an incredibly interesting (albeit complicated & sad) history that we knew NOTHING about, affordable prices, 🏖 🏔 Stunning Mediterranean coast line, gorgeous mountains for some of the best hiking we’ve ever done, 😊 And some of the most kind & welcoming people we’ve met 📌 If you haven’t ever considered visiting Albania, I highly recommend saving it to your list for next year!

Save for everywhere we stayed 👇 We spent a month in Türkiye (which changed its name officially from Turkey to Türkiye last year if you didn’t know!) and it’s easily one of our favorite countries Here’s where we stayed in Türkiye: 🕌 Istanbul - Cheers Lighthouse 💙 Antalya - Teos Hotel 🏛 Ephesus - ENA Serenity Boutique 🏖 Fethiye - Hotel Dove Apart 🐢 Kaş - Hideaway ☁️ Pamukkale - Melrose Viewpoint 🎈 Göreme - Travel Inn Cave Hotel and @kozacavehotel 🔗 If you want any more info on our month in Türkiye I have a whole blog post on it! & of course the link is in my bio 😏 #turkey #türkiye #gotürkiye #turkeytravel #cappadocia #turkeytourism #budgettravel #travelmore #traveltips

15 Lessons Learned From My Lawsuit As a First Time Home Buyer

The inspection process was simple, the closing process was easy, and I was only moving 0.8 miles from where my current apartment was. Before we get to the actual icing on the cake (ahem, the things I learned from suing someone), you gotta know what the cake is made of. If you are really just an icing kinda person, scroll right on past all the tea to the list at the bottom. Instead, the sequence of photos will include some of the before/during/after pics we had over the course of owning the condo!

Ultimate Guide to Cheow Lan Lake, Khao Sok

Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park was that place for me. When we began planning our trip to Thailand, staying in an overwater bungalow on Cheow Lan Lake was 100% my #1 destination and absolutely the highlight of our time in Thailand. Whether you’ve never heard of Khao Sok National Park or you’re already daydreaming about it, I hope this post convinces you to make it a top priority! It fits perfectly into the best 2-week Thailand itinerary out there, & of course, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know before you go spend magical nights in overwater bungalows on Cheow Lan Lake.

17 Things to Know About the Mount Batur Hike at Sunrise

Since you’re gonna be hiking a volcano, you are gonna wanna come prepared. Hiking a volcano in the chilly hours of the night/morning to watch the sun peak around the corner of Mount Agung and Mount Agang is definitely a bucket list adventure. Since you’re gonna be hiking a volcano, you are gonna wanna come prepared. You don’t HAVE to do the Mount Batur hike with a guide, but it’s HIGHLY recommended While you can technically hike up without a local guide, I would not recommend it (& it might even be against to rules to hike without a guide).

63 Awesome Things to Do During Quarantine

Peloton is offering a free 90-day trial of their workouts (usually a 30-day trial period). None is a free YouTube channel with yoga videos for everything from desk yoga, yoga focusing on your lower back, to yoga for vulnerability. Yoga With Adriene is a free YouTube channel with yoga videos for everything from desk yoga, yoga focusing on your lower back, to yoga for vulnerability. I usually try to avoid watching too much TV, but with more time at home, a night or two of 3, 4, 5, 6….episodes in a row doesn’t hurt TOO much.

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